A New Decade – Welcome 2020 – New Year’s Resolutions

A New Decade – Welcome 2020 – New Year’s Resolutions

Can you believe we are ready to bring in a new decade by welcoming in this New Year 2020? Considering this is now the end of December many thoughts turn toward considering our New Year’s Resolutions.

A New Decade 2020 many of us should be thinking this is the year that I can finally bring it all together. No matter how you are looking forward to the New Year or what troubles you have suffered through this past year I would like to help.

Solving problems or giving people solutions that can help them is one of the New Year’s Resolutions I made last year in 2019 by starting my own online business.

Wondering how by me starting my own online business is going to solve problems for others or give them a solution to what they have been searching for?

Because I have been in their shoes and know what they are feeling chasing “shiny objects” trying to get a break in order to improve their financial situation. Wasted thousands myself on those “shiny objects“.

I am not telling you that to get any sympathy but instead to let people know I have found the proper way to make money online without taking people’s hard-earned cash.

More and more people are searching for a way to work at home and make a substantial full-time living instead of having that 9 to 5 job collecting a paycheck week after week going nowhere.

Talk about a dead-end disaster a three-letter word JOB stuck in a rut with no way out. Question for you “Is this where you want to be stuck for the rest of your life, the same routine every day nothing changing?”

We have all heard the saying “it takes money to make money“, right? What IF I could assure you that there is a real place you can start an online business for FREE?

How to Begin Online

Since we have been talking about New Year’s Resolutions and getting you out of that financial position you are in right now for the new decade let’s discuss how to begin online.

Starting out online it is best not to start out on the wrong foot, wondering what I mean by that then let me explain. My own personal coach has a way to determine whether or not someone can succeed online or not. Check these below:

“There are a few things that I use to quickly determine whether or not someone will be successful online or not. These work 99% of the time (I am wrong on a rare occasion).

I know you are going to fail online if:

  1. You want instant success and you believe that is possible. This is called the lottery.
  2. You expect other people to do the work for you. This is only OK when you can afford to hire help and should not be done in the early stages of your business.
  3. You constantly ask people what they earn online. People that do this are looking for a quick fix. People earn loads online…$100’s of BILLIONS per year. There is no reason to ever ask if someone is making online or not.

Thought, I would just share these 3 things with you. These are the most common things I see and these are the things that people that are destined to fail ask.

If this is you, there is still hope. You just need to change the way you think about online success and you will be OK. Don’t fall into the trap of wanting instant success, or wanting other people’s success, or you want others to do the grunt work for you.”

I know from my own experience purchasing all those “shiny objects” that we are programmed from birth to want instant gratification for all we do. When it comes to building an online business this takes time, work, and patience.

Here is my point, if you were able to build a brick and mortar business how long would it be before you are able to show a profit? Go ahead and research this I can wait. Most of the time it is five to seven years.

Depending on what you have in mind for an online business (and by the way you do not need any products or services of your own) this can be accomplished in months or possibly a couple of years.

Competition in any given “niche” along with “keyword research” and writing “high-quality content” will be only a couple of factors that will determine your ROI.

Whatever you do never get upset about not being a writer I am definitely not a writer myself. In reality, it took me months of convincing myself that I could even build an online business or make any money online.

Sure it took some time at the six-month mark was when I started to see traffic to my website and then it happened I made my first commission. Going on two years now and every commission still gets me super excited.

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How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for FREE

Training is the key to learning affiliate marketing I mean you can always try to go it alone all the information is out there but it is scattered all over the internet without any direction it would take years to find it all.

Instead, I found “Wealthy Affiliate” these guys are wonderful experts in the field of affiliate marketing but teach you so much more than just that.

Now I could go into a bunch of details here but honestly, everything to get you started learning what and how to do affiliate marketing and more is available FREE on a trial basis.

When I took that leap of faith on July 4th back in 2018 and decided to take advantage of the “Free Starter Membership” offered at “Wealthy Affiliate” I had no idea I would still be here today earning money online. But I am!

After I filled in the sign-up form with my name, profile name, password, and email there was no stopping me. Sure I failed with my first website what a bummer but I never gave up and quitting is not an option now.

To get your “Free Starter Membership” you do not even have to enter your “Credit Card” information it is 100% FREE. I was not kidding when I stated I could assure you that you could begin for FREE.

Everything you need is included with the “Free Starter Membership” to get you started like 20 Free Lessons, 2 Free Websites, Free Hosting, Keyword Research Tool, and more.

You will even have access to “Live Chat” during the first seven days of the trial period, I always tell everyone to go check in there we have many Premium Expert Members to help you with getting started.

They are willing to help you and answer any questions you might have. If you prefer to talk directly to me then you can always leave a message on my profile page “Marley2016“.

In Conclusion

A New Decade – Welcome 2020 with a bright new vision that your financial situation can be solved by starting your own online business.

Remember we can all learn new skills but taking ACTION and using what we learn makes all the difference in becoming successful or just sitting around thinking about it.



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Best wishes to you in 2020,


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