What is Keyword Research / How and Why to Use

What Is Keyword Research? How and Why to Use!

What is Keyword Research?” how and why to use this in building out your website, once you have a niche selection then doing the keyword research is going to be the next important task on your list.

What is a Keyword?

In order to know what keyword research is some of you might ask “What is a Keyword?” and a keyword is a word or phrase that people use when searching the internet for products, information, or services.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo track these entries at all times and record how many times a word or phrase is entered in the search bar along with how many websites contain this word or phrase.

Research tools have collected the information and compiled the data all in one place for website owners and builders to find and use to get their websites ranked within the search engines. This is part of SEO which is another topic for another day.

Any topic that you want to use for a website will need to have a keyword/keyword phrase research done through one of the research tools available either online or through Wealthy Affiliates who provide this free with membership.

There is also a paid premium version available of the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool which can be purchased online and is one of the top rated search tools available.

Others are SEM Rush, Google, Word Stream, and Moz to name a few. They all offer a free trial period but can become a rather expensive tool when first starting out in the online business.

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What is Keyword Research

In order to rank in the search engines, you need to know what keywords or keyword phrases (know as long-tailed keywords) people are searching for online.

Without this knowledge, you can promote or write content for a website until the cows come home but the website is not going to rank very well in the search engines and you will have a website people will never visit.

Training is provided at Wealthy Affiliate teaching you not only about how, why, where, and what’s of keyword research but how to find the best keywords for ranking your website on the search engines.

Low hanging fruit keywords can be used to bring traffic to the website faster and give you more exposure for your website to the search engines so know how to use these are beneficial as well.

Even the most professional website builders can be unaware of the effects that keyword research can make when building a website and Wealthy Affiliate will be a valuable tool helping them make use of researching their content for better results.

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Why Use a Keyword Research Tool

Would you not like knowing prior to building a website what type of competition you are up against on the internet? With Jaaxy you can find this out and more.

Have a look at the table below and you can see what Jaaxy Lite provides you and it comes free with a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.  30 Searches with the Free Starter Membership is included.


jaaxy orange juice


This is an example above of great use for a Keyword Phrase that can be used for an article for orange juices – by incorporating an article about brands of orange juices.


Golf Balls Keyword Search


Above is an example of something that you would have so much competition that ranking with a website in this niche would be close to impossible but not improbable if you know how to build a website for ranking.  Golf Balls are best if you can narrow it down some like to types of golf balls.

Although the keywords above are the high competition you can select something more specific to the topic and rank very well with those keywords.

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How to Use Keywords

We have now covered what keywords are, what the research is, and why we use the research to select our keywords or keyword phrases, but how do we use these in our websites?

Wealthy Affiliate training will guide you in using the keyword selection process and how to use the keywords in your content for ranking on the search engines.

Keyword Mastery Kyle Free Training Video

This is a video from Kyle that is included with the Premium Membership about Keyword Mastery I included it here even though you cannot watch it this gives you an idea of what type of training is given through Wealthy Affiliate.

All the people in the community have an opinion on how to use keywords in your content and I have found that many will tell you in the title and once in the first paragraph is enough, others will say once in every 500 words.

I use my keywords and keywords phrases as necessary throughout my content if I am discussing something which requires I use it more often then I do if not and it can only be used in the title and the first paragraph then that is where I use it.

Both ways have worked for me and having my content indexed by Google and ranked within the search engines to date has not been a problem, therefore, I feel that as long as you do the keyword research for within your niche then proper use of them is apparent either way.

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In Closing

Had I not become a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate taking all the training they have to offer and continuing my membership even today I would not be able to provide you with these valuable pieces of information here.

Even though I can give you some insight to the Keywords and research along with the tool I use there are many other things that you should learn to help you build a successful business online the correct way.

People see those gurus and scam artists every day on YouTube, television, the radio, and receive email offers that tempt them into buying the latest scams they have to offer please do not get sucked into one of them use your hard-earned cash to build yourself a real online business that will provide you years of income and more.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched anywhere always keeping the members up to date with information about the internet and its internal workings.

How do you feel about keyword research? Have I made you aware of something you did not know about? Have you ever tried any of the keyword research tools available online? What are your thoughts on them?

Your answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated you can leave them in the space provided below along with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.

Thanks for learning about keyword research today and please bookmark the website for more information,



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