Content For Websites – Writing Do’s and Don’ts

Content for Websites – Writing Do’s and Don’ts


We all know Content for Websites is writing about whatever niche you have selected for yourself and helping others but there are do’s and don’ts that go along with content writing and we are going to look at some of them here.

Content Writing Do’s

To write content for a website might seem hard at first for any new person starting out but once you write more and more content for a website it becomes very easy to pump out the number of words you are wanting to write.

I know as a new member to Wealthy Affiliate fear was one thing that kept me from being able to write content with a natural flow not knowing how to put my thoughts down on paper was difficult, to say the least.

Then worry about if anyone would ever read it or if it was even good enough to be published to a website these types of fears and self-doubts keep so many people from accomplishing their goals.

Content writing is easy once you get started and practice just like everything else in life we did not know how to walk or talk when we were born but we did manage to learn how.

Riding a bike as we got older is another thing that instilled fear and doubt in us as children but once we got the hang of it off we went and never looked back.

So what are some things you can do to make sure your content writing is “good enough”? Keyword research is the start of it all once you find a keyword (and this can be a phrase) that has good numbers as in competition and SEO then research is next.

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Do you need to be an authority on the subject? No, but doing all the research makes you an authority in the subject just like anyone else who takes the time to learn.

This would be the one thing that is the biggest “DO” where content writing is concerned. Do not try to make your content so advanced that people can not understand what you are trying to communicate with them.

Write content like you would if you were carrying on a conversation explaining to a person or people exactly how you feel about said product, program, or subject.

Lastly, always be truthful this is important to gain the trust of all your readers for your website to rank and become popular in the search engines.

Writing content is not difficult if you base it on those three things and use proper punctuation and grammar Google the top search engine is worse than any English teacher I have ever had.

Content Writing Don’ts

This list is going to be so much shorter because the number one thing you should never do in writing content is to copy someone else’s content or articles, not even if you are doing reviews and would like to include what others have said about the products or programs.

It is fine to highlight in your own words what these people have said about the products or programs including any quotes from them is alright as long as you let everyone know in your own writing that it is being quoted directly.

Search engines frown upon duplicate content so when doing this make sure to only use a small snippet of what a person might have said in that review, not the complete comment.

Using any photographs or images that are under copyright is never acceptable when producing content for a website these can earn you a lawsuit and you can lose the website along with monetary losses on top of it.

Do not try to copy how others write articles you are you and have a style all your own all you need to do is write and find what works best for you.

Writing Content for Website

All the work of building out a website is in the content and building your own style of writing, people will begin to come back because they want to see you in the way you write and let the words flow.

Content is not about selling people something it is about solving the problems that they have, so being honest with what you have to say in your content is very important.

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Your opinions count just like everyone else’s and if you find a way to help others in the world it makes the world a much better place to live.

For me, I know that when I started at Wealthy Affiliate searching for a way to make money online this was something that I was always interested in, but did not know the first thing about how to do it.

Take a look at what you are looking for daily on the internet and think about what words you enter and what you are looking for with those single words or word phrases.

Once you land on a website and read what you have found you need to think how it got there for you to actually be able to read and find this information with the click of a few buttons.

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People Are Writing Content

Every website you visit every day there is a person behind that website writing the content and putting it on the internet for you to read and learn from solving problems for others is what they do.

For me, I was broke and having a difficult time in retirement and needed a way to supplement my income without it costing me a fortune to do so.

freelancer writer

I tried finding a job, but at my age, no one was going to hire me for the amount of pay I am worth, besides I do not want to work for someone younger than myself with no experience and have them tell me how to do my job.

Searching online for ways to make money was not an easy task there are many gurus and scam artists out there just waiting for people like me so they can sell outdated and systems that do not work unless you keep buying more and more.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach anyone willing to learn how to build an online business in any niche and make money it does not happen overnight or even in a couple of months, but this is passive income that will be there the rest of your life.

In Closing

No, I am not Amazon, Target, Kmart, or any of the other big name stores out there but you can make a very nice living by promoting the products they sell through commissions on any given website.

The best part of all you never do anything but place content on your very own website you own and control, you do not have to ship products or worry about damages just write and add images and links publish and good to go.

By the year 2020 Affiliate Marketing is going to grow so large that the sooner you decide this is right for you and get in the better, more and more people are shopping online daily so this market is expected to grow into the trillions.

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Fear, self-doubt, or not knowing how these are excuses and the time wasted for not just trying to improve your life.

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You can leave your answers to the above questions along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have in the space provided below, I always answer back.

It was a pleasure to have you stop by and read my article browse around more if you like,

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