How To Build A Free Business Website – Beginner or Experienced

How To Build A Free Business Website

Are you looking for a way to build a FREE Business Website? Then you have come to the right place, not only am I going to explain to you how to build a free business website.  But give you where you can get FREE hosting for the site!

Does this sound impossible? I am here to tell you this is not impossible because I have done this myself you are reading one of my articles from only one of my business websites right this minute.

Thanks to the FREE training that I had found I was able to not create just one website but once I decided that this training was for real I was able to expand into more than one business.

Diversification in business when working at home is a must to ensure that your passive income streams continue to grow.  Over time you will gain the skills to run an online business in less time than working a traditional job.

Passive income is so much better than having to collect a regular paycheck, but realize this is going to take time this is not a get-rich-quick way to making a living.

Want to know more?  Please take the time to read my complete article it will give you what you need to make an informed decision about this training and if it is for you.

Building A Business Website

Creating or building a business website requires some knowledge of how to accomplish this, therefore, I am going to take a few minutes of your time to explain a few things.

For you to build a website thinking you are going to require knowledge in coding with HTML or CCS is not even needed all you are going to have to do is select a theme.

WordPress Website Builder is the world’s largest used platform for building websites today. Themes they offer are usually child themes and can be upgraded to the parent theme at a cost but that really is not necessary.

Since you want to build a business website you must already know what niche the build is going to be for. Not familiar with a niche then this is the audience you are targeting with a solution to what they are searching for on the internet.

Many niches are evergreen meaning they will always be searchable on a never-ending time span. These are also the most highly competitive to rank in on the major search engines know this will take you much longer to become successful with.

Prior to wasting time make sure you have a complete business plan ready for the type of business you want to build online. This could mean you want a website for the brick and mortar business you own getting your brand out on the internet is important bringing in more business means more profits for you.

Another thing you might not be aware of websites containing tons of links do not rank well with the search engines they will see your website as a hard sell. This actually pushes traffic away meaning they are not making money either.

Websites can use things such as Adsense from Google or other advertising for on their websites. I highly recommend you do not use these, they take the traffic away from your site to purchase products elsewhere on the internet.

Considering most of these are pop-ups that occur when visitors come to your website they are also very annoying making people close out and find another website to look at for a solution.

Search engines want to feature high-quality content for the searchers enabling them to find the solutions to what they are looking for quickly. This is how the search engines make themselves user-friendly thus you need to do the same.

Landing on this particular article possibly means you have some experience building websites pointing out the above is for beginners mainly. But for those that are beginners you are in for a wonderful treat, you can get FREE training here too.

Beginner or Experienced Business Website

Believe it or not, you can actually build a website in less than a minute if you have the experience. As a beginner it may take you a little longer but take the time to watch the video below, Kyle can do it in 30 Seconds.

Building a Website in 30 Seconds

Learning from Kyle has enabled me to build professional websites in a matter of minutes that many people pay thousands of dollars for. In reality building, a successful website that you can sell in the future is not just possible but probable.

Many of the hosting platforms on the internet today offer you cheap or free websites, but then hook you when the renewal time comes around with over double what they would normally charge.

Do not take my word for this one do some research before you decide to use any of them. They will give you a seriously great deal for the first year but then check the fine print for the renewal period coming in the second year.

Make sure you have complete control of your website as the owner knows it is possible to transfer it from the server which you started hosting it on is imperative if you are going to keep your site.

Sub-domains are usually owned by the hosting company meaning that these are free for you to use building a website but should you want to move it that is not permitted.

Purchasing your own domain name gives your website a brand that belongs specifically to you. Knowing you own the website means that it is yours to move to another hosting platform if you ever find a need or desire to move it.

WordPress Website Builder

Themes that you can select from the WordPress Builder come with an All In One SEO plugin. What this means is you can do all the Search Engine Optimization at the time of completion of content as you publish it on the website.

Beginners need more training not that Experienced people cannot benefit from all the training that I am about to suggest. Knowing you have only about three (3) seconds to capture a potential conversion from a visitor to a buyer the site needs to capture your audience’s attention immediately.

Training provided by my #1 Recommended Online Entrepreneur Certification is where you can find all the information you will ever need to become successful with any online venture.

Example of a highly confusing sales funnel:

Example of a Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are easy to create on your own you do not need training from all the gurus claiming they have the best and only way to create a sales funnel.

“What is a sales funnel?” you ask. A sales funnel is created by first communicating the products, services, or other information people need or want.

With the keyword rich high-quality content you create convincing them you have the product, service, or other information they need or want.

Lastly, the website must contain a “Call To Action” letting your audience know exactly what is expected of them once they have read the authoritative content you supplied.

No matter how you look at this others can make it seem more complicated but it is not.  You have either the three steps or four steps in a sales funnel. From the “Call To Action”, you should add the fourth step which is a confirmation message or thank you for completing the requested act you gave them.

Looking at How To Build A Free Business Website a quick review:

  • Know Your Niche (what your business is going to be about) Brick & Mortar – does not apply to you.
  • Make a Business Website Plan – planning ahead makes things easier – adding content consistently have a goal.
  • Have a Design in mind for what you would like your website to look like.
  • Keep it simple – overthinking or over-designing will slow you down – it is easy to change if you are not happy.
  • Select the right hosting, website builder, domain – the #1 Recommendation Online Entrepreneur Certification is best!
  • Beginners or Experienced – make sure you have proper SEO training for the website.
  • Keyword Research, Quality Content, Sales Funnels – these are necessary along with SEO.
  • Brick & Mortar Businesses – all need a website especially if you are going to drive traffic to your door.
  • Online Business – Select a niche that you can write content about adding consistent information for your audience.
  • Need more training to help you then be sure to finish reading the conclusion. I will be leaving you the link to where you can get free training (20 lessons), 2 free websites, free hosting, and more.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes


In Conclusion

Building a free business website is not difficult and can in time earn you a passive income that will be enjoyed for years to come. Diversifying into other areas with the training that is provided is just another way of increasing what you can earn.

Looking for a way to escape the 9 to 5 daily grind of that job? Why not start your own online business right now today?

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Starting an online business for FREE making sure this is right for you before investing any of your hard-earned money would be the way to go.

Continuing to build your business for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day investing in your future is undeniably a safe and easy way to create a passive income for years to come.

Stop procrastinating click on that box and get yourself started!  I am sure you have heard the saying “Rome was not built in a day!” but then again it would never have been built if everyone sat around and did nothing 🙂

Hearing from my readers is greatly appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions in the space provided below. I will answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complete article hoping you all the success now and in the future whether online or offline.

Best wishes,


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