What Is SEO Training? Why Do I Need This?

What Is SEO Training?

Why Do I Need This?

First, what exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is an extremely valuable skill. Those that take the time to do the research and learn everything they can about SEO are in high demand at any business that works online.

Website owners know the value of having the best SEO practices when building their websites. Knowing SEO means the difference between knowing if any of the content created on a website will ever be seen on the internet.

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Anyone who has mastered SEO usually will not work for others. The problem with this is that training is much harder work to teach others than just doing SEO yourself. Besides experts see this as they will be teaching their competition.

Want to know where I have learned SEO from a real expert in the online world?  You must continue to read my article for more information.


Search Engine Optimization

You can’t just go and enroll in a Search Engine Optimization course at your local night school, because they do not teach this in schools. There are college courses in Search Engine Optimization in the United States if you can afford these.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a collective phrase for a range of techniques designed to aid websites to rank high with the major search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl the internet to locate information added to websites.

Use of On Page and Off Page SEO is necessary for you to complete, prior to submitting your content to the search engines. Known by website owners as a “Fetch” this alerts search engines to send the “spiders” to crawl your website.

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It is of the utmost importance for you to understand SEO, this is what can generate (free) organic traffic to your website. Search engines serve as amazing tools to locate information every second of the day and night.

Not only are they collecting information that you have requested them to crawl with a “Fetch”, but they are recording the exact search phrase people are using to look for information.

Additionally, with them collecting all this various information they are providing your potential audience with a way to reach your website.

This makes it essential for you to fully understand search engines specifics that will prove to be advantageous to your business.

So, why is SEO training important for you as an online business owner? Below we look at some benefits of learning as much about Search Engine Optimization as possible from the professionals.

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Learn SEO From Experts

For me taking a college or technical class is not going to provide me with learning what I am going to need to build my online business. Why? Honestly, I am a hands-on type of person and prefer knowing I am getting the correct methods to use.

Not saying that those colleges, online schools, or marketing places do not teach proper Search Engine Optimization, some of us learn by doing. Books and examples are great for others to learn I prefer more of a personal up-close look at things.

Since I said prior that most SEO Experts will not teach you what you need to know but would rather just do it for themselves, how am I learning from an expert?

To be honest, up until around seven months ago I had never even heard about SEO let alone knew what it stood for. Seven months of working online building my own online business has taught me many new skills.

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These skills are invaluable and can be used for me to make money online not relying on anyone ever again for a job! Let that one sink in for a minute – I do not have to rely ever again on a job working for someone else!

Many of the SEO Experts out there are old school so you must be careful who you are learning your SEO techniques from. Today Google will penalize you if your using these old school methods and can even shut down your whole website.

White Hat is considered the only Search Engine Optimization you should be using. This means that you are not trying any of the backdoor old methods to rank higher with trying to cheat the system.

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Why Does SEO Affect Rank?

Using proper Search Engine Optimization techniques ensures top ranking in the major search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo holds 99% of the market. With Google holding the largest piece at 66%, Bing and Yahoo hold another 33%.

As a website owner, you want your content to rank in the top spot on the first page of search results. When you achieve this ranking using proper SEO techniques visitors will click on your website prior to scrolling down to click on others.

This is where proper keyword research comes into the mix. Knowing which keyword to target in any given niche that a particular audience is searching for is vital to ranking along with high-quality content.

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Using pertinent keywords with a focus on helping your audience find a solution recommending them to the best product or service available will profit you online. Engaging with your audience in your content is important keeping them focused.

Creating trust with an audience will enhance your ranking gaining you even more traffic to your website. More traffic means more potential conversions thus earning you even more commissions.



In Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization techniques required for any business is a must if you are going to succeed in the online world. Without it, your website will not survive, use the wrong methods and your website could end up banned off the internet.

Why take these types of chances? SEO skills are learned with a specific jargon as well as acronyms. Only take advice from an expert you can totally trust to teach you what you need to know to become successful, never take chances.

Where have I been fortunate enough to learn all my SEO skills? The answer to this one is simple “Wealthy Affiliate” where you can begin to learn online business skills for FREE.

Please, do not let the name of the company confuse you. They do not just teach you affiliate marketing although this is a highly profitable business to start online. You will develop skills that even a college education cannot provide.

Not only that spending four years in college and stacking up all that debt with student loans. Think of all the years you are going to be working for someone else making them rich while you are paying those off.

At Wealthy Affiliate University you can “Earn While You Learn” and build a profitable online business in a couple of years. Meaning you will never have to work for someone else ever again collecting a lousy paycheck each week!

This training that is provided is not going to be for everyone. Wealthy Affiliate co-owners know that this is why they give you the option to “Create Your Free Account Now” with No Credit Card Required!

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Take a chance and try the FREE training it is not going to cost you anything to get started. You will get 20 lessons, 2 free websites, and free hosting when you have completed the lessons you will have a website set up and functioning.

After that, there is no obligation to become a Premium Member you can keep the Free Stater Membership, but I hate ruining surprises. Besides, there is way too much information to include in this article.

Hearing from my readers is appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below. I will answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article today, I seriously hope you found it informative.

Best wishes to your future online success,



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