What Is A Safe List?

What Is A “Safe List”?

Suppose someone asked you this question “What is a “Safe List?”.  How are you going to respond?

Being in the affiliate marketing field, my first reaction was head on over and do a Google search to find the answer to this question. Unfortunately, it did not bring up the appropriate response that I was searching for.

Instead, when I posed the exact same question to Google they returned an answer of adding email recipients to my email on the Safe Senders list.

This is only half of the answer I was searching for information about. Joining a “Safe List” for advertising your products and services available on your website is a completely different concept.

Another name for these “Safe List” sites is “Viral Traffic Exchanges” these sites have people join them either as free members or you can become a paid member with a subscription.

So “What is a safe list?” Basically you are signing up to use a list that has been developed by someone else. An opt-in-list for all intents and purposes.

Why Join A Safe List?

Belonging to Safe Lists or Viral Traffic Exchanges can have advantages pushing traffic to your website when used properly. Knowing which Safe Lists and Viral Traffic Exchanges to join that will produce results is another thing altogether.

Beginners to affiliate marketing can benefit greatly from joining these lists. They are a great way to learn about the details of placing ads on websites that convert.

Because they are FREE the learning experience can be used when you reach the point that you are ready to use paid advertising for more traffic.

Creating your own solo ads, banners, ezines, classified ads, and copy to be placed on the emails being sent out to other members gives you the experience required to know what is going to work and what does not.

Start By Creating Your Own Ads banner

Remember creating your own advertising has more to do with having the content you are offering being compelling when a visitor hits your website.

Another thing I would like to point out is, you might find this odd, the colors used in your advertising and website do have an effect on how visitors are viewing what you are trying to convey to them.

It has been proven that color psychology plays a huge role, but is overlooked and misunderstood, when using certain colors it creates certain mindsets and moods with visitors.

Color is a leveraging tool you should not ignore and combined with useful unique content can produce the results you are aiming for.

Keeping your color schemes consistent throughout your website and advertising will help your brand in getting the recognition it deserves along with imagery that is relevant and consistent as well.

This learning experience will take time and might not be for everyone but it is another FREE way of sending organic traffic to your website.

The more experienced you become with creating your own advertising the more results you are going to produce by using the right Safe Lists and Viral Traffic Exchanges.

When you are ready for paid advertising for your online business all the knowledge you gain from working with the placing ads on these lists will provide you proven effective sources to use.

Think of advertising your content and why it is so important – EXPOSURE! Getting my content in front of those who are going to benefit from it the most is one of my ultimate goals.

How Do Safe Lists Work?

Depending on which lists you decide to join know how they are set up to work. All the ones I have found so far you can join for FREE as a member.

After joining the members on a list you will begin to receive emails from the Safe List or Viral Traffic Exchange from other members on the list.

Opening these emails is commonly known as surfing for credits, the more emails you open and look at, then the more credits you are going earn, enabling you to send out your own email ad to the list.

Paid subscribers earn more credits enabling them to send out more ads in less time than doing the surfing for credits, but sometimes you can pay a fee to send out a solo ad of your own to the same list.

Banners are placed on the websites of the Safe Lists and Viral Traffic Exchanges these are also available for you to purchase, but taking this type of risk as a beginner is not recommended.

banner ad on safe list

Some of these lists or exchanges are set up like MLM’s tracking those business owners who sign-up with your affiliate link. When you have sponsored an active advertiser on that site you can build additional credits or even earn cash.

With an MLM structure in place, this means that other subscribers are sending advertising out on your behalf, but in return, you are doing the same for them. This could be a win-win situation depending on if they are a competitor or not.


Best Safe Lists To Join

Having all of your hard work ready to share with the world now getting it EXPOSED and joining a few of the “Safe Lists” or “Viral Traffic Exchanges” could be a big help in doing this.

My own research has shown me that joining any of the “Safe Lists” or “Viral Traffic Exchanges” is going to be a personal preference depending on one’s niche.

Signing up for a few of these I have found that so far most of the advertising is geared toward the MMO (make money online) niche, for those in this niche, this is a highly competitive hard niche to break into. Not impossible but difficult.

Researching the various offers on Google produces 171,000 results for offers to join. My recommendation would be checking for the ones that you feel would best suit your niche for advertising your offer.

google results for safe lists

Using this method for getting exposure to your website, the best thing is studying the tactics used by others and to focus on the methods being presented. As a FREE member, this gains you knowledge and experience that can be used later.

Focusing on gaining any traffic to your website from using this tactic of exposure is a critical part of the learning curve. But keeping records of what it produces traffic-wise will be a great experience I can use to advance my affiliate marketing goals.

I have only joined a handful of these “Safe Lists” so far, but plan to continue checking out more to see if they are worth the time and energy I invest in using them. Meaning a follow-up article will be in order one day in the future.

Which lists have I added to my advertising?

  • Herculist
  • Listimpact
  • Trend Mails
  • List Mailer Plus
  • No Loop
  • The Lead Magnet
  • The Pangea Group

I have not been a member of these lists long enough to have results that is the reason I said a follow-up article is in order for the future above. Keeping my readers informed about what and how things work is more important than my own results.

In Conclusion

Do I recommend using “Safe Lists” and “Viral Traffic Exchanges”? I certainly do! What better way to gain knowledge and experience advertising your own website for FREE?

Many of you may have already heard this “The money is in the list!” this is only half of the truth because the real money is in your BRAND. People buy from people they trust not strangers they do not know.

Here I would like to warn you that when you decide to start using these resources, set up a separate email account with Gmail to handle the volume of emails you are going to be receiving from the lists and exchanges.

“Why?” you ask, some of these have members in the hundreds of thousands sending out emails daily and some of the members will send out multiple emails daily to the members.

This can result in your inbox becoming stuffed with mails from the other members in a matter of minutes. Using a separate email address exclusively for this means you can work on earning credits when you are ready.

It does not mean you must read or open each individual email received from the other members, on the contrary, I open and check emails earning credits to enable me to do my own advertising as time permits.

Deciding to start my own online business with affiliate marketing was one of the best choices I could have ever made changing my life forever for the better.

Helping others that are looking for a way to make money online has become one of the niches I enjoy working with the most. Looking for a “Magic Button” (Because they do not exist), there are tools and tools only work if a person is using it.

Because it is one of the most difficult niches to break into with all the scams and get-rich-quick scams on the internet and how people are programmed wanting instant gratification from birth difficult becomes an understatement.

One of the reasons for this article is to help those who are already working with affiliate marketing as beginners and are not aware that “Safe Lists” and “Viral Traffic Exchanges” exist.

Considering most who decide to have a go at affiliate marketing have no clue what all is involved they need guidance and training from the experts who know the online world.

Fortunately, for myself, I was able to locate the right training with a community of experts from all over the world who take the time to teach beginners the ropes answering all my questions.

Having people who are willing to share information and help you succeed in any niche selection by not making the same mistakes they themselves have already made saving you time is PRICELESS!

Therefore, should you be one of the people looking for a way to make money online, I am going to end my article today sharing with you a link below leading you to a “Free Starter Membership” with No Credit Card Required.

Work from Home Create Your Free Account Now

Remember taking advantage of this offer places you under no obligation and I am willing to help you in any way to get your own online business website started along with a whole community of experts.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me can be left in the space provided below. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Thank you for being here please bookmark the website for future articles and my upcoming article with results from how my membership to the Safe Lists turn out.

Best wishes,


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