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Welcome to my website Work from Home – Legitimate Business Opportunity and I am hoping you find the information I have provided useful and easy to comprehend.

A Little About Myself

Let me introduce myself, my name is Susan, and I live in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Apollo.  I am 62 years old retired and live with my three dogs, Reo, Buddy, and Marley.  My house is 200 years old and I am slowly remodeling and updating it over the years people just left it go and now I feel it needs some TLC.  Between my house and my dogs, I stay fairly busy but I wanted more from life so I decided to start my own business; which will be explained throughout my website you will read about what, how, and why I chose this for my business.

I am the proud grandmother of four grandchildren three boys and one girl; I raised two boys from my first marriage and just lost my husband this year after 30 years of marriage to him.  So with all the extra time, this was one of my dreams to own my own business and not have to worry about a boss or getting fired.  With the economy the way it is today you never know what tomorrow is going to bring and with the technology of robots and machinery that can be programmed to do a person’s job this is something that one can do and not have to worry about being replaced.

So Now Your Wondering Why Would I Share This

Well here is the thing if people would just stick together and pay things forward the world itself could become a much better place.  This business has room for anyone who wants to work because it is not some type of scam push button get rich quick scheme.

Now if you think about this here I am a 62-year-old retired woman and I am able to do this why cannot anyone who puts their mind to it do it?  I am a Christian which many people in our Country today look down upon but our Country was built by the Christians and we should be very proud and pass on all of our knowledge to our younger generations.

So that is another reason I am willing to share this wonderful business discovery with anyone who is willing to listen.

In Conclusion

The purpose or reason for me sharing all of my insight here is to possibly help just a few people who no longer want to work that 9 to 5 job and want more freedom to live their lives doing what they want to do from anywhere they want to be.

Now I know that all of you have seen this type of advertising on all those scam programs out there but this opportunity is not going anywhere it will not be taken down nor will it be re-named.

This business opportunity is always going to be under the same name with all the same people here to help you out when you need it. With that said please go enjoy my website and thank you so much for visiting.  Please leave me a comment good or bad I enjoy reading them all.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Susan M

2 thoughts on “About Susan M.”

  1. Good day
    My name is Emalda I live in South Africa I am very interested in working from home.
    I am a single parent I lost the majority of my support system to Covid-19..
    I want to see my daughter grow up in a safe environment and to be a part of her life
    Any advice on how to work from home and on a legitimate online work.

    Thank you so much for your time.


    • Emalda,
      If you are serious about building an online business that will provide income for years to come then starting
      an affiliate website would work for you. Remember this does take time and patience in order to succeed.
      Just get your Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate check everything out to make sure this would be
      what you are looking for.
      Thank you for visiting my website and I look forward to working with you online.


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