Can You Get Rich Online Setting Smart Goals?

Can You Get Rich Online Setting Smart Goals?

“Can you get rich online setting smart goals?” well today what I would like to explain to you and show you the simple answer to that question is “YES!”

As a matter of fact, SMART criteria is used by most business to accomplish many things including how an employer will review your performance to affect how you are given raises.

But the question that we want to answer is if doing this is going to help you get rich working online owning your own business creating a passive income for the rest of your life.

Breaking it Down

break down your question pictureWe have two different topics to discuss here the first being “can you get rich online” and the second “setting smart goals” but in order to accomplish one, you need the other.

One cannot be achieved without the other and you need a plan to put these both into action together so that is the reason for asking it as one question and if this is an attainable act.

When trying to start a business online you need some kind of idea what the business is going to be for and how it is going to profit you by making money with the business.

Online businesses can be anything imaginable from baby stuff to technical engineered products and making profits by promoting them with reviews by letting people know which is the best on the market.

Another type of business could just be an everyday blog that you can write about things that you are passionate about and could bring people the needed help with their situation by learning how you handle things.

How to video’s on YouTube are very popular and starting to pick up business in the internet world but these businesses still need a website to send their followers to for the purchase of what they are providing.

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Can You Get Rich Online?

oh yes you can pictureWe know the answer to this, of course, anyone can get rich online but it does not happen overnight and there is not a magic system you can buy that you are going to push a couple of buttons and money coming raining down upon you.

Getting rich online will take work not the type of work like you do every day from 9 to 5 at a regular job, but the type of work you should enjoy doing making it about a business that you cannot stop talking about. (Your favorite things.)

Writing content about things you love and enjoy in your life makes having an online business like writing a journal about the topic that you want to discuss over and over again adding anything new you can find about it.

So your not a writer or author per se but most people who own websites are not either probably half of them or more hire freelance writers to write the content for them.

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Freelance writing is another way to make money online but requires the skills which can take some years to learn of course there are some that are just born with it like singers are born with a beautiful voice.

Setting Smart Goals

goal setting smart goal pictureBefore you take the plunge and decide you want to run an online business you need to write yourself a business goal list this is setting smart goals for where you want to be in a month, 3 months, 6 months, and even a year from now.

Just be aware not everyone is going to proceed at the same pace with training or accomplishing setting up a website and getting their business online and running smoothly.

This is probably the biggest mistake I have made so far with starting an online business and not having specific goals or directions for what I wanted to accomplish and in what length of time.

Goals are not set in stone if an emergency has arisen and you do not get to accomplish something today then put it off for the next day. The same thing even in a weeks time next week will be here before you know it.

Be realistic when setting goals this is smart for more reasons than one – setting yourself up for failure only makes things harder for you to start over or accomplish what you have set for yourself.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will take their time in recognizing any new authors of websites this could take weeks if not months for them to decide you are providing a website that is going to be useful and bring traffic.

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Always put this in your mind when setting goals “Rome was not built in a day!” neither is an online business making money!



Putting It Together

setting up business plan description pictureNow when we put the question back together again you can see why it makes more sense to have smart goals set before trying to figure out how to go about building yourself a business online.

You, in essence, are creating a business just without all the construction of building an actual store or warehouse stocking it hiring people to run it buying equipment and all the other things that go with a brick and mortar business.

Brick and mortar businesses take the capital of hundreds of thousands of dollars just to set up how long before they make a profit after they make back all that is invested, to begin with, most say anywhere from 5 to 7 years.

With an online business, the start-up costs are you and your time what is called the sweat equity building the business by yourself from scratch.

Do not get me wrong I am offering you a way to start for FREE but eventually, if you want to become highly successful with your online business you will need to invest capital for it to grow.

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Most people think they can spend a couple of hundred dollars for those get-rich-quick scams or pay one of those gurus for the systems they are peddling but I am going to honest none of them work if you want to waste money go ahead not me.

In Closing

If you want to run an online business and make money then I am willing to help you by getting you started for absolutely FREE no promises of you are going to be making money in 24 hours or even 6 months from now.

Why? Because making money online is dependent on you yourself and if you are willing to put in the work to make it a successful online business. Patience and perseverance are needed to make you successful.

You want to succeed then you need the proper mindset knowing everything there is to know about your business selection and setting smart goals that will not overwhelm you are key to making your way to the top much easier.

I would love to hear your thoughts on “Can you get rich online setting smart goals?” do you think it is possible or just another fantasy people think about?

Please leave me your thoughts below with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article today if you are looking to start your own online business then this is the best place to start.

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Best wishes and may you find the success you are looking for,






2 thoughts on “Can You Get Rich Online Setting Smart Goals?”

  1. Hey, Susan, 

    What a powerful article about online business. Being a WA subscriber I understand the importance of time for this business, and also important on investing.  Knowing that money does not fall from the sky and does not comes from over night into the day, I know we have to work very hard, be persistent and most of all be patient; sometimes for 6 months, 1 year or even little more and good things results will come. First money we start to make should also, be reinvested into our business so it can grow and give us more in the near future as Kyle teaches us by the end of our training.

    Thank you so much for such a great post.

    Cheers to your success,


    • Telma,

      Thank you so very sweet of you to take the time to read my article on Setting Smart Goals.  People need to do research prior to signing up or spending money foolishly, those get-rich-quick systems do not work!  With WA teaching you the correct way to build an online business patience is the most important of all.  Not setting goals unattainable only makes you quit or give up.  Earning a passive income is not only possible but will come in time.

      Please come back anytime,



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