The How And What Of Working From Home

Obviously, you are searching for a way to work at home either online or doing something other than reporting to a regular JOB. Otherwise, you would not have ended up here on “The How and What of Working from Home”.

Do not get me wrong I was in the same place you are right now for many years, however, I took all the wrong avenues to work from home or at home online.

Yes, you got that right I spent so much money on so many scams that I could have had a decent savings account if I had only banked all that money.

Years later after my husband passed away unexpectedly I needed to replace his income and I started searching for a way to earn money working from home online.

Considering my age and having a disability going back to a regular JOB was out of the question. I was no longer interested in working a regular job where I had to do what someone else told me what and how to do it.

Because I had tried so many of the scams out there in the past it was easy to spot whether something was really legitimate or not. I mean come on who is going to give you something FREE?

Sure they will show you a video and long sales pitch about how much money you can make with fancy cars and huge houses with swimming pools by the ocean. Guess what these can all be rented to do that video and are not real.

Then do not forget all the up sales you get Step #1 (cost $27.00) finished only to find out it is going to cost you another $59.00 to purchase Step #2 and so on up the ladder.

Anyway, it is just a never-ending circle and frankly, I never earned one red cent from any of them. Today I am earning money working online . . . . just letting you know right out the gate it did not happen overnight!

Anyone who tries to tell you to follow their exact footsteps do what they do and you will be earning right away is lying to you run the other way. That is not how earning online works.

Now that I have given you a little bit of introduction shall we continue?

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How to Start With An Online Business from Home

Whether you are interested in starting an online business or a brick and mortar business either way it starts with an initial idea of something you really want to promote (sell).

The greatest thing about having an online business you can promote other people’s products or services and not have to deal with all the headaches or overhead.

This is called “Affiliate Marketing” which is what I am earning profits from online every month. How exactly does this work? When you promote other people’s products or services they pay you a commission to advertise for them on your website.

Now I am not talking about placing advertisements on a website as you would think, but instead doing reviews of their products and services.

People comparison shop especially for large items if you have already tried the product and written a review that is favorable to what they are looking for you can be paid a commission should they purchase through your website link.

This happens every day multiple times a day and the “Affiliate Marketing” industry is growing at a fast pace. Last year alone affiliates raked in an astounding $7 Billion ($7,000,000,000.00 look at all those zeros), you could earn a piece of the pie.

affiliate marketing chart

What you do not want to do is run into all of this blind it would take years to figure out everything you are going to need to know in order to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Let’s be honest this is not going to be for everyone out there.

Alright, now you have an idea of what you want to base your online business around. Remember do not make it so narrow that you cannot expand upon it or so large that you cannot narrow it down.

Next, write yourself a business plan. This is nothing elaborate so do not go getting stressed about it. Mostly, you want to write down some short term goals and long term goals for your business plan.

After that, you are going to need training in order to learn everything you are going to need to build a successful online business website. Word Press is the largest used website builder worldwide and used by the training I am recommending.

Home Based Business Website

A home-based business website is transportable it goes where you go as long as you have an internet connection you can work on your website. Having a laptop lifestyle is not for everyone though, right?

Building a website from the ground up might seem like an overwhelming and scary experience but seriously it really is not if you have someone to show you how with a step by step on video.

What I like so much about this training is you can watch it over and over again, pause the video, and work right alongside the training in another window.

Many people get tied up on selecting a “Niche“, so what is a “Niche“? Prior, when I said it all starts with an idea about what you want to build a business around? That is known as a “Niche“.

Having that information you are already ahead of 98% of most people who are even thinking about starting an online business.

Selecting a theme for your website is another thing that slows people down when starting to build their website. I have found that just picking one works and you can always change it down the road if you do not like it or it does not work for you.

An important decision is the selection of your “Domain Name” and “Website Title“, it used to be these would need to match. But with so many websites today on the internet that is no longer the case.

I suggest you make them as compatible as possible, in other words, you would not have a “Domain Name” of “” if your website is about basketball and the “Website Title” is “Basketball Skills and Drills“.

You can change the “Website Title” but never a “Domain Name” so choosing the Domain Name is the most important getting it right the first time.

Writing Content for Your Website

Sure I could think of every excuse in the book not to write content, but they would all be lies! If you send text messages or write a note to your kids you can write content.

Communication is the key to writing the content for your website letting people know exactly what you have to say about the service or product you have to offer them.

Either they are going to find it acceptable and purchase from you or go onto the next offer you have exactly 3 seconds to grab their attention.

Personally, I write the same way I would talk to someone about the product or service just like I am doing right now. If you are interested in working for yourself owning an online business then you have read up to this point.

Telling personal experiences always is a great way to let people know whether a product or service is worth their time or investment as well.

How To Do SEO For A Website

I know you are thinking what is SEO? When I started I had no clue what anyone was talking about the internet language was totally foreign to me. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and helps the search engines find your content.

seo chart

Every second of the day and night people are searching the internet using terms that are collected by the search engines. These are known as “Keywords” and can either be a single word or a phrase.

As the search engines collect this data it is recorded by “Keyword Tools” such as Jaaxy, Keywords Unlimited, SEM Rush, Wix, Hub Spot, and others.

At this time and since I have started using Keywords the only tool I have found a use for is the Jaaxy Lite which comes “FREE” with my membership. Subscriptions are offered on all these tools but I see no reason to pay for things I do not need.

Meta Tags” are what you will find written under the title of every article you find on the internet. Writing these yourself ensures that your proper Keyword is being used in the description under each article.

There is more to SEO than the small examples I have listed here, however, you need to learn to do each step in its own time in order not to miss anything that is essential for “Search Engine Optimization” of your website.

Who would you prefer to learn proper SEO from? An SEO Expert in the field or trying to find all the information on your own? I took the later and have learned from one of the best our “Live Training Coach”!

In Conclusion

Wow, that was a ton of information crammed into this article about “The How and What of Working From Home“. I could have added so much more but then again who is going to read even more than what is here?

Remember Working from Home means you need the discipline to control your own environment making sure to work daily on your business website. Even it is only an hour a day best would be two hours a day.

Dedication, commitment, work, time, and most of all patience goes into making a business website a success. If you do not have these then you are destined to fail. I am not one that can accept failure well so this has been difficult not giving up.

Some people are super great at “Niche” selection and have started making money online in as little as three to six months, others like myself have taken longer. All I can say is I refused to give up and yes today I am now earning online!

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