How To Brand A Website

How To Brand A Website

What Do You Need To Know?

Are you thinking about building a website?  You need to take into consideration many things prior to creating your own website.  One of these things is going to be establishing a brand.  How to brand a website requires planning and knowledge of certain aspects.

When I made this decision to go into affiliate marketing learning how to build my own brand around products or services that I had nothing to do with creating took time and resources, as you will too be able to learn.

As a beginner, you need to think about how visitors look at a website.  Knowing what your audience’s first impression of a product or service is represented by, this is going to be how your website needs to look.

I know that with most people a first impression will leave a lasting impression it does for me.  Taking the time to pay attention to the details of how you are creating your website will establish your brand identity.

Search Engines are full of websites making competition in some niches super tough.  Promoting similar or even the same products and services, setting your brand apart from them all with your uniqueness with presentation and your offerings can prevail.

Visual Branding A Website

When you are new to the internet everyone will tell you do not worry about how your website looks, you might be wondering “Why?”.  I have learned that the search engines are watching you more for the content you are providing at this time.

Developing all the skills that are required to become a professional at building and branding websites takes time, knowledge, and experience working on your own website.

It took me months to finally come up with my own branding for my website.  To make sure your branding shines through your website, consider what your audience is going to be looking at when they open your website.

Every website is created for a different reason. Understanding what you are building your website for is the first step towards developing a significant brand.

Take the time to define your website’s goals it will help you understand the best way to present yourself to your prospective audience. Ask yourself, why am I building the website?

It takes a considerable amount of time to actually define your website goals, it took me over a week of deep thought to figure out what I wanted to achieve with my website and how I would approach my prospective market audience.

To do this I asked myself 3 major questions and gave them some serious thought and you should ask yourself the same 3 questions when you are trying to figure out your branding style:

Decide if you are going to present your website as a “we brand” or a “me brand”. Going with the “me brand” can and will set you apart from other websites offering the same products or services.

me brand we brand

The uniqueness of a “me brand” will have people remembering you faster due to you creating your own style. Below are more ways we are going to discuss setting yourself apart from the other websites.

When you were a child learning to read books what do you remember about those pages the most?  For me, it was the pictures defining the characters and happenings in the story, making them seem more real.

Adult magazines and newspapers all contain visual images showing us pictures to explain more of what the author is writing about. It helps our brains with digesting the content of the writer by giving readers eye-candy as referred to by marketers.

A website is no different if you are going to keep your audience engaged then using visual imagery.  This will keep them on your website longer more interested in what you have to say.

Using your own personally taken photos and images (graphs, charts, calls to action, etc.) will give you even more uniqueness, but you can use stock photos that have no copyrights attached.

Images or photos used with your content must be relevant if not you can lose your audience with the meaning you are trying to convey with a visual that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Do not forget to use imagery with all your content you are going to be sharing on social media or in any advertising you are planning on doing. Engage your audience with visual images keeping them involved and on topic.


Logo Branding Matters

Automatically our eyes go to the top left of a page having your logo displaying there to brand your website along with everything you share on other platforms about your business shows professionalism.

Your logo is a huge part of your brand identity having a tagline in your logo lets visitors know at a glance what your website is about prior to reading your content.

Investing in a logo design that is unique for you will pay for itself over time when your brand starts to be noticed. But if you are not in a position to afford a professional designer, these can be a few hundred dollars, you have other options.

You can choose to have a logo made by Fiver or one of the other multitude of online options that will run you around fifteen dollars or maybe a little more depending on what you are asking for.

For those of you on a budget and this places you between a rock and hard place never fear you can create your own logo.  Creating your own logo for 100% FREE at Canva and a few other sites leaving you with a professional logo you have chosen.  I did this!

Designing my own logo for my websites lets me get more involved in the creative process, but it also means I have complete control over what I am displaying to my audience on my websites.

Color Branding Matters

Selecting the proper color palette means more than just having color on your website. Selecting random colors is not advisable considering studies show that colors can elicit emotions and behaviors from your visitors.

What type of emotions are you wanting your audience to take away from your website?

emotions which are you creating

Using colors has been proven to be an outstand leverage tool, especially when combined with your interesting and useful content.  Below are what some of the colors can represent to your audience about your website.

  • Reds will automatically inspire urgency, being an attention-grabbing color please use accordingly.
  • Orange is more of an adventurous color with a sense of affordability type of effect.
  • Yellow can be used to inspire cheerfulness and fun, possibly even achievement.
  • Pink the compassionate color representing love, making it have a youthful romantic effect.
  • Green is considered a natural color that will inspire thoughts of nature and balance.
  • White is known to inspire simplicity, that of cleanliness, a new beginning such as a clean slate to write on (keep your background white).
  • Black is the authority, showing thoughts of power and control (use for your text-easy to see and read).
  • Gray a natural color is refined and contemporary.
  • Purple will make people feel creative and inventive due to it is an individual color.
  • Magenta goes well with purple it is a compassionate color, spiritual and practical.
  • Blues are known to inspire thoughts of honesty and trustworthiness making a visitor feel at ease subconsciously making them feel safe.
  • Indigo with blue creates a sense of integrity and sincerity and can be very convincing.
  • Brown has the effect of comfort on a visitor inspiring dependability and friendliness.

Sophisticated colors like silver and gold are considered superior colors.  Using these also has an effect on your audience, use them wisely. Silver is modern having a calming uplifting effect, with a degree of mystery, works well with a free give-away.

Lastly, Gold suggests luxury and prestige while also reflecting wisdom with beauty and generosity.

This can give you a subtle way of bringing your audience into a specific mindset with your branding and what you want your website to instill upon them.

Using the correct color combination will help you separate and transmit your website’s value in their eyes.

Consistency and Clarity Matters

I have followed my dream of owning an online business. Following one’s dream does not always mean getting caught up in get-rich-quick scams grabbing any “shiny object” that comes along. But building a real online business that will produce a passive income stream.

If this is your dream too, and you have selected or designed all the visual aspects already for branding your website and have everything organized as you want it, let us move on.

Please do not forget about consistency it is very important to your audience so that they can recognize you, what you are attempting to achieve, and who you are. Changing only one of the visuals can affect the trust factor you are attempting to create.

Create a consistent voice with your content, visual style, a steady content format, and now start developing a style based on your initial branding work.

What exactly does all this mean? Placing content on your website on a consistent basis try using the same vocabulary verbiage as much as possible people will start to recognize your writing style from this.

Keep all your content pages formatted exactly the same way using the same text add color to the headings but keep these uniform as well. Create familiarity with your audience and define a style to make you instantly recognizable to them.

Advertising on your website is not recommended it takes away from the content that you are desperately trying to have your audience focus on. Keeping it fresh and engaging is essential to keep them interested in what you have to offer.

website filled with advertising

Using or adding random content can have the opposite effect on your audience, they are looking to you for the solution to solve their problems.

Creating a content strategy that resonates with your brand and audience will give them the value they are searching for reinforcing your brand and help you draw in new people from other websites that do not offer the same.

I think we have covered the consistency aspect in building a brand that is going to be remembered, respected, and referred to by your audience, but now let’s discuss “Clarity”.

Why Clarity? Make it clear what you stand for, who you are here to serve, what are your best qualities, why you are the greatest and best choice, how you are different from the others, and the benefits you can offer when engaging with you.

By clarifying your content, marketing and sales become effortless, and referrals might just dramatically increase due to your audience understands who you really are.

Trying to create a brand without consistency and clarity is scattered and unreliable in the eyes of the audience. But when they show up consistently across every marketing channel exactly the same way – you have credibility, reliability, and trust.

In Conclusion

Making sure you brand your website the way you would like the world to view you is important to your business. I have given you what I have learned and my opinion for branding your own website.

I am sure that others will agree and disagree with my opinion, but that is perfectly alright we are all entitled to our own opinions concerning how we feel about branding.

Letting you know the messages you are sending by changing your visual images inconsistently then you are going to be struggling to find any traction in the online marketing space.

Your inconsistency will make it difficult for your audience to remember or recognize your brand, in turn, your business is not going to grow or succeed until you make the necessary changes to consistent visual imagery and brand clarity.

Learning “How To Brand A Website” is only the tip of the iceberg for what it takes to begin an online business. I am here to help you get started by letting you in on a “Free Starter Membership” with “No Credit Card Required“.


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