What Is Texting Factory.com?

What Is Texting Factory.com?

Reporting on “Work From Home Opportunities” I was recently doing a search to find new companies on the internet that offer jobs where you can work from home.

When I came across TextingFactory.com. I found the description intriguing stating “Find your dream job, apply as a chat operator on Texting Factory. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

There is no telephone information involved with Texting Factory after I checked the link. Everything is done on Skype anonymously. This sounds like something that could be a possibility as a side hustle.

But after reading the complete site I found that it is not something that I personally want involved with. Totally an adult chatting session where you have to pretend to be who the other person wants you to be.

texting factory.com web page

This type of texting could be sexual in nature or just a normal conversation with someone who might be lonely and need someone to converse with it is hard to tell.

TextingFactory was founded in 2009, as part of Web Tech Interactive Media Ltd.

Copied from their website is the following:

We contract full time and part-time staff. They are based all around the world and in different time zones.

They are motivated and always available to assist customers in processing data fast, secure, and with accuracy. Our employees work from home, making them very flexible.

Their physical location is listed at:

Web Tech Interactive Media Ltd.

La Salanene Complex,

Ground Floor

Vaea Street, Saleufi, Apia




Become a Chat Operator

Exactly what is a Chat Operator? According to their website if they hire you to be a text chat operator you will be answering casual and erotic text messages on a fantasy-based adult text network.

You will have to be able to talk to customers about all kinds of topics and some are adult-only topics. You will be assigned different roles, depending on what your customer wants, in other word’s role-playing a part.

Some clients also just want to talk to someone of the opposite sex about everyday life. Small talk about things like work, culture, weather, relationships, etc. being an actor/actress in this situation might be more difficult.

Your identity will never be known by the client because you will be assumed to be the person the client wanted to do the texting to.

That is not all they say on their website all of us would love a job we can work when we want from where ever we want as long as we have an internet connection, right?

Funny thing they do not really say how much you are going to be paid for the acting job doing the texting of someone else. All they say is you can easily earn 200 to 400 euros a week, but the minimum payout through Payoneer is 50 euro.

200 euro is $220.36 USD, 400 euro is $440.73 USD, and payout at 50 euro is $55.09 USD.

You are offered 2 to 3 hours of training so you can become familiar with the system. During any time they supposedly have the support you can contact should you need help.  You will not be getting paid for the amount of training time you put in!  Meaning that 2 to 3 hours of training is done for free!

Once your training is complete you can log into your account and start making money the very next day.  So they say but continue reading seems others have had difficulties collecting what was due them working for this company.

legit way to mmo banner



Requirements to be a Chat Operator

These requirements seem to be quite minimal:

  • Must have excellent English writing skills
  • You must be 18 years or older – able to confirm your identity with an ID card
  • Accept Texting Factory.com’s Privacy Statement – They work with the private data of their clients.
  • Own a PC and have an Internet Connection
  • Finish their training- 2 to 3 hours of YOUR time you are not getting paid for!
  • Send at least 200 messages a week – necessary to stay active.

None of these with the exception of some who might not have reached the 18 years of age seem impossible for most of the population.

So you might just be wondering why I did not jump at the chance to apply for one of these positions. Research everything prior to getting involved is a hard lesson to swallow, but I do just this nowadays.

It is part of my business to know which programs are completely legit and which ones are not. Hence, why I am taking the time to write this review about Texting Factory.com.

person texting

What Others Are Saying About Texting Factory.com

I only found one place that contained 10 Reviews from people who tried Texting Factory.com. You can read them all at Trustpilot if you would like.

Out of the 10 Reviews from those who gave it a try, 50% rated them as Bad, 30% Excellent, 10% Good, and 10% Average as a company to work at home for.

There was only one of the reviews that I would like to list here in full. It reveals the types of questions asked during the online interview prior to getting hired.

July 16, 2019

BE CAREFUL!!! VERY SUSPICIOUS!!! I was looking online for customer service jobs and Texting Factory.com popped up. I was interested so I clicked the link. The website seemed legit so I applied. Two hours later I received a really suspicious email from them reading:


Thank you for your interest! We are looking for online text chat operators for an online adult chat. Are you in?

As soon as we received your answers to the questions, we will reply to you with all further information.

Looking forward to working with you! But first please fill in below questions:

Question 1

“Hey baby, I´m Jake from London, I´m here looking for a horny thing to do something exciting! These pictures look exciting. Where are you from?”

Your answer:

Question 2

“Why are you acting suddenly so strange to me? I´m beginning to get the idea that you´re not really interested in me!”

Your answer:

Question 3

“Hey, you! Tell me what kind of adventurous things would you like to do with each other?

Your answer:

Question 4

“Oh (blank) off, you´re just another fake person here. Prove to me that you are real!”

Your answer:

Question 5

“I´m coming to you right now. Is that okay with you!”

Your answer:

Question 6

“Is it okay for you that I call you now? So we can meet soon?”

Your answer:

How many hours a week you can work?

Best regards,

Job Department

textingfactory (dot com)

Any job that I have ever applied for whether online or offline has never asked questions like these and expected a response that would affect getting hired.

This sure sounds like nothing but an adult website to discuss dirty laundry. Carrying on a conversation of this nature is not something I prefer to become involved with I seriously do not think they could pay me enough.

Speaking of which, no place on the website or during the interview questions do they explain how much or how you are going to get paid for acting the part of one of their client’s fantasies.

Provided you answer these questions to their satisfaction will mean the difference between being hired or not hired.  Once hired there is supposed to be a back-up in place to help you with questions during texting sessions with clients.

Should you become rude or do not cooperate with the client during a texting session do not look to get paid or hear anything from the company again.  This seems to be how they operate their business.

Some people have even complained about getting paid for the time they have worked texting the clients.  Or taking the minimum allotment out of their account.  I am not a person who wants to be chasing or fighting for money due to me for work performed.

These are just a few things that I have picked up from the reviews I was reading about this particular work at home company.  Warning you prior to applying for online work is what Work From Home Legitimate Business Opportunities is about.

I am here to make sure if you are searching for a “Work from Home” position you find the one that is going to be right for you.  One that fits your lifestyle not having to discuss things with clients that make you uncomfortable.



In Conclusion

Do I feel Texting Factory.com is a scam? Probably not, but I am sure they have some strict rules when doing the acting job you are being hired to do.

After researching what others have to say about it, would I work for them? Absolutely never, I do not have the patience to deal with these types of people who use “sexting” and I find it obnoxious.

If you are a good enough actor/actress then this could be something you might consider. They really do not tell you how you are getting compensated for the work you are going to be doing.  Be wary of a company that does not explain their compensation plan.

You must keep up with 200 text messages to clients in order to stay actively employed by them. Excellent English skills I find a joke as part of the requirements to perform the texting duties needed.

You need to find the right place to make money online that offers you a passive income for years to come not a paycheck which you really are not sure how you are going to earn.

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Leaving a comment, suggestion, or question along with your email will enable me to keep you informed of updates from me personally in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review today bookmark my website for future reference.

Best wishes to your online success,


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