How to Start a Business Online – What Is The Big Deal?

How to Start a Business Online – What Is The Big Deal?

Frankly, considering starting an online business is really no different that starting a brick and mortar business this can seriously be a big deal!

How many people do you know who are successful with an online business?  Thought so not too many other than the ones you hear about on the news or online doing searches!

Guess what anyone who is determined enough can have a business online!  That is right and I am not talking about any of those get-rich-quick scams or offers out there from the gurus wanting to sell you their SECRET!

Let you in on a SECRET there is no secret to making money online or starting your own business take the time to read below what is involved – you are either going to be interested or close out the page before you get to the end.

Your choice but to tell the truth if you want to save time you can click on any of the boxes like this one below and get started to build your own online business right now today – stop wasting time – no credit card required – IT’S FREE!

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First You Need a Business Idea

blackboard idea with lightbulb pictureFor anyone to start a business online the first thing you are going to need is a business idea, right? Do you have a business idea already or would you like some help in this department?

Since some of you are saying yes and some are saying no I will do another post for business ideas that work for other people online and yes they are making money with plenty of space for more of you to join in the same business.

With your business idea in place what would be the next step? Right knowing in what direction you are going to move with your business. Are you going to sell your own products keeping inventory and doing the shipping?

Or are you more into drop shipping by selling products from someone else? Does the company you want to do business with have an affiliate program for you to join?

Hopefully, I am going to answer some of these questions below for you.

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Need a Business Plan

business start up plan pictureWhether you would be starting a business online or building a brick and mortar business each requires planning so that you are not going to fail with your business.

If you are one of the people who said you already have a business idea that you want to market online then you need to take steps to set up a business plan knowing where you want to go with your business.

Is your business going to attract only local people in your area, reach out to people in your continent, or be available worldwide selecting locations of targeted potential clients is important for success?

Writing all of this down ahead of time will be a great advantage over people who decide to just join a platform and fly by with what they are learning.

I am going to give you access to free training for seven days with 20 lessons which will get you started but all the things on this website are going to put you way ahead of the game.

Do you plan on using organic traffic (free) or paying for advertising? This is something else to look at when doing a business plan.

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Need a Website

need a website pictureNow you have a business idea and plan so what would come next? You got it a website! You could go pay someone to build you a website for your business these run from around $1500.00 and up depending on what you are looking for.

With the training I am getting you into you will receive two free websites to build with hosting on the internet included. But you still have to know how to build a website right?

To build a website you could look online and find many companies that offer a free website builder on a trial basis for 30 days but they do not include any training for how to get them ranked on the internet or even submitted for indexing.

The 10 free lessons in either the Online Entrepreneur Certification or Boot camp will teach you step by step how to set up a website including adding images and do all the research for keywords and SEO.

Got me “What is SEO?” this stands for Search Engine Optimization meaning that the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be able to find your website faster and you get on the internet faster.

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Need Training

training on computer pictureYes, I did get a little ahead of myself above all the last paragraph is included in the training which will be provided to you for Free should you decide this interests you and you trust me.

Training in order to start a business online is essential to your success whether you want to believe it or not. People have spent years trying to find a way to make money online but few find success without proper training.

We are NOT talking about those gurus and scam artists that advertise day and night about how to make instant money at the push of a few buttons.

The money they are making is what people like you are sending them thinking what they are telling you is true and wouldn’t that be great if it were?

Sorry, but in order to have a business online, it is the same as building a brick and mortar business it takes time and work with a whole lot of patience.

Finding all the training in one place is not heard of let alone people not starting with $47.00 for the first steps and then you are going to have to spend $97.00 for step two but wait to keep going and in the end you spend $5000.00 before you can complete what you started with the $47.00 initial investment.

Not here the training I am offering you for Free is the initial steps to get your business started if you decide to move on with the training that is great but no one is forcing you to purchase step two, three, four, etc.

The initial steps will have your website up running and hosted on the internet training will teach you everything you need to build a professional website with all the step by step instructions needed (including video).

During your seven-day Free trial membership, I will offer you one on one coaching with any problems or questions you might have. Other platforms charge for this service and it does not come cheap. But if you join as a member this continues, Free!

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In Closing

Are you one of the people who does not have a business idea but still would like to have a business online? Have you considered affiliate marketing?

This is an easy to operate a business but still requires the same amount of work as a website or online business but is easy to do and very easy to set up.

You could also open a niche business helping people with product recommendations and reviews, with this is always best to know the product as in you have purchased and used it knowing all the ins and outs.

This is the start of an online business which seriously does not differ from a brick and mortar one when it comes to planning or implementing just the costs involved are so much less. Mostly your costs are you and your time sweat equity!

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Hope I have answered some of your questions today – I am sure you have many many more –

Please leave them along with any comments or suggestions in the space provided below I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading until the end you can check out all the topics above by clicking on the headings they link to those pages.

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