What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Training About?

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Training About?

Anyone interested in starting their own online business that would like to get into affiliate marketing needs to take their time reading my personal experience with “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Training About?”.

Why?” you might be wondering or asking. I am a Premium Member of the community and you just might learn something about making money online.

I was at one time stuck with “shiny object syndrome” trying any new service, product, done for you system, or get-rich-quick offer that came my way.

After a couple of years, I realized none of them no matter which one I would buy or invest in would not work. Plus I do not even want to get into how many times they would ask for more money once the initial investment had been paid.

Most all of them when I found them really never described what I was getting in exchange for my investment. Little did I realize a keyboard is not manufactured with a magic button that spits out money when pushed. 🙂

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick, done for you, cash cow, auto-pilot set it and forget, or make money overnight system then this is NOT FOR YOU! Keep chasing those “shiny objects” you will eventually go broke or quit one day.

Enough of my ranting shall we get into exactly “What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Training About?“?


The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I am going to give you what you are going to see once you sign up for training at Wealthy Affiliate beginning with the complete platform and how to use it.

It is simple to get started immediately with the 100% FREE Starter Membership with No Credit Card Required all you are going to need is your email, name, select a profile name, and password.

Below is a screenshot of the actual form you will need to complete prior to going directly to the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

WA sign up form screenshotFairly simple, right? After completing this step and hitting the “Create Your Free Account Now!” button you will be taken directly to the dashboard of the “Wealthy Affiliate” platform.

Below is a screenshot of my own “Wealthy Affiliate” profile and I will be using this to point out what some of the best highlights are with the training.

screenshot of WA profile (mine)

I would like you to be aware that placing a little about yourself and why you are joining Wealthy Affiliate along with a photo (it can be one of the stock photos) gets the other member’s attention so they can welcome you and offer their assistance.

This is great for growing a community of experts in the online world that you can request help from any time night or day absolutely PRICELESS.  Think of what it would cost for you to find the right expert for what you need those guys charge thousands an hour.

My recommendation to all newcomers is to start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). Here in Lesson 1 “Getting Rolling!” it will show you around the platform explaining things you are going to want to use starting out.

To navigate to the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) look at the left-hand column in the screenshot above you will see right beneath “Dashboard” a green arrow and the “Training” click on this it will bring up the following menu:

Screenshot of OEC Training Module

As you can see the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) has 5 Levels each of those levels contains 10 Lessons so when “View Course” is clicked on the 10 Lessons will then populate a menu for you to choose from see below:

Screenshot of OEC Training Level 1 Module

I am going to include the Lesson 1 Video for your viewing pleasure Kyle will walk you through “Getting Started!” and I know that you will then have an idea of how Wealthy Affiliate training is shown with step by step video for each lesson.

Getting Started Video Training

Kyle is co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate with Carson, they began back in college working together knowing the internet would be a tremendous source of income once they had a process in place. Guess what they were right.

Let me introduce Carson and Kyle, who founded Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005. Not only do they teach affiliate marketing but so much more so do not let the name of the company fool you.

Carson and Kyle Owners WA
Carson and Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Your “Free Starter Membership” acts and can be used as a Premium Membership during the first seven days of the trial period (which is six months).

The reason I am telling you this is, if you notice in the menu at the left-hand side of my profile screenshot there are “Live Events“. These are held every Friday night and broadcast by our Live Training Coach, Jay Neill, profile “magistudios“.

Jay Neill - Live Training Coach
Jay (magistudios) Live Training Coach

The last menu item that I would like to mention at this time is the “Affiliate Programs” this was only added last year in 2019 it will help you with choosing and applying for affiliate programs within a given niche.

I know you are probably thinking right now “What the heck is a niche?” we will get into all that later or better yet you can read my article “Top Niches for an Online Business“.

The “Live Chat” and “Help Center” menu items are fairly self-explanatory anytime you wish during the first seven days of the trial period you can jump into the “Live Chat” and talk with other member’s with questions or get advice.

“Help Center” takes you to the following menu where you can ask a question from the top helper experts of the day. Below I have included a screenshot of the complete Help Center Menu:

Screenshot Menu of Help Center

Notice that the owners of the company are included on this menu, they are there to help all members at Wealthy Affiliate should we require the assistance. As Premium Membership includes direct contact with them this is PRICELESS!

This is just a small highlight of the platform at Wealthy Affiliate and how you can navigate your way through. Once you have completed the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) you can move on to the Affiliate Boot Camp Training.

Affiliate Boot Camp Training Level 1 is included with the “Free Starter Membership” making your training a total of 20 Lessons for FREE.

Boot Camp is a 7 Levels with each Level containing another 10 Lessons this series of courses will walk you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Tools to Use for Affiliate Marketing

To create the ultimate professional website Wealthy Affiliate includes WordPress Website Builder the number one website builder used by professionals from around the world.

WordPress contains over 3500 free themes but you as a Premium Member can purchase any upgraded theme you would want to use as long as it is compatible with WordPress.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I had no clue how to build a website and I have no coding experience or technical knowledge at all. With the step by step videos building out a professional-looking website was quite simple, I amazed myself.

During the “Free Starter Membership” trial you will have two FREE websites that you can build on the siterubix.com subdomain. Transferring a website over to your own dot com name as a Premium Member is simple and easy.

Wealthy Affiliate even has right on the platform under the “Websites” menu where you can purchase your dot com domain and have the renewal price guaranteed the next year, unlike other places you might purchase domain names prices go up.

Screenshot of Websites Menu

Not to get side-tracked here, but since I have this menu up we can go through each of the items so you can better understand them.

Site Manager is where you will find all the websites that you have created and where you will be able to log into them taking you to the WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard

Site Builder –  you will be using to start each new website that you are going to want to build –

Screenshot of Site Builder


Free Starter Members will be selecting “On a free domain” then when ready you can “Register a domain” in the future this is the only other cost from your Premium Membership that you will ever incur with Wealthy Affiliate.

Below this screen will appear boxes for you to enter your domain name you want to use try to select one that represents your niche selection, for example, if you are doing a dog website use a domain name that would refer to dogs.

After the box for selecting your domain name, it will ask for a title for your website, try to keep it simple but it needs to be niche related so people will get to know your brand along with the domain name.  Short and simple is always best.

Site Domains, when clicked on, will show you a list of your domains that you have purchased along with the renewal dates when due – I always make sure to leave mine on auto-renew that way they send notifications out prior to them expiring.

Site Content how can I say enough about this feature exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate? Site Content can be used for writing content to be added to your website but more you can set goals for the week or month this is awesome.

Screenshot of Site Content Dashboard

Site Comments and Site Feedback two more exclusive features at Wealthy Affiliate you are entitled to use under the Premium Membership. Site Comments will help with engagement on your website which in turn helps with ranking.

Site Feedback no one sees but you from other member’s inside Wealthy Affiliate the other member will check over your website and give you their opinion of what you have done – you do not have to follow their advice but it is another set of eyes to help you.

Site Support at Wealthy Affiliate is available to Premium Members 24/7/365 with answer time less than 5 minutes in most cases. No technical knowledge is not a problem because these people handle all of those problems for you.

Without a Keyword Research Tool, an Affiliate Marketer would be dead in the water when it comes to writing keyword-rich high-quality content for on their website. (5th menu item down “J” Research)

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool was created by Carson and Kyle by the affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers why would we look anywhere else for a tool we would need to pay extra for this is included FREE with Premium Membership.

Screenshot of Jaaxy Lite Dashboard

Free Starter Members have 30 Keyword Searches during their trial period. Jaaxy has available three versions – Lite which is what most of the members use, but upgrades to Pro or Enterprise as a Premium Member at a discount if you prefer.


Training at Wealthy Affiliate

I am sure so far most of the stuff I am writing here might seem like it is from outer space or I am talking possibly in some foreign language, but I encourage you to please leave any questions for me below in the space provided.

Skeptical, does not even begin to describe how I was feeling the day I was contemplating filling in the sign-up form for my “Free Starter Membership” with Wealthy Affiliate.  Believing I could join something for FREE was not what I was expecting.

Honestly, I do have some computer experience so that has helped me somewhat with building my online business with WordPress knowing how to copy and paste and typing, but other than that I am a complete newcomer to website creation.

The community at Wealthy Affiliate with all the encouragement and assistance they are willing to give Starter Members is hard to explain other than they just “pay it forward“.

Now do not expect them to do your work for you that is not going to happen. They will assist you with the questions that you have with the training and give you all the support you need to remedy and solve a problem.

Affiliate Marketing is a process once you learn that process from start to finish completely inside out then you can pick up any niche and build a profitable online business.

I know because my first website was a complete failure – this did not stop me I started over with a new niche and a new website – failed again! Can you accept your failures as learning experiences as I was able to?

What I have learned in the past year is as long as you do NOT give up and keep producing keyword-rich high-quality content for your website on a consistent basis you will succeed. How do I know this? I am living proof I did it!

Earning that first commission online no matter how much it is there is no feeling that compares, but it does not matter each and every commission you earn after the first one still gives you that same feeling.

Going to my email used to be hard knowing that I had no emails saying “Congratulations you ‘ve got commissions” from PayPal or any of my other online revenue sources.

Today I am excited to jump up and hit my email first thing after I get my cup of coffee 🙂

In Conclusion

Look I know that I may not have answered all your questions concerning the Wealthy Affiliate Training but hopefully, it gives you an understanding that with Wealthy Affiliate you CAN learn to earn money online.

The question is not WILL you earn money online it is not just probable but possible as long as you follow the training and the complete process never jump ahead of where you should be and take your time it is not a race you will get there.

Hours upon hours of expert training are available for you to learn about more than just affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate knowing that you can get into eCommerce or Local SEO is another option for Working at Home.

Having all these experts all in one place to be able to draw from their expertise and not make the mistakes they did when they started out, how can one even begin to put a price on this?

Inside the community, there are two sayings you are going to hear over and over “Content is King” and “Lather, Rinse, and Repeat” wish I had a nickel for each time I heard it or said it LOL

“Content is King” because the more keyword-rich high-quality content you place on your website the sooner the major search engines will take you seriously as an online business owner and rank your material.

“Lather, Rinse and Repeat” after learning the process building your first online business it is just like washing your hair, do as the bottle says the same applies to an online business.

Getting a “Free Starter Membership” with NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED who can ask for a better way to “kick the tires” prior to making any commitment to taking the Premium Membership offer.

Is Wealthy Affiliate training going to be for absolutely everyone out there? I am sure it is not, but anyone who wants to earn a full-time passive online income working at home for years to come this is my #1 Recommendation.

Below is my invitation to you, come join me at Wealthy Affiliate begin your online journey with me by getting your 100%Free Starter Membership” with “NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED” click the banner – see you on the inside!



Remember I appreciate hearing from all my readers’ comments, suggestions, or questions you have please leave them in the space provided below. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to check out “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Training About?” give my website a bookmark for future reference to more articles that will be of interest to you.

Best wishes to your online success,


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