Requirements to Start an Online Business

Requirements to Start an Online Business

So many people are looking every day for a way to work from home and keep spending or should I say wasting money on scams run by the internet gurus and scammers.

They think that these people have a real magic system where they are really going to sell you the secret of it for a lousy $47.00 and with all the hype they lay on the line with the fancy cars, house, and flashing cash – hard not to believe them.

Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no magic buttons and no SECRETS to making money online so what are the requirements to start an online business and be profitable?

You can take the time to read this all or if you want the short cut right to the main place you can find this all out for yourself without reading this article then just click the box below it will take you to the “Create Your Free Account Now” page.  Not kidding it is FREE and No Credit Card Required and no obligation, I promise!

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Experience Required

None!  Bet you would never have guessed that one; anyone can become an online marketer with some training and tools.

You do need the ability to be able to write (type) content for your business online; grammar, spelling, punctuation, and basic writing skills are needed.  (Grammarly – installs for FREE from Google!)

Helpful to you would be basic computer skills examples:  copy and pasting, downloading images and files, sending and receiving email, setting up social media, setting up additional email addresses, etc.  Even some of these are covered in the training so you will have plenty of help along the way.

What you choose for your niche should be something you are knowledgeable about or can do enough research on to give your readers/visitors to your site the information that they need to solve their questions, problems, or make an informed decision about a product.

Depending on what type of site you are going to operate which I have covered in previous posts; will depend if you need further experience to start your online business.

Other than what is listed above you need no college degree you could have very basic skills to run your own business online.

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Tools of Online Marketingcomputer pen paper internet connection

A computer or laptop with an internet connection would be the first items needed to do this work.

Must have is an office could be the kitchen table, but you will require peace and quiet without interruptions while you’re trying to work.

Set aside the time you will be working and if the kitchen table is your office let everyone know that is your space and for what period of time.

The usual pen and paper to jot notes for keywords, keyword phrases, and research you will be doing to keep from having to go back to another screen and look for it again.

Lastly, you need training, teaching you how to research, set up your website, and working online.  My preference is my laptop I can have multiple windows open to follow the training, doing copy and paste work, etc.

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Work Requirementsdream job

The best part of this all – there are no age requirements; you should be at least 18 due to some of the affiliate programs out there require you to be at least this old to join their affiliate programs.

If your 18 and over then starting this type of business is for everyone interested in working online.  No application is required to get hired because you are working for yourself.

What a great feeling to know you can go to work for yourself and not have anyone bossing you around, standing to look over your shoulder every minute.

For senior citizens out there who are having a hard time finding their place in the workforce because of their age here is something you can do and not be turned down because the company feels your too old!

Single mothers wanting a way to spend more time with their children this is a great way to build a very profitable business online blogging about your favorite topics.

Knowing when you get up in the morning the furthest you are going is to your office at your leisure to start working for the day, or maybe you need the day off no worries about company policy – missing work days. Your Company – Your Policies.


Easy Work or Difficult Work

I know the work involved is not easy because I am here doing this; but is it difficult work to perform no because I enjoy it very much.

People who enjoy their work usually do not consider it a job at least that is what a very wise man told me when I was younger (my father).  If you are not happy with a job then it is work the secret is to find a job which is fun for you then it is never work.

Depending on an individual some would consider this very difficult work not something they would enjoy doing.  Others like myself consider this easy work enjoying their time spent writing content which helps others.

Another question usually asked when starting an online business is “How soon will I make money?” that is a broad question to answer for anyone.

My answer will always be if you were starting an actual business how long would it take you to turn a profit?  Most businesses do not look to make a profit for at the least 5 years; with this business, it is possible in 6 months to 1 year if your content and keywords get you ranked.

At WA some people have seen an income in as little as 3 weeks others, not for 2 years it is all in what you are willing to put into your business time and work along with the research of keywords.

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In Conclusion

Is this business right for everyone?  No, I do not think it is.  When in doubt is it not better to try and succeed than to never try at all?  Failure should not be a word in your vocabulary when it comes to one’s self.

I have to believe that if you want something bad enough and you are willing to work for it; the universal entities shall shine upon you and success will be yours.

Thank you very much for visiting my website, please leave any comments or suggestions below and if you have any questions you can leave them below or email:

What I can never figure out is many people come to my website because I can view the traffic but very few take the few short minutes to sign up to see if an online work at home business is for them.

Why does one not take an opportunity being handed to them for FREE just to make sure that it is something which could either work for them or not work for them?

Curiosity always gets the best of me, so leave an answer to this one below if you will.

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Best wishes and to your success,





2 thoughts on “Requirements to Start an Online Business”

  1. Hi Susan,

    I second that, no experience required for joining Wealthy Affiliate and starting up a website. With the easy 4-step website builder you are online within 30 seconds. And even when you are under 18 you can start your online adventure at Wealthy Affiliate, they have their own affiliate program to earn from, even when other companies require the age of 18, you can start earning during your study period with attracting people to Wealthy Affiliate. And the pay-out is very nice!

    Success with your business Susan.


    • Loes,

      Thank you for the information in your comment; I did learn something from you concerning the under 18 crowd!  I need to do some more homework for that.  I only mentioned it due to other affiliates I have joined required people be at least 18 years of age.

      Great informative comment to be added and I thank you very much.  Come again anytime for other posts I will be adding concerning Wealthy Affiliates.

      Susan 🙂


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