Data Entry Work At Home – Why Work For Someone Else Making Them Rich?

Data Entry Work At Home

Why Work For Someone Else Making Them Rich?

Are there really data entry work at home jobs available? Yes, there are but finding ones that pay you an income where you are going to be able to earn the kind of money living a really great life?

These jobs are going to pay peanuts compared to owning an online business.  After all, owning an online business is much easier than working for someone else with deadlines or having to work on their terms.

Is this a difficult process building your own online business? Honestly, “No” as long as you know where to get the proper training from the experts in the online world.

Why are you making someone else rich? Working for yourself online lets you choose what you would love doing on a schedule that fits into a lifestyle of working from anyplace you have an internet connection.

Consider this you already have computer skills that give you a head start on most looking for a way to make money online.  I started my own online business last year in July and could not be happier today!



Secrets To Make Money Online

You have heard these from the gurus and scammers out there claiming that their system is the secret to make money online. All you have to do is pay them upfront for the get-rich-quick scam of the week.

When it comes right down to it there is NO SECRET to making money online! Read that again if you are having a problem understanding it! That is the real truth and once you have your Free Starter Account set up then you are going to find out.

Do not get me wrong I spent so much money in the past chasing all those “shiny objects” the ones with the fancy cars, huge houses, and guys flashing thousands of dollars around.

Purchased the magic push-button system thinking this is the one, only to be scammed into another system where I could not make heads or tails of it. Or needed to spend another couple of thousand to purchase even more useless information.

If you have been there tried that then NOW is the time to STOP searching for those types of systems. Take what I am about to offer you for 100% FREE and give it a try.

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This is not going to be for everyone knowing you can actually try it out prior to spending any of your hard-earned money what more can you ask for?

Keep reading my article for all the benefits you are going to get for FREE. Then if you decide that this is going to be what you have been looking for what the costs are going to be to continue with training.

Learn From Experts

When you want training to make money online then learn from the experts. That is what is going to be provided when you join a community of like-minded individuals who have been doing this since 2002 and longer.

The company has been around since 2005 with two gentlemen who started out during their college years knowing that the internet could provide them with unlimited income for life.

Carson and Kyle Owners WA
Carson and Kyle
Co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Knowing there is room for those who are willing to work building their own online business they developed Wealthy Affiliate together. Do not jump to conclusions with the name of the company it teaches you way more than affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can provide you with a lifetime passive income knowing what to do and how to do it will make or break you depending on the training.

Required for any online business is a website building one is simple when you can watch someone else do this on video with step by step instructions. You do not need any techie experience either that is all taken care of behind the scenes at WA.

Shall we take a look at what you are going to be getting for 100% FREE with the Starter Membership?

Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) consists of 10 Lessons screenshot below from the website:

OEC Training Level 1


Level 1 in the Affiliate Boot Camp Training which is 10 Lessons screenshot below from the website:

Bootcamp Training Level 1

At the completion of either of these, you will have a complete setup functioning website ready to be hosted on the internet. But Wealthy Affiliate does not just give you one FREE website to build – you will receive two (2) websites to work with.

These websites will be built on the WordPress Website Builder Platform, the most used by website owners from all over the world. It is simple to use with 12 Free WordPress Themes to choose from for your business website.

All websites need to be on a domain name these two that you receive for free will be on the domain. Websites require hosting on the internet but this provided FREE to you with WA on the Amazon 3.c (faster) servers.

Starter Members can keep these free lessons, (2) free websites, and free hosting. Know they will not be taken down from the internet as long as they do not become dormant over 30 days showing any inactivity from the owner (meaning you).

Provided along with the above is two (2) Classrooms where you can get answers to questions from the experts. There is also a list of archived questions and answers available in these classrooms for you to search, helping you even more.

A Personal Blog available on your profile page where you can post about the successes you have reached during the training or about other business related information.

During the first seven days, you will have access to Live Chat 24/7 getting answers to questions from members in real time. I highly recommend you use this during the seven days for any questions you have about the community.

Working through the training never stay stuck on a lesson Live Chat will provide you with a way to get answers making it possible for you to keep moving.

At times, you might even get more than one answer just remember we all interpret questions and answers in our own way. No one ever wishes to answer you incorrectly so try to be as specific as possible with your questions.

Finding this community was the best thing that ever happened for me, the FREE training was just seriously such a bonus. I had tried to make money online prior for years now it is simple all I need to do is lather, rinse, and repeat the process.

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It Works If You Do

A misconception of the magic button on the internet to make money working at home from the gurus and scammers is outright ridiculous.

Making money online is a process if you follow the process then you cannot fail. Are you going to make mistakes starting out? Sure you are we all do even the experts, but if they just quit or stopped trying then they would be where you are now.

Success for working online does not happen in a couple of weeks or even months. Some do hit it lucky the first time around with what they select for their business and see an ROI in a couple of months.

You need to look at running an online business the same as building a brick and mortar business. Except the cost is going to be cheap in comparison like the old saying goes you need to spend money to make money.

However, what I find with Wealthy Affiliate the tools provided to members are FREE making the initial cost of starting an online business even cheaper. Membership for the benefits comes at a steal of a deal cheaper than owning just one site.

What you need to know upfront is that it takes work to build a business online. Writing content in the beginning consistently takes time because it is not something you are used to doing.

Training provides ways to do the research for keywords knowing you are going to be able to rank on the major search engines. Jaaxy Lite is provided to Starter Members to do 30 free searches which mean quality content for your website.

Jaaxy Black Logo

Thinking you are not a writer? Everyone goes through that when starting. If you send text messages then you can write content. Content is nothing more than communicating to an audience about products and services available in your niche.

Niche selection is the hardest thing people have when deciding to open an online business. Select a niche that will be one that you can write at least 100 to 200 quality articles in.

Helping a specific audience solve a problem is what you will be basing the content about. For example, you decide that you want to open an online business about kitchen appliances writing about the best microwaves could be one article.

People searching for a new microwave end up on your article reading what you have to recommend. You will be attaching a link to an affiliate for the one you know is best. They click your link to purchase it and you are making a commission.

This is not hard work selecting a niche that you enjoy actually makes it fun. Wealthy Affiliate gives you free tools to use and if you select to take the Premium Membership you are not going to find more benefits elsewhere for the cost.

I have already done a comparison with other hosting companies. For what they are going to charge you to host only one website you will get fifty (50) websites at WA at less than what it costs for one. But do not forget all the other benefits!

Letting you know ahead of time this is going to take commitment on your part is where the gurus and scammers leave out that it took themes years to find a system that works.

Most of them are just selling out-dated old systems with new names over and over again making money by scamming innocent people. They really have never done anything else using fake actors to give you testimonials.

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Becoming Successful

Setting goals of what you are able to control is key in becoming successful. Trying to set a goal of money is not realistic that is not something you can control. Knowing to only set goals that are attainable is something else to learn to do.

If you are going to set goals that are impossible for you to reach this will cause you to become discouraged and quit before you even get started.

Know your limitations when making a list of your business goals if you only have 2 hours a day use these to your advantage. Cut out that half-hour television program you watch to make extra time to work on your business.

Prioritize what is most important to you, life does get in the way when working for yourself, discipline is required making a schedule you can live with is of utmost importance. Writing a business plan to stay focused is a must.

Thinking that people like Henry Ford, Jeff Taylor, Dom Wells, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Larry Page just to name a few, what if they were to have just quit? This can be you! Working any other job is only making others rich.

Finding only two hours a day to dedicate to building your own online business, investing less than the price of a cup of coffee a day for a future passive income stream, how could anyone turn this down?

Procrastination is holding you back once you get started then an unlimited earning potential is yours all you need to do is begin! Follow the step by step training videos showing you what to do and how to do it. Learn from the experts!


In Conclusion

Data Entry Jobs Working At Home – sure like I stated there are some legitimate ones out there. But you are going to be collecting a lousy paycheck instead of creating wealthy beyond your dreams with your own online business.

The choice for me was clear I no longer wanted to work making someone else rich. Living paycheck to paycheck really is not living. Finding Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life and it can change yours!

Like I said they know that this is not going to be for everyone, but they give you an option to try it out first prior to spending any of your hard-earned money. Letting you keep the FREE Starter Membership websites, training, and hosting.

Take the time to try to find what you get with Wealthy Affiliate, I already did, there is no place else you will get this offer.

Click the box “Create Your Free Account Now” I will see you inside the community, look me up and say hello, my profile is Marley2016. I will be waiting for you – join me in making money online the only way!

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Hearing from my readers is appreciated please leave comments, suggestions, or any questions you have for me in the space provided below. I always answer them usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complete article today. Believe me, I could have included more information but why ruin the surprise once you are inside the community.

Best wishes to your future online success,



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