What Is A 4 Hour Work Week About?

What Is A 4-Hour Work Week About?

How many people would give up their regular job to have a “4 Hour” workweek? What is a 4-hour workweek about anyway? We all know there is a book out titled The 4-Hour Work Week but is it really a possibility?

We all know the book by the author, Timothy Ferriss, however, we can get into what he suggests later in this article.

IF, and that is a big IF, you are interested in changing your life forever then you need to stay on this page and read what I am going to share with you today!

People who are willing to take action rather than talking or dreaming about answers to solve the way out of their stressful boring lives are the “big IF’s” I am speaking about above.

In order to stop working that job you hate making someone else rich you are going to need to start taking action right now today the time for talking and dreaming is over. The time has come to move forward taking ACTION WORKS.

Action takers are the people who Mr. Ferriss is referring to in his book. That is not exactly how I got started though. I was sitting where you are right now talking and dreaming about a better way of life.

Searching for a way to earn the type of income that would provide a passive income stream for years to come where I could work fewer hours for more money.

This had to be something I could do with little to no investment considering I was collecting a limited income at the time. All the scams available today promising you are going to get-rich-quick I tried were not the answer.

I wanted something “real” that I could be proud to say was my company. I own it because I built it! Due to my limitations, it had to be something I could do at home on the computer.

Brick and mortar start-up costs are astronomical owning an online business is minimal in comparison. Besides are we not talking about working more hours but less, right?

Opportunities Are Endless

I would like you to think about this for a moment, there are over 4 Billion users on the internet and growing daily. How many people are there where you live? Even in a huge city, there is no comparison to the number of internet shoppers.

Getting into “Affiliate Marketing” right now will enable you to have endless opportunities in the online business world. Imagine working for yourself with never having to report to a boss again.

affiliate marketing graff


You are not getting involved with any get-rich-quick scam this is going to take time and work from you. Dedication along with the commitment to wanting the freedom this can create for you and your family. Patience is extremely important for success.

Statistics show that 99% of people who start out online with any business FAIL! Why? Because they either get discouraged not doing what is required or they just plain quit.

For the 1% that make it, they are the experts, you are going to want them to teach you the process making sure you do not fail or quit. Giving up is not an option should you decide this is the right path for you.

Prior to making that type of decision would it not be great if you could get a sneak peek at how things online work in the “Affiliate Marketing” industry?

After all, it is your future we are talking about right now. This is not going to be the right thing for everyone out there looking for an online business. Getting a sneak peek at what all is involved at “NO COST TO YOU” makes sense.

Wait, did I just say you can get started right now today at “NO COST TO YOU”?

Yes, I sure did! When you sign up for the “Free Starter Membership” there is No Credit Card Required and you are going to be able to start training right after you fill out the sign-up form.


Free Starter Affiliate Marketing Membership

Finding a company that is giving you something for 100% FREE today is highly unusual. Signing up today is going to separate the action takers from the talkers and dreamers out there.

Below is a list of what is included with the “Free Starter Membership“, this trial period lasts for 6-months giving you plenty of time to decide if this training is right for you.

  • Beginner’s Training Course
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Just a bit of information that I would like to make you aware of right now. Once you get on the training website take a few minutes to fill out your profile and select a picture for yourself. This will help you with building a community around you.

show profile picture and descript

Most people think that having a big community is not important but those members who join your community are there to help you along the way. Many of them each have an expertise you are going to learn from them.

Knowing who to go to with problems and questions will enable you to succeed at an accelerated rate. If you have no experience at all you have nothing to worry about you will find that all the technical stuff is taken care of behind the scenes.

One last point notice the One-on-One Coaching and Live Chat 24/7 available during the first seven days of the trial period ONLY? Please make use of these they are highly valuable do not stay stuck on any questions or problems.

Live Chat has to be my favorite part of this training community, having a place where you can jump in 24/7 365 days a year to get answers in real-time from experts around the world is massively helpful.

I encourage all newcomers to go into Live Chat and ask ANY questions they might have concerning the training or about how the community works.

Consider the value of these two items alone losing them after seven days can be devastating to your advancement. In order to keep that from happening a discount is given for upgrading during this time of ONLY $19.00 for your first month.

After that 30 days is over then there is a budget-friendly choice of how to pay your membership discounted for paying further in advance. Monthly cost is $49.00 – Six-month cost is $234.00 – Yearly cost is $359.00 (yearly is the best deal!)

These membership fees cover all the benefits offered which take up a whole website and then some. They are all-inclusive of the community the only exception is your own domain names which run from $13.99 to $16.99 a year guaranteed renewal.

The 4-Hour Work Week By Tim Ferriss

Some of you might not find this realistic, but it is a possibility if you can find the right people to delegate all the work that needs to be done for you too. Trusting that they are going to accomplish it all in a timely manner for you.

Time Management – this is probably the hardest thing to accomplish when you have decided to take action and free yourself from the chains that bind you in that JOB.

Everyone who comes into the community struggles with this first and foremost. You are going to need to commit no less than 2 to 3 hours daily to training and working toward your online business.

effective time management

Are you willing to sacrifice this time to further your chance for freedom from working making someone else rich? Giving up television or nights out with friends?

Setting Life Goals – mapping out not just your long-term goals but the short-term goals and being able to adjust these as you see fit are essential to becoming a success in any online business.

Life happens so if you get knocked down not meeting your goals this week adjust them and move forward never giving up and you know quitters never win so that can never be an option.

Finding the right Niche – exactly what is a niche? Your niche needs to be one thing you are most passionate about whether it be a hobby, how-to, sport, health, wellness, pets, kids, relationship advice, etc.

Right now you are programmed for a JOB working the 9 to 5 and digging down to what you used to get excited and passionate over might take you some time to figure out. You will find the perfect niche for you just know that!

Never worry about being an expert in the niche selection – information can be found that research solves this dilemma making you an authority with all subjects just keep your facts straight.

I am not a writer/author – really? Do you send texts? Do you talk to people? If so, then you can write it is like practice makes perfect as your mother would always tell you.

Finding your own writing style takes time, but never fear it will come. There are classes available for those who want to invest in taking a writing class or help available such as Grammarly to help with spelling and punctuation.

When things start to roll you might want to invest in outsourcing your writing they have many who do Freelancing for people who own online businesses. Some of these writers come quite cheaply.

How long before you will see an ROI? This is one of those questions with no real answer. It could come in as little as 3 to 6 months or take up to a few years there are too many variables that come into play to answer truthfully.

Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo play a part in this coming to light. Starting out they do not know you or your business ranking with them takes time to make sure you are not in the 99% who give up or quit.

Niche selection and quality of keyword-rich content will have a role in deciding the timeline with this as well. Higher competition with niche selection or keywords can affect ranking on the search engines meaning it will take longer.

One thing you must remember is – never give up and never quit – success will come and once you start seeing a commission here and there before you know it they are rolling in daily.

Better yet you need to remember those commissions are not just a one time deal – they can roll in for years to come from that one page on your website. Imagine having 600 or 2000 pages on your website?

Commissions can range from 1% up to 75% it all depends on the affiliate program you have joined and the product or service you are promoting. Make sure to read all your affiliate terms of services losing commissions due to an error is not fun.

Recurring commissions are popular these pay you each and every month as a subscription would some as high as 50% having multiple people join with your affiliate link means you get paid for each of them.

I realize you might have thought this was a review here on Ferriss’s book sorry to disappoint you. I am not interested in reviewing books on my website I am here to HELP YOU decide if affiliate marketing is right for you and set you FREE!


In Conclusion

Previously, I stated this is not going to be for everyone. “Why?” It might be easy and enjoyable work for some but not everyone. We do need people to work in regular JOBS or the world would cease to exist as we know it.

My goal today is helping the dreamers and talkers who are looking for the opportunity to change their lives forever taking the “Free Starter Membership” right now “No Credit Card Required” and rolling with it. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW NOW!


In return, I am asking you please leave me any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have in the space provided below. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Thank you for being here you can bookmark my website for future reference and share away to anyone you know who is interested in escaping that dreaded 9 to 5 JOB or looking for a way to make some extra side income.

Best wishes with your online success,


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