TMD Hosting or Wealthy Affiliates How Do They Compare?

TDM Hosting Worth The Cost or Wealthy Affiliate?


Today we are going to look at a comparison of TMD Hosting and Wealthy Affiliate because someone brought this particular place to my attention and thought that you all deserve to hear about them.

TMD Hosting

Who is TMD Hosting

According to their website, they are Linus Shared Web Hosting platform, meaning that when you want the service know that others will also be using the same hosting as you, and that can pose a problem to how fast your site will load along with some other factors.

Another claim they make is 16 times faster web hosting with SSD; SSD stands for a storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk because of its much greater speed. I am no computer elite but this just does not sound right to me?  But in actuality it is!

Next, they have cloud hosting, cutting-edge shared cloud hosting, saying it is 2 times more powerful and 2 times faster alright still not an expert with this so cannot be sure how sharing is better.

Fully managed Word Press hosting made easy and incredibly fast – Word Press is a platform you use to build a website on not exactly why it would require hosting and incredibly fast depending on how you are with building a website.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are super fast and they are offering this at 50% off for the first month.

They offer a Reseller Package as well but I am more interested in what the costs of the actual setting up of a website costs along with training and hosting everything that Wealthy Affiliates offers for one low monthly membership fee.

Price Comparision

Now TMD Hosting offers a very nice discount for all the above products for the first month and then raises them to a regular price the second month.

You have to purchase more than one product here so that you have a complete package for ONE website just so you understand that in the table below for one website you need to use the Total at the bottom of the columns.

STARTER2.95 1st Month5.95 1st Month2.95 1st Month19.97 1st Month
THE ORIGINAL5.95 1st Month6.95 1st Month5.95 1st Month29.97 1st Month
SMART12.95 1st Month10.95 1st Month12.95 1st Month39.97
E-COMMERCE54.97 1st Month
SUPER POWERFUL64.97 1st Month
1st Month Total as a Starter$31.82 1st Month
Regular Price there after Monthly
for ONE Website as a Starter
$70.80 Monthly


For the totals, I only used a Starter Package and you could always take out the Cloud Hosting but you see the prices total up rather quickly making the cost for just one website rather expensive I would say.

Now, let us see what Wealthy Affiliate is going to be for these services: 

Wait, this is not all you can get your first month of membership right now for only $19.00! That is as long as you take the FREE Starter Membership of 7-days to check everything out make sure this is right for you!

Click Here for your free account

The Best Deal

Considering the savings and what each place has to offer I know which program I would be spending money on, what are your feelings about this?

There are other companies out there offering hosting and websites and what I am planning to do is research each one of them placing all the comparisons on one website making things much simpler for you to research them finding the best possible deal.

Why would someone want to do this you may ask because people deserve to know that not everything they read on the internet is what you are actually getting or worth what you are paying for the service or product.

In doing this please note that I am only bringing to the table all the facts and prices being advertised to you when you do an internet search of them so checking to make sure they are valid is very easy.


Do I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate over TMD Hosting? Yes, I personally know someone who was using this platform for a website they owned.

They ended up canceling with them not just because of the pricing but because of the complications in dealing with the customer service and them not being able to remedy the problems which kept occurring on a weekly basis.

She was paying $65.00 a month for just ONE website and frankly for that amount of money you would think customer service would be excellent to deal with.

Wealthy Affiliate has Site Support available 24/7 and 365 days a year getting in touch with them is easy and problems are corrected in a short period of time. Unless of course it is very complicated and they will still let you know what is holding them up.

As a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate should you have problems that are not being resolved in a timely manner the owners are available to be contacted directly concerning any issues or concerns you may have arise.

In Closing

Seriously I am hoping that by reviewing other places offering similar programs to what Wealthy Affiliates has to offer will help you in making an informed decision of who would be the better platform to accommodate all your internet needs.

For beginners, this might all seem like nothing but mumbo jumbo because until I started my own online business that is exactly how it sounded to me.

Terminology for working on the internet is a language in its own but very easy to learn and what you do not find in the training at WA then members of the community take the time to teach you what you need to know.

As always, I am wondering why you have not joined Wealthy Affiliate yet?  Do you have something against things being offered to you for FREE?

Click Here for your free account

Considering I seriously appreciate hearing from my readers please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.

Thanks for coming by!

Best wishes and to your success,




4 thoughts on “TMD Hosting or Wealthy Affiliates How Do They Compare?”

  1. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant. The prices are also unbelievably affordable and the site health tools are brilliant for helping you to maintain your site speed. They also offer domain registration.This all means that they provide all the tools needed for you to build a successful website.

    I know that SSD’s are faster than HDD’s in computers, but I agree with you because 16x faster sounds like a bold claim for TMD to make. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the way for me!

    • Renton,

      I personally had another person who had one website with this hosting company and they were so upset with them they shut down the website.  They spend two days on the telephone with the support staff and could not get the proper repairs done to help them with the website.

      I prefer dealing with Site Support through WA myself any problems are dealt with in such a timely manner have never waited over 24 hours things are handed immediately.


    • Everyone should compare information especially costs when it comes to hosting. Wealthy Affiliates gives you the very best deal you are going to find.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my post, check out even more on the website.


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