What Is LISTVERSE.com? Scam or Legit?

What Is LISTVERSE.com?

Scam or Legit?

LISTVERSE is a website that will pay you to submit certain Top 10 Lists to them for publication on their site.  But are they worth your time as a writer?

After all, writing an article for a Top 10 List cannot be all that hard right?  And to get paid $100.00 not bad at all!

Listen up I think you better take the time to read my article before you think this will be an easy way to earn an extra $100.00!

Write and Get Paid is how they have the submission page set up. However, always read all the instructions just like signing a contract there are plenty of rules with this website and submission of your content.

Considering LISTVERSE has a nineteen-page writers guide that you are going to have to read you might just want to stick around and read this article to find out if this is going to be worth your time.




LISTVERSE is a website made up of Top 10 Lists of Unusual and Interesting things. Bizarre, creepy, mysteries, weird stuff, entertainment, general knowledge, lifestyle, science, society, and more.

Your list that you are writing about needs to include 10 items minimum and be at least 1 or 2 paragraphs long. Remember that LISTVERSE can accept your article or reject it so you getting paid is not always going to be true.

Considering there is nothing to join LISTVERSE they take articles on a submission basis. You have a list of 10 or more bizarre or unique items that would interest others you can write a paragraph or two about submit it.


They are paying $100.00 for articles that you write IF they are accepted and published on their website. I have a problem with this writing my own content because once they publish the article it becomes their property.

We will rewrite if necessary but the less rewriting we need to do the more likely your list will be purchased.

“1.3 If we purchase the list, you agree:

        1.3.1 that you have voluntarily and willingly agreed to sell the list to

                 Listverse on these terms and conditions by submitting it for


       1.3.2 that ownership, copyright, and all other rights (including moral rights)

                 of the list and its content are transferred to Listverse once purchased;

        1.3.3 that Listverse may correct, edit, amend or otherwise change the

                  content of a list;

        1.3.4 to Listverse publishing the name you provided when submitting the

                  list as the author; and

         1.3.5 that Listverse has the full right to publish the list if and when it sees fit

                  (including but not limited to all rights of publication on the Internet,

                  books, magazines, TV, film, and newspapers, or other forms of media).

Edits to the article can be made by them as if they were the actual writer. Submitting any images or photographs with the article should not be done according to their website see the section below confirming these facts.

When you send in your list you don’t need to include images or videos. Our team of editors does a great job selecting the best images to complement your writing. However, if you are desperate to include some of your own supporting imagery or videos, just include a link to the YouTube page or a URL of the picture you like with each item on your list. We don’t promise we’ll use them, but we’ll definitely consider them.

Anyone who is interested in writing these types of articles this is not a bad way to make a couple of extra bucks, provided LISTVERSE publishes your list.

Let me make you aware of another thing you MUST HAVE a PayPal account in order to get paid. That is correct along with all the other rules that this website has you must have PayPal.

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Submit An Article

After you have read through all 19 pages of the Author Guide you will find rules for writing your 10 item list not so easy. They must be written in a certain style their editors will base their decision only on the quality of the content you submit.

Listverse Authors Guide

No experience is needed to submit an article so beginners this could be a wonderful way to get your feet wet. Just make sure you are ready for the many rejections you are probably going to be receiving.

Writing to meet the high standards required at LISTVERSE is alone difficult enough but you must be a native English-speaking person to even submit your work.

They do accept articles from all over the world can you imagine how many articles they receive on a daily basis? Should your article make it to the editor’s desk it would still need to pass all the rigid standards set in the Author Guide.

Here is an important fact to be aware of from the Author Guide. Sources are essential you will need to back up every factual assertion with links to reputed websites—at least one per item meaning you need all 10 items having a backup link.

Talk about not just having these items all with backup links to the sources you are going to be limited to what sources you can use as references. This is all covered under Section 7 in the Author’s Guide.

Wikipedia one of the world’s most known factual reputable website sources are on their list of CANNOT be used as a link to any of your items.

Formatting of your article is another requirement. Submit an article that is not formatted correctly the editors probably will not even read it just discard it this is how strict this website is with content.

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Worth Your Time?

My question to you is “LISTVERSE is it worth your time?” Writing an article can take anywhere from a few hours to even a whole day or two depending on the research you need to put into finding all the backup links.

Checking and double checking all the facts for all 10 items in a list you want to submit for publishing will take time. Then look at the time you are going to need to make sure the English is perfect in the article as you write.

Formatting the article to perfection for the editor’s of the LISTVERSE website to make sure they are going to actually read your article not just reject it.

Another thing you must only use topics that are approved by them. So knowing of any bizarre or unusual articles to write within what they are looking for is something else to think about.

Do not get me wrong $100.00 is nice pay for an article that you could research and put together in an afternoon. Most affiliate marketers I know make much more than that per article promoting products and services on their websites.

Having my own style of writing that someone else controls and can change once I have written it giving them all the copyrights to it? No, this just does not make sense to me.

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In Conclusion

LISTVERSE is not a scam but if you are looking to make money online do not look to do it with this website. Sure you might get lucky and have an article published and make an extra $100.00 once!

After LISTVERSE publishes that article you lose all the rights to it. Who knows they could end up selling your article into a movie or book those royalties then belong to LISTVERSE, not you.

Want my honest opinion? The owners of this website are paying you to do their work for them a lousy $100.00 per article that you yourself could put on your own website and make ten times that much with doing affiliate marketing.

Beginner or novice entrepreneurs looking for a real honest way to make money online? Good at writing articles then write them for own online business, not someone else’s.

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Hearing from my readers is always appreciated please leave all comments, suggestions, or any questions for me in the space provided below. I answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Best wishes to your online success,


10 thoughts on “What Is LISTVERSE.com? Scam or Legit?”

  1. Susan,

    First, I am not new to Listverse because I have been trying my luck since March 2017 and still yet to reach a high point in my luck to be counted worthy of being published. 

    This site is just too strict and rigid. Ever since I got to know about affiliate marketing, I have stopped wasting my efforts to write and get published by this site.  Their rules are difficult to break into for getting published and then they take all rights to your material.


    • Rodger,

      Thank you.  Nice to have someone who has submitted to this Listverse respond on my article.  Considering it is what an affiliate marketing writer does is find these types of places that are taking advantage of people and reporting on it.

      Many might think that getting paid $100.00 for a Top 10 Article is not bad, what they do not realize that the same article monetized on an affiliate marketing website could earn them $10,000.00 or more over time.



  2. Susan,

    I completely agree with you that it doesn’t sit right for me to sign away my rights to my own writing and content for someone else to change to suit themselves. 

    As a business idea for them, it’s a brilliant idea, but if you want to be serious as a writer, that idea will never be the best thing you can do for yourself! 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    • Josie,

      As a writer, we all have our own styles of writing, Listverse takes your style once published as their own.  This was a super idea of getting many different writers for one website at a fraction of the cost for writers.

      But, once you are published by them the article becomes theirs to do with as they wish.  Just think they could get book deals or even movie deals and you would get none of the royalties to these.  Caution when dealing with others is always best and with Listverse I think that I am not into giving up my content that I work hard on.



  3. Dear Susan,

    This is an interesting and helpful review. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this review post.

    I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer and I continuously search for make money online opportunities. I came across Listverse and wanted to do some research to make my decision and found your review very helpful.

    Oops the author’s guide seems to be a big pain with loads of restrictions and my head is spinning. I am not a native English-speaking person and after reading your thorough review for me Listverse is a NO NO.

    Indeed, if we can write quality content and it will earn money for years instead of wasting time by writing content for others.

    Much Success!


    • Paul,

      Agree, I mean getting paid $100.00 for an article that we write and spend time doing research on is worth much more than just $100.00 over time.  

      Competition in affiliate marketing might be hard but competing with the hundreds of thousands of articles this website is getting on a daily basis?  The rules are very rigid to submit an article to them for publication on topics, spelling, formatting, grammar, and more.  Accepted by one of their “editors” (this could be just one person) and published you lose all control over your content.  Copyrights are then owned by Listverse.

      No, I feel if you are going to invest time in writing a Top 10 List then you need to own your own website, where it is possible to earn commissions from that article for years.

      Thank you for reading today,


  4. Thank you, Susan, for writing on this.

    Yes, I have tried them once.  People should be aware of before investing their time.

    Writing on Listverse is risky while there is no security of payment. An article could be disapproved by the editing team. But Payment for writing an article is standard if it is approved. 

    It takes a long time to research. I totally agree with you if one puts his efforts into concentrating on his own blog and write like that, he will earn more from affiliate marketing.

    For Affiliate marketing, I am also working in Wealthy Affiliate. It pays a good amount though. 

    • Abu,

      Thank you for confirming the fact that your article must be APPROVED by the “editing” team before you are published by them.  As I mentioned to Paul that the editing team could be a single person we have no way of knowing.  

      Putting two to three hours of research into a Top 10 List article to only be paid for it once at such a small amount does not make sense to me.

      Affiliate Marketing promoting a Top 10 List can get you paid for many years into the future.  Good to hear that you are a member of WA already that is my #1 Recommendation to everyone.

      Thanks again,


  5. I’ve submitted three articles recently. I’m still waiting to hear on the first one, which I submitted about six or seven weeks ago (they say they let you know either way within four weeks). When I went to submit a third one I noticed they are now only paying $50. I am looking at other, better paid, places to submit articles in future.

    • Rosie,
      I am sorry to hear you have not gotten paid for your hard work. That is one of the reasons I do my own websites no
      submitting for approval and waiting to see if you are going to get paid.
      You really should try Work From Home (Wealthy Affiliate) training. It is free to get started so what do you have to
      Thank you for the input on LISTVERSE.com


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