What Are Ways to Make Money Online – But What Is The Best Way?

What Are Ways to Make Money Online 

But What Is The Best Way?

There are 975 people per minute from all over the world looking for the best way to make money online in all types of different searches on the internet!

Problem is the gurus and scammers pay to have the programs they want promoted to make their money listed at the top of the pages in the search engines by paying for them.

Sorry, to inform you I am no guru with internet marketing or making money online, but making a passive living online is what I am doing – how much money can be made when you own a business online?

That is impossible to answer the sky is the limit if you know what you are doing!  Most people always want to buy one of the get-rich-quick systems that the gurus and scammers advertise thinking they are going to make money! NOT!

Below you will find the things that I did research on and what the legitimate ways of making money online are – along with my honest opinions on all of them.

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Best Ways to Make Money Online

Deciding that many people look for this daily, so I did a quick search and found that there are 209 competing websites for letting you know the best ways to make money online.


Next, go check Google for the websites with this same search you will find most of these websites say do online surveys they are easy to join, cost you nothing to join, and pay well.

Not so fast there because I have tried these and frankly they take so much time that average earnings might be a couple of bucks a day.

Another way these websites are saying for you to earn is by starting a blog, true there is plenty of money to be made in starting a blog but what about the startup costs?

You need a website, hosting, a niche, products, services, and the list just keeps getting longer.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the other ways to make money online and can be very profitable, however, the same thing applies here as for starting a blog plus you need companies to accept you into the affiliate program.

Under this search, you can find other multiple offers I just highlighted a few they can range from MLM to shopping online and saving money doing it.

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Free Ways to Make Money Online

how to earn money online free

Another search people will do to earn money online is the free ways to make money online no one wants to make an investment for something if it is not going to work.

Looking through the websites approximately 72 of them once again I find taking surveys online in the top listings – not all online survey offers are bad some of them are actually worth your time, but you will never earn a full-time income from them.

Here you will find ways to save money by shopping online or taking photos of your receipts after you shop and uploading them to make sure you are not due any refunds for products you overpaid on.

Of course, blogging and affiliate marketing were included here but they leave out the many parts of this that will cost you money and the fact how do you even get started doing these things.

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Quick Ways to Make Money Online

5 ways to make money online quickly

Let me surprise you here the number one slot goes to quick ways to make money online is online surveys now who would have guessed?

Here we have a total of 44 websites and I did find some interesting additions, for instance, doing transcribing at home, typing, editing other people’s work, and even things like Ebates.

Seriously making quick money online is nothing more than a downright lie so if you believe it sorry to break your little bubble this is not going to work.

Gurus and scam artists have been stealing people’s hard-earned money for years promising them a way to make money online within 24 hours and that this money will just keep flowing into your bank account every single day.

They are correct in one way and the fact of the matter is yes money is flowing into the bank account every day but it is your money flowing into their bank account.

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Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

legitimate ways to make money from home

When I looked this up I have found 105 websites and doing the Google search was very interesting with many ways to make money offered.

The first one “instacart” you can sign up and get paid to shop for other people – interesting but for some, this is not a possible solution if you do not have transportation to do the shopping or delivery to the customer.

You know for a fact that online surveys are included in this list of websites but we already know that you are not going to make a full-time living from working on these.

Starting a blog and affiliate marketing are included as well along with setting up your own store online, but these all require an initial start-up investment of some type.

earning money online with ebayEbay was another great topic in this area – but selling things still takes training and learning how and what to do.

This might be an easy way to earn some extra cash online but what about a passive income stream not so much I am thinking.

Most people get overwhelmed when reading everything involved in this particular section trying to figure out if they seriously can do any of these things and make money online, understandable I would be too.

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In Closing

These are just some ways people search for making money online there are of course many other options that could be included and I could probably give you fifty pages or more information on them.

What I am pointing out here today is YES there are plenty of ways to make money online but for me, I want something that I am going to get paid on for years to come not just a passing few bucks here or there.

Looking to make millions is a great possibility with an online business the sky is the limit with the proper training and niche anyone can do this amount of business.

You do not have to be Amazon or Wal-Mart to have a website and make a full-time decent living from the internet working from home – what you do need is the training and coaching along with believing in yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I ready to start my own business and stop working for someone else?
  2. Can I devote at least 2 to 3 hours a day to make my own dreams come true?
  3. Is a small investment in myself each month worth what is possible a year from now?
  4. Do I want to make money and have a laptop lifestyle living how I want to live?
  5. Do I have a computer and internet service with a willingness to learn?

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You can leave your answers to these questions in the space provided below along with any questions, comments, or suggestions would love to hear them all.

Thank you for checking out these options today,  joining me with the FREE is the very best option for making money online having a business to call your own!

Best wishes,


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