The Best Ways On How To Make Money Online From Home

The Best Ways On How To Make Money Online From Home

Title of this article is mostly deceiving because I have tried many of the ways to make money online that all the bloggers advertise.

Doing surveys online has brought me a few dollars after months and hours of working on these sites mostly getting disqualified right before the end of the survey. Meaning I earned nothing and spent an hour wasted doing the survey.

Tried the sweepstakes and games to earn points for gift cards to major merchants like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. only to find at the end it was going to cost me money to get the gift cards.

Blogging considering I had no clue what to do required some kind of training to get me started. Finding training was not an easy task let alone it was going to cost me over $500.00 a year for a website and domain.

Do not forget all the scams that I bought into from the gurus who advertised through my email and on YouTube. What I spent on these scam programs I could have probably wasted doing blogging with no training.

Freelance Writers do make money working online for others writing articles for them but I prefer to make more than $10.00 to $50.00 per article by writing my own for on my own website.

Look I could keep going with all the things others suggest for making money online from home, but you are not going to make anything more than a part-time income from doing these.

What I was looking for was a way to make a full-time passive living working online for years to come by building my own online business.

Finding the training to be able to do this was the key to becoming successful in building my website and learning all the ins and outs of the online business.

If you do not want to take the time to read my complete article I am going to give you a shortcut right now to begin for FREE by clicking the box below “Create Your Free Account Now”, you do not need a Credit Card to sign up either it is FREE!


Where To Begin

Training with the proper community is the key to becoming successful online. You need to learn from the experts who are willing to take the time to teach you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Spending your hard-earned money on all those “Shiny Objects” the gurus try to sell you is just wasting your money. Instead, invest it in your own future online business, all businesses do need investments of some type.

With an online business, your monetary investment is going to be much less than what it would be if you wanted to open a brick and mortar business. I will be explaining all of this later in my article for you.

An online business with proper training from the experts with you following all the advice they give you cannot fail, you are not going to get everything perfect the first time around. But it is alright you will fail prior to the success we all have.

Looking for other ways to make money working from home? Then you can learn this inside the community as well. Many have clients that they build and maintain websites for their businesses this is highly profitable every month earning income.

Depending on the complexity of a website build charges to a client can run into the thousands, then the monthly maintenance you can handle for them which takes no time at all each month for around $400.00 to $500.00 a month.

As you can see there are much better and easier ways to make money online from home instead of listening to all those other website owners making pennies.

All you need to do is get started right now today for absolutely FREE by filling out the form to “Create Your Free Account Now” clicking the box below.


Included In Free Membership

It would be totally unfair of me to not let you know what all you are going to be getting for FREE with the Starter Membership. Listed below is not an all-inclusive list but all the highlights of what you are going to get absolutely FREE.

Training consists of 20 Lessons from Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Level 1 of Affiliate Boot Camp Training (each of these are 10 Lessons each – see screenshots below).

Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification



Level 1 of Affiliate Boot Camp Training

Bootcamp Training Level 1

You will have not one but two (2) free websites to build your business on the domain. The training provides how to use the WordPress Platform one of the most used in the world to build websites.

What is that you are saying you do not know to do code? No worries there you will be provided with 12 Free WordPress Themes to choose from that are already pre-built ready to use and can be customized to your liking for the business.

We all know that a website needs hosting on the internet and that is very expensive with most companies after the first year of special that they all offer the up sales alone are huge. This comes FREE for both of the sites on Amazon c.3 large.

Now, most would think like wow that is all FREE with the Starter Membership, but there is more like Live Chat 24/7 which you will have access to for the first seven days of opening your account.

Screenshot Live Chat

Live Chat is valuable for you to ask questions in real time with other experienced members of the platform. These questions can be about the training should you need assistance or if you would like more information about the community.

Starter Members have two (2) Classrooms where they can enter and ask questions of the top helpers for that day. You can find archived questions and answers within these Classrooms from others that came before you.

Earn while you learn, right how many of those others are going to offer you an affiliate link to make money online while you are building your own online business? See the chart below for Starter Members commissions paid as a free member.

Earn Commissions While You Learn

Feel that this is something that would interest you then why not give it a try right now? I mean after all how many places out there are offering you this much for FREE to begin?

Fear holding you back? Never know what all you can accomplish if you do not at least give it a try. No Credit Card Required for the Stater Membership it is FREE just click the box below.


Every place else that I have ever seen cancels your Free Membership once the trial period is over, with the Starter Membership here you are not losing all the work you have created.

You can remain a Starter Member for as long as you wish just remain actively working on your websites without a 30-day dormant period and they stay active.

kids earn for free banner

The Biggest Misconception Online

Thanks to the gurus and scammers out there who advertise all those systems that you can begin to make money overnight or within 24 hours it is hard for most to understand this is not TRUE!

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me the right way to make money online. You need to know that it takes work at the beginning for building a website takes little time but you need to consistently add content.

Everything the gurus leave out of the systems they are selling you Wealthy Affiliate includes in the training letting you know right away that you are going to need to put in work, time, commitment, dedication, and consistent quality content.

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick push-button magic system then keep looking there really is not one available these gurus are lying to you.

Are you willing to work in the beginning doing what is necessary to build your online business? If you are then this is where you need to begin.

Jerry Haung
Jerry Huang

One of our members put it in the simple terms of “Are you willing to work for free until you make it?” as long as you can answer this truthfully with a “YES!” you are not ready.

Failure for anyone willing to build an online business is not an option. We fail and make mistakes but start over until we make it to the place we want to be.

Best of all once you have learned the right way to do things diversifying knowing that all you need to do is repeat the process over again to make even more money online.

Finding Wealthy Affiliate for me was the best day of my life, starting the training knowing that it was for real FREE was even better it only took me two days to take the Premium Membership. I could have used all seven days but did not find that necessary.

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Premium Membership

It is only fair that I let you know what Premium Membership is all about along with the massive amount of benefits that are included with the cost of membership at a complete steal of a deal!

Joining as a Free Starter Member you have seven days to try the training keeping the Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Boot Camp Training, two (2) Free Websites, and Free Hosting.

For now, I can offer you the first month of Premium Membership at a Special Low Price of only $19.00! After that, you then can have an option of monthly membership for $49.00 monthly, a 6-month membership of $234.00, or yearly for $359.00.

Membership Fees WA

Do not know about you but running a business for less than a cup of coffee a day is just unheard-of considering the amount of money your passive income level can reach in a couple of years.

Here is a highlight of partial benefits you will receive with the Premium Membership:

  • Live Help (Live Chat) 24/7 – answers in real time from the experienced members.
  • Private Messaging – to other Premium Members and the owners of the company.
  • 50 Websites – 25 on your own Domains & 25 on the domain
  • Website Security Package & Website Backup
  • Personal Affiliate Blog – (Premium Members Can Create Training after three months earning extra cash)
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 Levels (50 Lessons)
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training – 7 Levels (70 Lessons)
  • Jaaxy Lite – keyword research unlimited
  • Live Event Training – held once a week with a Live Coach with a Question & Answer in real time
  • Over 300 Archived Video Trainings by the Live Coach & Even more from the Premium Members
  • 12 Training Classrooms – to ask questions from the experts and get answers
  • Affiliate Program – make 2X’s more as a Premium Member for commissions (Earn While You Learn)
  • One on One Coaching – Unlimited as required
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – getting technical help even in the middle of the night for your website
  • Website Feedback and Website Comment Platforms – helping you with SEO and ranking
  • Website Analysis

Try finding all of this offered at any other system or platform out there for the price that you will get a membership for with Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy Black Logo

Most of the hosting companies out there offer you a year at a special introductory price after that the renewals will be much more than what you are going to be paying for a membership with WA.

There are no up sales ever what is listed above is what you will be paying for the membership, the only exception to this will be the cost of your own domain names. The most expensive one I found was $15.99 for a year.

Domain Name Screenshot

In Closing

Can you try all those other ways that those websites show you to make money online from home? Sure you can but seriously no kidding here you will not be able to create a full-time income from any of those but work longer hours to earn.

Yes, building your own business online will take time but knowing that eventually, you will earn a passive full-time income with no limit sure makes more sense to me.

I elected to take the option where I can make money working from home or anywhere in the world where I have an internet connection. Travel is no longer a problem because I can take my work with me and work less time than at the beginning.

Is it possible to work only a few hours per day and make a decent full time living online, sure it is but just know that you still will need to put in the time to make the money? Want to make even more simple lather, rinse, and repeat the system.

Are you ready to change your life? Trying this for FREE is not going to cost you anything but your time to see if it is going to right for you and what you are really looking for to replace that 9 to 5 job.


I appreciate hearing from my readers please leave comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below. I answer all of them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article today.

Best wishes and to your future success online,



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