Coronavirus – Work From Home

Coronavirus – Work From Home

Afraid of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Then what better time to start a Work From Home Business you can profit from for the rest of your life?

Many of us have always searched for the “Shiny Object” that would give us an opportunity to Work From Home and replace our JOB.

Today this is becoming more important with the spread of not just the Coronavirus, but the uncertain times we live in. Job security is a thing of the past we all know that corporations and large companies find us all replaceable.

I myself have looked at many of the various get-rich-quick scams and push-button systems that the so-called gurus sell online and any place else you look. None of these are going to earn money online! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY!



Work from Home

I could tell you there are at least 50 ways if not more to earn a substantial full-time living online, but unless I can prove that to you why should you believe me?

It would be great if you could walk into work tomorrow and tell your boss “I Quit“, but let’s be realistic that cannot happen for more reasons than one.

No matter which way you decide to work from home online it will still take time for you to learn what you must do in order to succeed. Regardless of what you might have heard there is no “MAGIC BUTTON” on a keyboard to push.


Trying to purchase any of those follow me and do what I do programs that I have found have never worked, including the email marketing gigs.

So exactly what am I talking about that really does work? Affiliate Marketing or once you know what you need to do, work doing all the Local SEO you can find.

Both of these methods can make you a highly lucrative income for years to come doing work just once and then taking care of the maintenance end of things thereafter.

Training Provided “FREE” To Get Started

Does that say “FREE”? It sure does, you can actually get started 100% FREE with a Free Starter Membership that gives you everything you need to begin.

But, we know there is always a “BUT”! What you are getting for free will only get you started after that you will be able to make an informed decision whether this is going to be something that you have the commitment and dedication to continue working with.

We all are always looking for the easy way to make money, unfortunately starting out it takes time, work, dedication, commitment, and it needs to be something you are passionate about.

Without the passion to keep working over and over again until you get things right success is going to continue to escape you – FOREVER. If you are not prepared to fail then maybe this might not be right for you.

However, trying everything out for FREE gives you that option without you spending any of your hard-earned money first.

Here is what you are going to get for 100% FREE with a Free Starter Membership:

  • 20 Free Lessons (Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training & Level 1 Affiliate Boot Camp Training)
  • 1 Free Website on subdomain
  • Free Hosting on Amazon c4.large (faster)
  • Website Builder
  • Security Package
  • SSL Certificate
  • Website Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Checker
  • Site Speed Performance Boost
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Bandwidths 1000 Visits
  • Personal Affiliate Log
  • Training Classrooms (2)
  • Keyword Research Tool (30 Free Searches)
  • Affiliate Program Search
  • Affiliate Commissions 1X
  • Earn While You Learn
  • Live Help (Chat 24/7 with other members) First Seven Days Only
  • Network With Experts – First Seven Days Only
  • Integrated Training Help – First Seven Days Only
  • Networking Capabilities – First Seven Days Only

My question to you is “Has anyone ever given you exactly what you are going to get for FREE prior to filling in a form with your email address?”

I can already guess the answer to that oneNo!.  How did I know that? Because I have filled in so many of those forms with my own email address then was taken to the enter your credit card information screen, or a stupid video that lasted for over half an hour (wasting even more of my time).

You are NOT going to get any of that from me, above is exactly what you are getting for 100% FREE with the Free Starter Membership and there is NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED either!

Absolutely no one is going to pressure you to take a Premium Membership, but without it your learning is going to be limited to a beginner and likely you are quitting before you even get started.

Commitment needs to be made prior to you deciding whether to go with a Premium Membership.  You need to commit yourself for up to a year or two knowing it can take that long to reach success depending on the amount of time you have to dedicate to working on your website.

Brick and mortar businesses take at least five to seven years before they begin to operate in the profit margin. Taking one to two years online is a short time compared to brick and mortar businesses with greater savings on your investment.

Pros and Cons of Working at Home

woman_working_on_laptopThere are in my opinion many more Pros of working at home instead of holding a regular JOB, but shall we look at just a few and please add your own to the list.

  • Working on your own schedule
  • No alarm clock to get up to 🙂
  • Being your own BOSS
  • Not having to put up with traffic to and from work
  • Doing something you enjoy not something you must do for a paycheck
  • No limit to what you can earn – never have to ask for a raise
  • Not needing an excuse to take a day off
  • Small Investment to pay for freedom from the daily 9 to 5 grind
  • Work in your PJ’s if you want
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Job security you own the business (and can open more)

Cons are less and hard to think of but here are the ones I can think of:

  • Having to continue working until my online business is making enough to support my lifestyle
  • Finding the niche that is my greatest passion – this is covered in the training

Considering patience is not a great virtue of most, we are born to want instant gratification of our needs, therefore waiting for our online business to start seeing a profit is the hardest part of starting an online business.

Once you get that first commission no matter how big or small the feeling is gratification beyond belief to know that this really, really works!

In Conclusion

Looking for a better life? I know I was when I found the 100% FREE Starter Membership! I signed up and have never regretted my decision for one second.

The only thing I wish I had found this sooner instead of trying all those other scams and schemes that are offered out there everywhere you look.

Please let me invite you to join me right now in trying this training for FREE by clicking on the banner below:

Work from Home Create Your Free Account Now

After getting your Starter Membership, look me up, my Profile inside is under Marley2016 stop right over and say hello, I will be available to answer any of your questions.

Hearing from my readers in the form of comments, suggestions, or if you have questions please leave them in the space provided below. I usually answer within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by today and taking the time to read my article,


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