Vindale Research Good or Bad

Who Is Vindale Research?

Welcome to another review of a survey site: Vindale Research. I will give you all the facts for this particular site below.

vindale research

Signing up for Vindale

The signing up process is easy and painless when you get to the home page enter your email address and name; they will forward you an email for you to confirm your email address and you are now ready to go.

The next screen that you will open once you are confirmed will look like the following:

screenshot surveys


It lists all the surveys that are available approximately how long each survey will take (this does not include the time you will use to qualify for the survey) and how much the survey pays if you are able to complete it.

If you take the time to figure out what most of the surveys pay they run between four cents to six cents per minute of your time but as I stated earlier you do not get paid unless you complete the survey and to do this you must qualify.

To qualify for any given survey you take a survey which can take anywhere from a few minutes up to ten minutes of your time even if you do qualify to take the survey half-way through it they will tell you; you do not quality wasting another ten to fifteen minutes of time but offer you to take another survey.

Is It Possible to Earn

Although they list many surveys the time involved in trying to qualify and then actually complete a survey is so time-consuming if you are like me you become frustrated with the constant rejection and just close it all out.

I am sure you can earn a few extra dollars with Vindale but if you are looking at making any serious money here you better look elsewhere.

The time you spend just trying to qualify for the surveys is long enough then to get half-way or sometimes almost completely finished being told you do not quality sorry that is way too much of my time wasted.

When I checked for recommendations I found 57 reviews at this site came in with only a 2-star recommendation.

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How Does Vindale Pay

In order for you to receive payment from Vindale Research, you must reach at least $50.00 and you can request payment through PayPal or via a check mailed to you.

There are no reports of Vindale not paying on time and some people claim that they do very well with the platform.

I have been using them for the past four months and if you were checking out the table above you can see I have managed to earn a whopping $4.30 and I just wish I would have kept track of how much time I spent to get that!

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In Closing

The big question is Vindale Research a SCAM? No, in my opinion, they are not a scam, however, you better have nothing better to do with your time but sit and try to qualify for survey after survey to reach the $50.00 threshold required.

Looking for a survey company that does not take as long to reach the $50.00 cash out level then my recommendation is listed right below Inbox Pays/Dollars.

Inbox Dollars is another survey website which I belong to and the cash out threshold is also $50.00 but reaching it is not as difficult because you do get paid for reading your emails and that can be $25.00 of your payout amount.



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Thank you for stopping by and checking out the article on Vindale Research.

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