Make Money Online With No Money – Secret Reality Revealed

Make Money Online With No Money – Secret Reality Revealed

Truth be told this is actually possible if you know what to do and how to do it! No, I am not talking about doing surveys or making YouTube videos either.

If you are looking for the real way of making money online with no start-up costs then you need to take the time to read this complete article.

Want to just jump in and make sure this is something that you are going to be able to do? I have created this shortcut just click the box below and “Create Your Free Account Now” there is No Credit Card Required.


How to Make Money With No Money?

Ever heard the saying it takes money to make money? Possible that you have I am sure, but there is a way that you can make a real passive income online and begin for absolutely free.

Apprentices get paid to learn a trade when they are going into certain jobs, so why not think of this as becoming an apprentice as an online marketer?

Exactly what am I talking about? Affiliate Marketing has been around for years but knowing what to do and how to do it becomes the key to being successful and making a passive income for years to come.

I had heard about affiliate marketing years ago when the internet first started to become popular and really wanted to jump on the bandwagon back then, but could not find the right place to learn how and what to do.

Then, of course, you have all those gurus and scammers out there offering you all these systems that are get-rich-quick, push button, magic is done for you, automated, full of lies, and “shiny object” do not work crap.

Life got in the way of me ever finding the right way of doing affiliate marketing until recently when my spouse passed away.  I was depressed and needed a way to fill my time, my search to do affiliate marketing resumed.

Luck would have it, I landed on a website that I could actually begin learning what to do for 100% FREE! Sharing this with others who need a way to earn and want to work from home full-time or part-time is now possible because this is a real deal.

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Real Training For FREE

Look I have seen people claim they can learn affiliate marketing or internet marketing from YouTube for free. I am here to tell you I tried one of the so-called free training videos and it was not free at all, wasted over 6 hours of my time.

You want the real training then you need to “Create Your Free Account Now” with Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to let you know right now what you are going to receive for your free Starter Membership.

Creating your free account is simple and easy taking you right into the Wealthy Affiliate community with thousands of Premium Members who have been doing this for years.

Create Your Free Account Now

Who better to learn from than the experts? Carson and Kyle created Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 so you know that this is not a scam and you are not getting ripped off. Not only that you get to try before you invest a single cent how can you beat it?

Carson and Kyle Owners WA
Carson and Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

After signing up for your Starter Account the best thing you can do is fill out your profile with a picture and a little about yourself. This will help you build a community of experienced members to help you when you need help.

Then go have a look around to see what all is offered with the Premium Membership and the Starter Membership. I always tell people to check out Live Chat available 24/7 ask questions to get to know that this is real if you have doubts.

Members will be happy to assist you with questions about the Wealthy Affiliate community or if you run into any trouble within the training that you are working on.

You will receive 20 free lessons with the Starter Membership – Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification this consists of the 10 Lessons below:

OEC Training Level 1

Plus, Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot Camp Training another 10 Lessons:

Bootcamp Training Level 1

With these lessons, you are going to need a website to build your online business but instead of only getting one (1) free website you are going to be receiving two (2) free websites.

Kyle, co-owner of the company will be walking you through setting up a website in the training on video step by step making this very easy for you to do.

Websites are built on the WordPress Website Builder which is one of the most widely used platforms in the world by all website owners. You will have 12 Free WordPress Themes to choose from with the Starter Membership.

What good is a website if you do not have hosting? Wealthy Affiliate takes care of the hosting of your websites on Amazon c.3 large servers for free how can you even beat that one?

All other training always cost prior to checking them out Wealthy Affiliate is not like the others. The only thing you are going to lose after the seven-day trial period is over will be access to Live Chat.

You can keep the 20 free lessons accessing them as much as you want, your 2 websites on the domain, and the free hosting as long as you remain active without going dormant for any 30 day period.

Meaning you can keep working on the two websites for as long as you wish it is even possible for you to earn commissions prior to joining as a Premium Member.

Referring others to Wealthy Affiliate with your Starter Membership will earn you commissions they are only half of what the Premium Members get but that is one way to start earning.

Premium just gives you an advantage over the Starter account with more training and access to all the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Should you decide this is not right for you then all you need to do is close out of the community and forget about it, no one ever pushes you to join as a Premium Member.


Keep Going As Starter

Alright, so you have all the beginnings, but not quite enough knowledge to keep moving forward yet. That is what you are thinking, but you are wrong.

All you need to do with the free websites is to keep adding quality content with great keyword research on a consistent schedule. Yes, there is more training but what you have learned will actually keep you going for months.

Quality content with great keyword research is the key to ranking your website on the major search engines. The more content you consistently add shows them you are serious about building your business and helping people.

Writing content can be something that most people consider difficult if you think about it as practice makes perfect it is just like any other skill that one develops.

Content for your website needs to be based on solving problems that people are searching for a solution online. You can choose almost any niche (Kyle will teach you this) and make it profitable in affiliate marketing.

Finding the affiliate programs that fit your niche at times can become a bit frustrating but searching on Google will give you options with more than one company to apply with.

Make sure to read the affiliate terms of service including the fine print, not following these can lose you commissions on products or services you have on your website.

I suggest once you can become a Premium Member to do so. This will enable you to move forward with the training giving you even more ways to earn an income online or creating an at home business working on your own schedule.

Wealthy Affiliate does not just teach you about affiliate marketing but many ways to make money working from home. They supply you free tools to use so that you can keep your profits up and costs down.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership is a steal for the cost for what you are getting in return, there is no doubt I have compared what they offer to other hosting sites and training programs out there.

The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate are so numerous that I am only going to give you a brief highlight of some it would take more than just this one article to even begin to cover them all.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) – 5 Levels – 50 Lessons
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training – 7 Levels – 70 Lessons
  • Live Chat 24/7 – Get answers to questions in real time from Experienced Members
  • 50 Websites – 25 on the domain and 25 on your own domain names
  • Private Messaging – To other Premium Members and the Owners
  • Live Events – Weekly with a Live Training Coach – with Live Question and Answer time at end of training.
  • Jaaxy Lite – Lifetime Unlimited Keyword Research Tool (30 free searches for Starter Membership)
  • 12 Training Classrooms (2 with the Starter Membership)
  • Affiliate Program (Premium Members are paid 2X Higher than Starter Members)
  • One on One Coaching (Starter Members free for seven-day trial – Premiums Unlimited)
  • 24/7/365 Site Support
  • Website Feedback Platform & Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

This is only a highlight of the benefits with Wealthy Affiliates but you can see that the value well outweighs the membership cost. You can save by paying membership with the six-month premium and yearly premium over the monthly.

Membership Fees WA

There are never any up sales with Wealthy Affiliate what you are seeing below are the only membership fees involved, the only exception will be the purchase of your own domain names the most expensive one I have seen is $15.99 for a year.

Domain names can be purchased through Wealthy Affiliate and then you are guaranteed the yearly renewal rate of what you are paying, with other hosting companies this is not always the case.

Have you ever checked how much it would cost you to start a business? Doing so online for less than a cup of coffee even if you go with a monthly membership is seriously a cheap investment into making a passive income for life.

In Closing

Now that you know what all is possible in starting your own online business but starting it for free can be done right now today what is stopping you?

Fear of failure could be one reason, however, with a community full of experienced online entrepreneurs they see your success as their own encouraging and helping you to make sure you will succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate is a pay it forward community that you are not going to find on YouTube or with any of the gurus or scammers out there.

Do not hesitate “Create Your Free Account Now” fill in your profile once you are inside it will help members know a little about you give them the opportunity to get to know you.


Hearing from my readers is such a pleasure please leave all comments, suggestions, and questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complete article if it helps just one person then I have done my job.

Best wishes and to your future online success,



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