Side Hustles to Make Money?

Side Hustles to Make Money?

With today’s economy, many are looking for “Side Hustles to Make Money”. Whether you want to add just a little extra income to your regular monthly income or you want much more stick around and read my story.

I would like you to take note there are no big fancy houses or luxury cars pasted all over this article. I am not going to tell you how much money you are going to make for following a system or by pressing a “MAGIC BUTTON” on your computer.

Let’s be real all of those systems that have a “SECRET” you must follow are scams and the “MAGIC BUTTON” on your keyboard never existed in the first place.

Being honest I have tried many of them myself losing thousands in the process. Did I find any of them that worked? “No, they are all collecting dust somewhere.”

So why am I writing you an article about side hustles to make money? Because I feel that if you really want something then you should be willing to work for it. If you are not then you have landed on the wrong page!

If you did not take the time to read my “About Susan” page then let me explain right now a little bit about why I am writing this article for you.

I am at this time 63 years old and retired. I worked for 33 years prior to becoming disabled in my 50s and a disability check does not go very far every month as most people would think.

Sure I was able to cover the necessities in life but what about what I wanted? No, that money would never stretch that far. I was in need of finding a side hustle to make the type of money required to do what I wanted.

Limited income with limits to what I am capable of doing for work now this posed a slight problem. Research into working online was my only option.

The first thing I tried was doing online surveys. I registered with every survey company online that I could find. Spending hours upon hours trying to qualify for their surveys was not working considering I was lucky to qualify for one a month.

survey sites

Get paid to read emails was next but these would only pay you a few cents for each one you opened, read, and confirmed. Plus you have to get to $50.00 before you can take the money through PayPal, I never made it after months of trying.

Two complete failures what would I try next? Work at home jobs? When I did the research for these types of jobs I found that the work you do must be acceptable to the company or your not getting paid.

Freelance writing? Well there again I am not a writer submitting written material that I spend hours writing to have it rejected was not something I was interested in either.

Affiliate Marketing? Now here is something I have heard about in the past and even tried my luck at. Back then it did not work out very well due to I had no clue what I was doing and life got in the way.

Now being retired I did have the time to look into this with more of an open mind spending as much time as I needed to find out if this was legit and if it really would work.


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Affiliate Marketing My Side Hustle

What do you need to know about Affiliate Marketing? Maybe a better question would be what would you like to know about Affiliate Marketing?

Being this is my choice for a “Side Hustle” I must know something more than “IT WORKS“.

As I previously stated I wanted a way to make money online not just a couple of extra bucks. Income that could have the possibility of changing my life. Affiliate Marketing CAN provide that type of passive income.

Collecting a paycheck is not my idea for a way to make a living or to becoming rich. Doing work one time and earning from it for years into the future (passive income) now that is something I can identify with as being profitable.

Here is where I am going to tell you this is not for everyone. People who choose this “Side Hustle” must realize that it is going to take work, time (we all work at a different pace), dedication, commitment, and patience galore.

There is a process to becoming successful. Learning and following the process from start to finish will determine your level of success in the online world. Learning from experts who have been there done that makes the most sense.

Beginners need to find the proper training or they are going to get lost quickly with no clue what they are doing. Experienced marketers need to keep up on all the latest trends (for lack of a better word) to stay on top of their game.

Please do not let any of this intimidate you continue reading this article to see that it is not as complicated as what you might be thinking.


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Starting Online Affiliate Marketing

Getting into online Affiliate Marketing you are going to need a computer/laptop with an internet connection. Finding the best training available is vital to your success.

Below you are going to find a link to the training which is my #1 Recommendation for Affiliate Marketing. I am still a member of the community today without it would mean researching daily updates on virtually every aspect in the online world.

Not something that I want to waste my time doing considering it is all provided along with everything else needed all in one location at my fingertips.

Here is the best part you are going to begin your training absolutely 100% FREE with the following on a trial basis when you sign up for the Affiliate Marketing training.

  • Beginner’s Training Course
  • Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) 10 Lessons
  • Level 1 Affiliate Boot Camp Training 10 Lessons
  • 2 Free Websites on the subdomain
  • Free Hosting for both Websites
  • Website Backup – never lose any of your hard work
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • 2 Training Classrooms
  • Keyword Research Tool (30 free searches)
  • Affiliate Program – Earn While You Learn (commissions at 1/2 Premium Membership)
  • WordPress – world’s best website builder
  • 12 WordPress Themes to choose from
  • One-on-One Coaching (during first seven-days of the trial period only)
  • Live Chat (during first seven-days of the trial period only)

Previously I told you we all work at different paces, the One-on-One Coaching and Live Chat are only available during the first seven days of the trial period. Your trial period is good for 6 months to work on your websites.

All the lessons are on video showing you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it. What easier way to learn than having a video you can refer to over and over again?

Offering One-on-One Coaching is usually always going to cost you tons of extra money – not here. Having Live Chat available 24/7/365 means you can get answers to questions or problems in real-time day or night.

Experts in many fields are available on Live Chat to help you succeed or to solve a problem if you get stuck on a lesson. Members are happy to share with one another tips and training making your success part of their own.

Decide during your first seven days of the trial period and you can get the first month of Premium Membership for an unbelievable cost of $19.00!

Imagine not losing your coach or Live Chat after only seven-days but gaining another 30 days advantage for ONLY $19.00!

You can cancel your membership at any time there is never any obligation to remain a member. Knowing your success depends on your training is the most vital thing I would like to emphasize here.

People I know have gone to college so they can have a career making the big bucks only to end up working at McDonald’s or taking a regular job instead.


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Succeeding In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is building your own online business that you create from the foundation up. No limit to what you can earn once you know the process it is just a matter of lather, rinse, and repeat.

“Niche” selection holds up most beginners. What is a “niche”? Applying to Affiliate Marketing is described as denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

When deciding your niche try to make it something that you are passionate about. You do not need to have experience with the product or service but instead be willing to do the research to back up all your content you are going to write or video.

The #1 Question I see in Live Chat daily is “How soon can I make money?” or “How long before you made money with your website?”. This is dependent on too many factors to determine how long before anyone makes money or sees an ROI.

For some it has happened in as little as a couple of months others have taken years, competition, your own work ethics, learning the process and following it, ranking, dedication, commitment, etc. the list is long.

When you own a business online you now own your schedule. Yes, it takes time to become established in the online world seriously the major search engines do not know you as a valuable business owner.

Providing them with quality keyword-rich content that people are searching the internet for is how major search engines rank website owner’s businesses.

Keyword research is one of the most exciting parts of Affiliate Marketing that I consider fun doing. More in-depth research you do the better keywords you can local meaning better ranking on the search engines.

Ideally, it would be great if every time we reviewed a product or service it would end up on the internet on the first page in the first slot, but realistically that is not always going to happen.

Competition does have a role in where the search engines are going to rank the content you place on your website. You need to know which keywords to choose so that you rank on the first page it is vital for your website to survive.

Knowing your competition means researching the major search engines to see what type of content they have included on their website. Do they use video on their content pages? If so, then it is a good idea for you to do the same.

Niche Competition comes into play with evergreen niches these are the ones that people will search for answers on until the end of time. Anti-aging, health, and wellness, hair loss, pets, dating, relationships, parenting, sports, etc.

Getting into an evergreen niche will be highly lucrative know ahead of time it will take you longer to become an established authority within these niches.

This same thing applies to videos for YouTube or any other channel that your place videos with. Placing videos in your written content is advisable to back up any of your written content as required.

Content writing is not complicated and you do not need to be an author of novels in order to write content for a website. All content consists of is communicating your own opinion about products and services to your audience.

You talk to people daily, send texts on your cell phone, and write notes, all of these are forms of communication meaning writing content is something everyone can do.

Finding your own writing style comes with time and practice. The more content one writes then the faster and better one gets at communicating with their audience.

Audience trust must be established prior to you earning commissions on the products or services that you are going to promote on your website.

Become an authority within your given niche will get your audience to trust you. Here in this article, I have pointed out that yes there are other side hustles you can get into.

But I am also honest in letting you know none of the other “Side Hustles” I have tried ever panned out well for me. Not saying that you should not give them a try if you are interested in them.

Never get involved with any of the scams out there. You can spot them coming flashy cars, big expensive houses with pools or by the ocean, showing fake bank accounts with millions, the list goes on.

Before they really tell you what their system is about or how to use it you are going to have to fork over your credit card information. As soon as one of these scams gets shut down another one opens to be the same one with a different name.

Research everything before you lose your hard-earned money. Check to see if the CEO is real, find out if the company has real offices not just a post office box, look to see if the people in their videos are real or actors.

research it all picture

Where did I learn to look for all these things? Training with experts in the community that I have belonged to now for over a year.

When you are looking for a “Side Hustle” this is the only one that I have made money with. It did not happen overnight and it is not millions or thousands of dollars. But in time it will become successful enough to earn a lucrative passive income.

How can I be so sure? Other members who came before me are earning four, five, even six figures every month. They did not accomplish this overnight it took some a couple of years and others even longer.

Most of them had full-time JOBS when they started learning to balance starting their own online business with working was another hurdle they learned to cross.

Some of our members are stay at home parents spending time with their children so the other partner can work full-time. A few of these have had their partners quite working and they now travel the world.

In Closing

Finding the right “Side Hustle” to fit your needs is the most important thing. Today I wanted to point out that finding one that can enable you in time to quit working a regular 9 to 5 JOB could just fit what you want.

Remember this is not going to be right for everyone we do need people to work the regular jobs everywhere, or the world would cease to exist the way we know it.  Consider having no trashman, doctor, dentist, lawyers, etc. we need people for these positions.

But if you are one of the people who would prefer to work for yourself doing something that interests you then get your Free Starter Membership right now.

All you have to do is click the banner below, fill in the short sign up form, and be taken directly to the training. There is NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED!

Work from Home Create Your Free Account Now

Another quick tip – take a few minutes to fill out your profile with a little about yourself and a picture. This will enable the experienced members to greet you and offer their assistance should you need help.

I will always be available to hold your hand if you need help with the training or have any other questions you would like answered. Do not hesitate to contact me on my profile Marley2016.

Honestly, you want a “Side Hustle to Make Money“, right? This is the ONLY ONE I have found that actually WORKS!

Hearing from my readers is most appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by today and reading my article share it with anyone you know looking for a “Side Hustle“.

Best wishes to you and your online success,


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  1. My name is Sabrina Harris, I need to work from home. I have health issues. Tell me how to get started and start making money as soon as possible. I’m not trying to get rich just need to pay my bills. If I can get rich that would be great too.

    • Sabrina,
      I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your taking the time to visit my website, Thank you.
      Making money online is not a get-rich-quick deal like everyone thinks it takes work and time to learn
      what you must do and how to do it. But it is well worth the time you dedicate to working online building
      your business that will continue to pay you for years into the future.

      In order to get started, you need a Free Starter Membership that is 100% Free with Wealthy Affiliate.
      Once you have your account I will be there to help you or answer questions you might have along with
      a community of experienced online entrepreneurs, who are more than happy to help the new members.
      Best wishes,


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