How To Earn A Full-Time Income Online

How To Earn A Full-Time Income Online

There are hundreds of people searching daily to find a way to earn a full-time income online. They think there is a magic button on the keyboard that is going to rain millions into their bank accounts.

You know the ones I am talking about where you just set them and forget them, or the ones that you are only going to have to work a couple of hours a day to make those millions.

Been there and tried so many of those systems wasted a lot of money as well. This is called “Shiny Object Syndrome“! Where you go from one system to the next each time a new one hits your email, the internet, or YouTube.

Admit it, how many of these systems did you buy into only to find out they do not work? Or if you can get started with them, you are looking at upgrade after upgrade that is going to run into hundreds or thousands of dollars?

We have the gurus who charge tens of thousands to attend one of their seminars where they will explain to you how they are making millions online. But all you are going to hear is them talking (what are you going to learn?)

Would it not be much easier to find a way to earn a full-time income online with step by step instructions shown on a video so you know exactly what to do, and how to do it?

That is what I was searching for, a way to dig in and see exactly how someone else was doing the work. But more than that the “why” they did things a certain way.


Continue reading the rest of this article you are going to find it informative and awesome!

How to Begin – Select A “Niche”

So the first question you need to answer is “What type of online business do I want?”. This is known in the online world as a “Niche”.

Selecting a Niche is quite simple really, but if you do not know what business it is you want to get involved in then you need to figure this out first.

Your “Niche” is going to be a specific audience of people who you are going to be targeting with your business. Providing a solution to a problem that they are searching for online. Sounds quite simple, right?

Really it is when you actually think about it. Take this article, for example, people are constantly searching for a way to make money online. Here with this article, I am giving them a solution to that problem.

What I am not giving them is a bunch of hyped up sales information to a system that I want them to purchase. I am not making you any promises of how much money you are going to earn.

This is one of the differences between actually solving a problem for someone and trying to sell you something that is not going to work for you.

A “Niche” needs to be something that interests you and you can write content about helping others. Anything you can think of can be turned into a “Niche” website. From doorknobs to fake eyelashes “Niches” are all-inclusive of everything.

Some “Niches” are considered evergreen due to the fact they will never lose search volume. These are much harder to break into but not impossible. Dealing with an evergreen Niche will just take you more time prior to seeing an ROI.

When building out your first Niche website do not think it is going to be the “ONE”, most people trash their first website using it as a practice business.

However, there are those few that know exactly what they want to build with their Niche business and their first website takes off being great.

Knowing ahead of time exactly what Niche you want to use is the key to not wasting time in getting your business set up and to keep moving forward.

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Build A Business Website

Please do not go freaking out over building a website. For this, you need no prior experience or technical training. WordPress is used by website builders all over the world with pre-designed themes that can be customized to fit any Niche.

Today since this article is about making money online, we will use this as our Niche to build our business website. Showing you how this is done without the need for any technical skills will be quite simple.

I am referring you to “Wealthy Affiliate” to get all the training required for you to earn a full-time income online. You will be getting two free websites on the subdomain which I am showing you how to do below.

From the left side menu chose “Websites” when the new menu comes up you are going to be selecting the “Site Builder” Build Your Website.

screenshot of websites menu

Selecting the “Site Builder” will take you to the next screen asking you which kind of website you want to build, here you will select the “On a free domain”.

screenshot of site manager build a websiteNext, you are going to need to select your URL or Domain Name and the Title for your website. These do not need to match exactly and the URL or Domain Name should be short and easy to remember.

screenshot to choose a domain name and title for website

When selecting the Domain Name for your website remember this cannot be changed it is a permanent name. The title for your website, if you are not completely satisfied with it, can be changed later.

For example, you could use as a domain name and a title for your website.  This makes perfect sense and is fairly easy to remember.

Remember I said you do not need any technical skills to create a business website? Using WordPress Website Builder is simple all you are going to do is select a theme to customize to your business.

choose a design for your website screenshot

WordPress has thousands of “free” themes to choose from, with the two free websites on the subdomain through Wealthy Affiliate you will have only 12 of these themes to choose from at this time.

After you have selected the theme that you prefer you are then going to be taken to the “Site Manager” seen on the menu above. This will allow you to log into your brand new website you have just created.

screenshot of site manager dashboard

An example is above of what this screen looks like – what you have chosen for your domain name will be in front of the (as in

Wealthy Affiliate takes security seriously when it comes to your website and they issue passwords that are automatically generated through the system. When you click on the login button you will see the following:

screenshot of Site Manager to login to website

Clicking the “Login Now” will take you directly to the WordPress Dashboard:

screenshot of WordPress Dashboard

Congratulations, you have created your business website! Now it is time to go to work building your online business to earn a passive income for the rest of your life.

Time To Go To Work

Correct this is not a get-rich-quick thing you are really building an online business.  This takes time, work, commitment, dedication, and most of all patience. We are going to get into all the details of this right now.

Your new business website requires certain pieces of content to be added to it abide by the laws of the internet and FTC. You are going to need to create these and put them on your website as your beginning pieces of content.

This will get you familiar with how to use “Site Content” which you can find n the “Websites” menu above. Site Content has “Templates” see the image below:

screenshot of site content front page

Opening “Site Content” because I have been doing this for some time will look like the above screenshot, as a new member your screen should have only the two boxes below along with the top information

site content to show template heading

“From a Writing Template” will contain certain pieces of content that are necessary items on your website. In my particular area, I have to include a Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure, and an About Me page on my websites.

Depending on where you are located checking with your local Chamber of Commerce will enable you to find out what pieces of content you will need to add to your business website.

When you are ready to publish the content to your website you will be able to select to add it as a “Post” or a “Page”. Note if you happen to publish it incorrectly no worries there is a way to change it to the other in WordPress.

site content screenshot to publish post or page

It is required to select the website you wish to publish the content on, remember as time goes on you will be diversifying your business interests. This means creating more websites to earn you even more passive income.

What would come next after having the pieces of content that are a must on your website? The time has come where your real work ethic is going to carry you through to becoming successful.

Most do not realize that only 1% of people who decide they want to make a full-time income online really need to work at it. All the others quit or become discouraged with not receiving instant gratification for their work.

When starting out the search engines do not know you so they are not going to just jump to place your content in front of people who are searching the internet.

You must prove yourself to them just as you would a new boss. But this is on a much larger scale when you think about it. People search the internet every second of the day and night from all over the world over 4 Billion strong and growing.

Knowing how to get your content (articles) published and in front of the people you can help is vital for your business to succeed. So exactly how can you do this?

Keyword Research

This is where “Keyword Research” becomes the most important thing to add to your new list of skills. Keywords are the words people are using to search the internet.

The major search engines keep track of these every second of the day and night. You want to find keywords that people are searching for that have a high search volume but low competition with other websites.

How in the world do you find these “Keywords”? Wealthy Affiliate has a Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy, and you are going to have 30 Free Keyword Searches when you join with a Free Starter Membership.

Jaaxy Dashboard has many selections for you to use, see the menu below:

Jaaxy Lite Dashboard

I have done a complete overview of Jaaxy Lite which is what is used by most of the members at Wealthy Affiliate, upgrades are available but not necessary until you are ready. >>>>>>Click Here<<<<<< to read that complete overview.


Writing Quality Content for Your Website

Claiming you are not a writer is not exactly true. Anyone who can send a text message or talk on a telephone can write content for a website.

Writing content is no different from carrying on a conversation with a friend. Writing keyword rich high-quality content for your website will become second nature to you after some practice with your first couple of articles.

One easy way to make sure you are writing the type of content that people are searching for is by checking Google. Doing a search yourself for the keyword you are targeting will bring up the competitors websites.

Read through a few of them to see what they have to offer in the way of solutions to the problems people are doing the search about.

Doing the proper research prior to writing content will enable you to write better more informative content helping your target audience with their solution.

Writing reviews of products and services that you use or have knowledge about are high on the list of ways to make money online. People search prior to making purchases looking at reviews more and more every day.

Each article you write and place on your website will be ranked on its own merit. Do not be under the misconception that a website is ranked as a whole, this is not the case.

When you hear people say or tell you “Content Is King” what they are telling you is the more content you place on your website the more authority you will gain over time with the search engines to rank your content.

Consistency is another thing that the search engines take into account when they are looking at your content and website.

If you are not placing content on your website with regular consistency they are not going to look at you as being a serious online business owner.

What exactly is rank? For those of you who might not understand this term, it means where your content will land on the search engines pages.

Ideally, it would be great if every article you published ended up in the first spot on the first page of all the major search engines, right? But we must be realistic this is not going to be the case.

Just remember in time doing the keyword rich high-quality content and adding it to your website with consistency you will rank.  Realize it takes time for a website to age and with age comes the authority as well.

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Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Finding a Search Engine Optimization expert to teach you SEO for your website is something you might consider, well let me just tell you this, IMPOSSIBLE!

You might wonder “Why?”.  Most SEO experts would rather just do their own websites or get you as a client rather than teach you what they know. Teaching you they feel they are giving away their secrets to ranking on the internet.

If they teach you that means they are going to lose rank and money. These SEO experts charge dearly to learn their secrets. What if you could get this training for FREE?

Would you be interested? At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a Live Training Coach by the name of Jay (Profile Name: magistudios) who is quite the expert in SEO. He holds training once a week on Friday night.

All of his training is recorded and placed in the archives for instant replay at your convenience. There are videos for any topic you can possibly think of.

Jay, also keeps the whole community up-to-date with any algorithm changes that the major search engines are going to be coming out with. Especially, Google!

There is much more to SEO than most people would like to admit. You have on-page SEO and off-page SEO knowing the proper way of doing these are vital to ranking on the major search engines.

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In Conclusion

Honestly, I could keep going on and on with this article, but that is not getting you any closer to making a full-time income working at home.

Just by taking the time to read this complete article knowing what is involved with starting your own online business should make you see what I am saying here is not a scam.

ACTIONS speak louder than words.  Ever heard this before? If you are not willing to take ACTION then you are never going to succeed in anything you WANT to do.  The best way to FAILURE is doing NOTHING AT ALL.

If you have 2 to 3 hours a day to dedicate to working on the training and your website great. Do not want to commit to this type of dedication then you are not going to be in the 1% who makes it online.

I wanted the passive income stream where I can work on my own terms not making someone else rich while I collect a paycheck. This enables me to work for myself earning money for years to come on work I do once.

Interested in “How to Earn a Full-Time Income Online”? Click the box below “Create Your Free Account Now” there is No Credit Card Required and you are under no obligation to upgrade.

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You will get a seven-day trial that includes benefits of the Premium Membership after that you will lose some benefits but still have six months of the Free Starter Membership to make up your mind if this is for you.

Do not lose out on your chance to see if working at home online making a passive full-time income on your terms is going to be right for you.  Get your Free Starter Membership today.

I appreciate hearing from my readers can you please leave your comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below. I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by my website today bookmark it for future reference I am sure you will come back to check out more articles on making money online.

Best wishes to your success online,


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