How To Start An Online Business For Free

How To Start An Online Business For Free

Why Not Start Your’s Today?  No-Risk, No Obligation

Anyone in their right mind knows that starting a business costs money, right? So asking how to start a business online for FREE might seem a bit strange to most just not me!

Why? Because not only is this possible I have done it! Here is the known truth behind starting your own online business for FREE. It is going to take you much longer to find success but if you are determined it can work.

Keep reading my article to find out how you can start your own online business for FREE right now beginning today.


How to Begin

Do you have an idea of what your online business is going to be about? This is called a niche, where you are targeting a group of people (your audience) with a solution to a problem they are looking for answers about.

Where do they look for these answers? Same place as you do the internet. Searching the internet has been the go-to place for every single question we have today.

We use it to research products and services prior to spending our hard-earned money for them. For you to start an online business this is your first step knowing what type of website you are going to create.

Everyone I know when asking what niche are you going to start with does not have a clue. Knowing this prior to beginning is giving you an advantage over anyone who has not landed on this article yet.

My Idea of Affiliate Marketing
My Idea of Affiliate Marketing

Besides considering the internet has over 4 Billion users where else better to start a business for FREE? Those days of having to work for someone else making them rich while you take home a lousy paycheck could be a thing of the past.

But let me warn you this is not a get-rich-quick business like the gurus and scam artists out there are trying to push down your throat with those useless systems they are trying to sell you.

However, building a business takes time and work before you are going to see any ROI that is how it works. Whether you are starting an online business or a brick and mortar business you need to be prepared to dedicate yourself for the long haul.

Set yourself up with a small business plan.  By this, I mean to set yourself goals for the short term and long term. Knowing what you would like your website to look like and how you want your business model set up.

Knowing that starting an online business is achievable in a few simple steps makes this easiest way to earn a passive income for years to come.

We have already covered the first steps in the process. Selecting your niche – knowing what your online business is going to be about. Shall we continue with the rest of the steps?

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Build Your Website

Hold on this is not complicated you do not need any technical skills today to build a website. In reality, a website can be set up in a matter of 30 seconds, no kidding.

WordPress Website Builder can be used with ease and outperforms all those free website builders offered as a free trial by the hosting companies. Not only that with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate they give you step by step instructions.

Below is a video from the training, please enjoy watching Kyle build a website in less than 30 seconds:

Build a Website in 30 Seconds

Knowing that you need no experience to build your website makes your life simply better. With the Free Starter Membership, you will have (2) two free websites to build on the domain.  And 20 free lessons to complete.

Want an even better deal? You are going to receive free hosting for those two websites as well with your Free Starter Membership. That is more than any of those hosting companies are going to give you! Sure, check them out I do not mind.


How to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Your website is built and has been submitted to the major search engines for them to local you. So what do you need to do next?

If you are not going to be doing paid advertising which I highly recommend never doing as a new person online then how? Organic traffic is the free traffic you get when people are searching with keywords on the internet.

That is why your keyword research is a must prior to writing any of your articles. Knowing what your audience is searching for online with the exact keyword/keyword phrases.

Jaaxy Black Logo

This is another advantage of using the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to drive the organic (free) traffic to your website.

Posting high-quality keyword rich content that will help your audience solve their problems. This is what the major search engines are looking for the more traffic you receive the more popular they become making them higher profits.

SEO Training is essential to know what you must do to rank your website high on the first page of the major search engines.

Just one of your articles can rank in the first position on Google from your website bringing more visitors to your website. More visitors will mean more conversions to the products and services you are promoting.

How to Rank In Google

How to Earn Revenue

What would be the ultimate goal of building an online business? Making money online, of course. Having your own brand that people will learn to trust returning repeatedly to your website and referring others to it.

Establishing your online business prior to promoting products/services is advised. Not that you cannot monetize with a few affiliate links here and there on the original content.

Have a steady stream of traffic to your website daily then you can start to add even more affiliate links to your website. Starting out you never want to make your website look spammy with tons of advertising on it.

How do affiliate links work? As you learn more about affiliate marketing and earning money online with the training provided under the Free Starter Membership you earn commissions when a visitor purchases a product/service from your site.

Earn Commissions on Links to Affiliate Programs
Example of Commission You Can Earn

Every big corporation you can think of offers affiliate programs to website owners. Why? They know by you creating high-quality content and establishing trust with your audience their products/services recommended by you are going to sell.

This gives them a larger free advertising base. They are more than happy to pay you a commission for promoting their products/services with recommendations of how well they perform.

Therefore, not only do they make more profits you are able to earn a passive lifetime income from building your website promoting products/services.

Talk about a simple way of building your own online business you only need to write high-quality keyword rich content promoting products/services with no inventory, no employees, no after-sales services, and you can do this anywhere.

Here I have given you only one example of how to earn the revenue from an online business. This list goes on with other ways of making money online which you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate.

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In Conclusion

I have given you the basics of what to do with affiliate marketing making money online. Interested in learning more then you must join with the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Like I stated before SEO is required to make sure your content is going to rank on the major search engines, without knowing about SEO your website will sit and collect dust. No one is ever going to locate it.

Writing high-quality keyword rich content using the low hanging fruit keywords can get you noticed faster by the search engines for ranking. But if you do not know what tools to use or how to do the research how can you rank?

The internet today has over 4 billion users and keeps increasing. An online business that you start today will continue to grow overlooking this type of business today means you are holding yourself back from success longer.

What is the best part of having an online business? You can literally work from anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection), anytime you want, with no boss holding you back. Earning potential is unlimited if you are willing to work.

Remember one thing starting an online business takes time you are not going to be earning big money immediately out the gate. Search engines do not know who you are and need to know you are serious about online business.

Once they see that you are then you will begin to see results. Consistency is the key to making an online business successful staying focused and dedicated knowing you will make it with working on it daily.

The ball is now in your court. You can procrastinate by not starting right now today or you can grab your Free Starter Membership by clicking the box below.

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I chose to start immediately eight months ago. My online business is growing daily because I was smart enough to take the Premium Membership to move up to the next level of building my online business learning from the experts.

Can you succeed by only working the Free Membership? Yes, but it will take longer without having all the tools, training, and experts to help you. You will make mistakes but having the experts to help you correct these is PRICELESS!

Know why only 1% of people succeed in the affiliate marketing business? Not because they failed but because they gave up quitting prior to even getting started. You got this just know the road is long with road bumps.

Hearing from my readers is appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article today.

Best wishes to your future online success,


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