David Dekel (Funnel X) Scam or Real

David Dekel (FUNNEL X) Scam or Real?

Lately, I have noticed getting more emails than usual from David Dekel (FUNNEL X), so time to do some research to see what his program is all about.

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What exactly is FUNNEL X ROI is my first question although I do know what a funnel is curiosity has me wondering how people can make $3,000 in 10 days; but even more amazing is claiming to make $20,000 in 5 weeks?

Opening the email I received was a video from a man named Scott Darwood from Sugarloaf, New York – he claims he came across one of David Dekel’s systems and put it to work.

Used it for a little over 30 days and made a little under $20,000 in this time; says he is not a newbie to these systems but anyone could use the system it is so easy.

He gave a good testimonial enthusiastic about making residual income with systems since 2015 but gave absolutely no details into the system or how it works.


Next Video is of David Dekel

$300 Per Day System Activate Yours Below…

FREE, No Strings Attached, ($1,997 Value)

In order to get this system for FREE, you must listen to the complete video of David Dekel with him giving a very long talk about how you must agree to follow all the instructions he is giving you to make at least $100.00 per day.

You need to do more work if you want to make triple the number of commissions, plus you need multiple products to offer not just one thus increasing the number of commissions you able to accumulate.

He gives details of how he worked so very hard with setting up his system and he is not going to charge you to use it, but you must help others by paying it forward.

The only thing he asks in return is that you send him a video confirming you succeed with his system that he is giving you all the information needed for free.

This system has a value of $1997.00 so he can only leave so many people in FREE before he has to start charging everyone else for it.

So what to do next?



Signing in to Next Page:

                                       1.ACTIVATE 2.CONFIGURE 3.FINISH





Once you finish filling out all the information on this page you are then finally redirected to the actual “system” from what I am guessing.


Easy 1 Up.com has many levels to which you are now asked to join the lowest entry amount is $25.00 known as the Elevation Level this restricts your commission to only the $25.00 when you get someone to sign up. Even if they sign up at one of the higher levels this is the amount you will get paid.

Next, you have the following levels:

  1. Elevation Elite $100.00
  2. Vertex $250.00
  3. Vertex Elite $500.00
  4. Vertex Pro $1,000.00
  5. Vertex Live $2,000.00

Wait, I forgot to mention there is an additional charge of $10.00 for administration fees to process your transaction when you buy into the program!

You are getting people to sign up for the exact same thing as you just did, the only thing is once you go to Elevation Elite then the commission you will get paid is equivalent to your cost into Easy 1 Up.

As you spend more you make more, now thinking about this would be extremely nice money to be made but how many people do you know that are going to spend $2,000.00 to get others to join and make their money back with just one conversion?

Even if you do get one person to join thereby getting your money returned in order to make any profits you must then promote this for others to sign up doing the exact same thing.

With the Elevation Elite, you do get another product to promote which is a high ticket of $97.00, I tried to research this product but could not find any information concerning what is.

It appears to be a website called: www.vortexleadsystems.com This is yours to promote and sell with the Elevation Elite purchase of $100.00.  According to the video, the total cost of this is yours to keep if you sell the product.

David Dekel claims in the videos all you have to do is promote the products but all the selling and advertising is taken care of for you, but he does not explain how that is done?

Simply stated you are to promote the products so in my opinion you are doing your own advertising and selling and in order to do this your either going to already have to own an existing website or purchase one.

kids earn for free banner


In Conclusion

Is FUNNEL X ROI a scam or real deal that can be profitable? My opinion is “No thank you!” I am not interested in taking peoples hard-earned money on this type of system.

To me this is just a type of pyramid scheme where you pay for something and then have to turn around and sell the exact same thing making people at the top money; because if you join at the $25.00 tier where does the rest of the $1975.00 go if you have someone join at the $2,000.00 level?

Can you make money with the system? That is a very hard question to answer unless you have a way to promote such a system I cannot think that it would be possible.

My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online would be Wealthy Affiliate, you can join and try out the community there for absolutely FREE with no obligation and no credit card!

Do you purchase a pair of shoes without trying them on first?  Then why pay for something before you get a chance to try it and see if it is going to DO what you are looking for?

I joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE started doing all the training and asked questions in the Live Chat area from other more experienced members before I decided that it was a legit way of building a real online business that would earn me a passive income for years to come.

Seriously there is no magic buttons or secrets out there to making money online – the way to do it is work, consistency, dedication, commitment, time, patience, and then just more work but the work is not hard it can actually be fun or relaxing depending on what you like to do in life.

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I love hearing feedback from all my readers so please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article today looking forward to seeing you again.

Best wishes and to your success,


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10 thoughts on “David Dekel (Funnel X) Scam or Real”

  1. It sound like a type of pyramid scheme where you pay for somethin, and later on you get paid back for bringing other customer to pay and join the pyramid. And since we’re all want to earn money, most people will join the Vertex level, with admission cost of 2000$. After reading your post I agree with your conclussion, and join your recomendation to prefer joinning Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Savion,

      It is nice to see that you agree with me on the conclusion to this product.  I did research and this is what I found to bad many people do not realize what this system does.  With the small cost of only $25.00 plus $10.00 administration fee to buy in some people would not continue to read or listen and find out that is all they are ever going to make in promoting this system each and every time.

      Thank you for visiting my website please come back anytime as more reviews of other products will be added.


  2. Thank you so much for weeding through all the BS on the internet to bring us programs that actually work! I’ve been targeted by pyramid schemes since I was in my 20s!  Back then they use to stand outside coffee shops and ask if “you’ve heard about how great investing in company XYZ is!”  It’s just as agrevating finding them online.  I appreciate you taking your time to watch those videos, to the end, and seeing what they are all about for us! Thank you for the review! 


    • Kara,

      Thank you for visiting today.  I get so many of these silly videos daily it takes time not just to watch them but then research them making sure your doing due diligence and reporting the facts.

      This one is just jumping off the screen with scam written all over it so I am more than happy to let people know to stay away from them.

      Susan 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for your honest review of the Funnel X.  Are you kidding me?  This is definitely a big no, and I agree with you that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is an actual platform that costs nothing to join and has a minimal monthly fee for an amazing program.  Wow, the things people try to sell out there.  I’m just glad you took the time to really dive into it.  As affiliate marketers, we fall prey to people trying to scam us all the time.  Thanks again.


    • Babsie,

      Thank you.  This is part of my way of giving back as an affiliate marketer I do not just look for all the bad programs out there but good ones also.

      Wealthy Affiliates is one of the top ones there is your not going to find the training and consistent updates that they give anywhere else.

      But like I said I will keep searching sure there might be good ones as well as bad ones out there finding them and reporting on them is what I am going to keep doing 🙂


  4. I just watched all of his BS video. No doubt about it, another pyramid scheme! I nearly got completely sucked in by an online pyramid scheme when I was first seeking how to make money online, starting a few months back.

    I had a major spinal injury which lead to 2 major spinal surgeries, 4 days apart. The first one was through the front having all of my insides taken out first for the Nuerosurgen could get to my spine to fuse my bottom disc and put a prosthetic disc in place of the next one up. Then 4 days later went in the back to secure the rest of the fused one. This all happened originally at the age of 30 years old. I and a qualified builder, so now I’ve gone from having and using that qualification, which is a very physical job as I’m sure many are aware. To now dodging bullets online from all of the sharks, just wanting to make an honest living to provide for my wife and 2 little boys.

    That first pyramid scheme that I nearly got stuck in, which originally cost me $2,000USD which is around $2,600AU Australian dollars. I was just glad that I had experience with dodgy people out there when I had my own Company in Construction. And they at least honored their 30 day money back guarantee. Their top tier part of their pyramid scheme strategy was/is $30KUSD yes, you read right. And all people pretty much did was sell these memberships and earn commissions on these memberships, not much else. Now even I knew as a newbie that it is not the way to make an honest $$$ online or offline. It doesn’t matter, the rules don’t change online or not and these pyramid scheme’s are unethical on or offline too! Have you heard of (SFM) Six Figure Mentors (DEA) Digital Experts Academy, they are both one and the same place. The only digital expertise you needed was to sell the concept to make your commission, Ads constantly on youtube covered up as everyday people (That either really don’t know their in a pyramid scheme or they just don’t care because the money is rolling in) To bad if you lose all of your friends and family along the way. I’m really interested if you have heard of this one or not? Please let me know in your reply 🙂 They even do all of the so called live Webinars like people are stupid and it only take to watch another (LIVE) Webinar to hopefully pick some new information up and it turns out to be the exact same one.
    Also, There was one training that I paid for when first trying to educate myself and I’ve tried to get a refund, replying to every different email address that they had sent me an email from (Within the guarantee period) As I gave me nothing worth using or doing at lest for me and a lot of empty promises. So, my question is – How do I take it to the next level in the states about my refund? (Which I have lots of emails to back my story) As I live in Australia and they are either from the States or Canada, I’d have to check again.

    • Colin,

      I Have not heard of the (SFM) Six Figure Mentors or the (DEA) Digital Experts Academy, I will be happy to look into these and possibly do a
      review on them. If they are as you say, I would not like that any others be drawn into another scam!

      As for refunds, I would check to see if you have any legal standing to fight these people considering you have dated emails to back you up.
      I am not sure about Australia but in the States, we have Attorney Generals and other ways to fight scams and at times can recoup our losses
      through them.

      It has taken me years to find the right way to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join as a Starter Member just to make sure
      they are what you are looking for with training and the skills you want to learn. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate over any of the
      other training you find on YouTube or the internet. This is an honest real way of earning a passive income for many years to come with
      such a small investment into your future earning. The sky is the limit with a passive income stream that once you learn the process then
      it is a matter of lather, rinse, and repeat.

      I am thankful that you visited my website today, and do hope that you will return in the future for more information.

      Thank you,

  5. It is a complete scam. He / they are trying to get personal information from people by claiming they you can make loads of money if you join this crap scheme.
    People beware, and stay well away from this shit.


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