Work At Home Jobs For Seniors

Work At Home Jobs For Seniors

A few years ago I joined the population known as “Seniors” so finding a “Work at Home Job for Seniors” became one of my biggest goals.

I know for me it was strange there I was in my 20s thinking all those people in their 40s were “old”, then when I hit my 40s I still looked ahead and thought all those people in their 60s were “old”.

Little did I realize that one day sooner than I could imagine here I am in my 60s, but I still do not feel “old”! However, finding a J.O.B. at this age is not exactly easy so I turned to researching what I could do online.

Do not get me wrong though back in my younger years I was a person who was always looking to make a quick buck and tried so many of those “shiny objects” offered all over the internet.

You know the ones with the hyped-up sales pages and videos promising you to have money come raining into your bank account as soon as you give them whatever amount they ask for.

Back then I could afford to throw away $37, $47, even up to $97 for the get-rich-quick scam or latest push-button system one of those gurus came out with. Of course, none of them ever worked and I wasted so much money, NOT this time.

Lesson learned from younger days, we can call that my trial and error period of “shiny object syndrome“. This time I decided to research whatever I was going to become involved with making sure it was legit and I could earn a living online.

Settling on “Affiliate Marketing” made sense something I could do at home on my computer on my own time frame without worrying about having any young boss telling me what to do or how to do it.

The only problem I faced now was I did not have a clue how to begin. But thanks to the internet there are numerous training courses available to teach me how I can become an affiliate marketer.

How to Choose Training

Like I stated there are many training platforms available online that you can choose from finding the one that is right for you can prove to be time-consuming.

Fortunately, I was lucky when I found “Wealthy Affiliate” they offered a “Free Starter Membership” on a trial basis which made it hard for me to refuse to check them out.

A couple of the others do offer a free trial, but after checking they do not even come close to the hands-on training available through Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

After being with Wealthy Affiliate for some time I decided to check into a few of the other training platforms to see what they had to offer and what their costs were to become members.

None of them could compare to Wealthy Affiliate so I upgraded to the Premium Membership on this platform and have found it to be unbeatable by the rest.

I will be quite honest people have called me out promoting Wealthy Affiliate stating I only do so because I am paid a commission when I refer people to the community and they join.

To set the record straight any of the training platforms you join someone is going to be making a commission when you join under their referral link.

In turn, you will earn commissions for anyone you refer to the community with your own referral links and you can do this as a “Free Starter Member” being paid commissions at half what the Premium Membership gets.

Earn Commissions While You Learn

Personally, I promote Wealthy Affiliate to help people learn there is a way to make money online without leaving the comfort of your home. This income is not one that goes away it is a passive income you can earn for years to come.

Given the choice of earning money for years on work you are going to do once or collecting a “paycheck” that never gets any higher, I chose to make my living with a passive income stream. This is your choice as well 🙂

Skills and Tools Required for Affiliate Marketing

I have worked on computers with most of my past job experience so that is one plus I might have over others who are looking to get into affiliate marketing. But this is not a necessary skill you can learn as you go and it is not difficult.

Do you need any technical skills or experience? No, everything is taught step by step on video making it easy to follow directions you can always pause the video while you follow along.

Tools are simple when it comes to affiliate marketing all you need is a computer or laptop and an internet connection the rest is all supplied by Wealthy Affiliate.

The “Free Starter Membership” includes 20 Free Lessons, 1 Free Website, Free Hosting, 30 Free Keyword Searches on Jaazy Lite, 12 Free WordPress Themes, Website Backup Daily, and during the first seven days of the trial Live Chat and One-on-One Coaching.

During the first seven days of the trial, you have access to everything like a Premium Member getting your upgrade during that time earns you a discount for the first month of Premium at ONLY $19.00!

I would like to point out that your “Free Starter Membership” is good for six months so you do NOT HAVE to upgrade during that first seven day period, but it is so worth not losing the “Live Chat” feature.

Live Chat is so valuable when first starting out you can jump in and ask questions of the community, of experts available if you get stuck with training or have any questions at all about Wealthy Affiliate.

Seriously, anything we start new with the unknown ahead can be scary and none of us like to fail at anything we attempt to do, just know with Wealthy Affiliate you have a whole community of people standing behind you to help you succeed.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate?

I know that I would like to know who I am dealing with as a company and here I would like to introduce you to the owners Carson and Kyle. These two met in college and started their internet careers in 2002.

Wanting to help others find a way to make money online they developed the training platform known as Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and it has been growing ever since.

Carson and Kyle
Carson and Kyle Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

As their community grew they added more and more benefits and training so that all the members could stay up-to-date with the latest in technology and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Adding to the community was a Live Training Coach, Jay Neill (profile name magistudios), who holds a live podcast every Friday night where you can ask questions when the training is over.

Jay Neill
Jay Neill (magistudios) Live Training Coach

Jay teaches classes on topics that go beyond just the affiliate marketing area into eCommerce, Local SEO, drop-shipping, building professional websites, and so much more.

This is all-inclusive with the Premium Membership at such a STEAL can you imagine what this type of training would cost on an individual basis? I am letting you know right now that you are looking at tens of thousands.

Premium Members do have access to Carson and Kyle, as busy as these owners are they still take time to correspond with the members of the community one on one. None of the other training platforms offer this type of communication.

In Conclusion

I apologize if I made this sound too much like a sales copy article, my excitement when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate becomes overwhelming and I cannot help myself.

As a senior, there is not much I get excited about so when I get going on Wealthy Affiliate things just make me get carried away.

Now I am not saying this is going to be right for everyone out there, because we all are different and need to find what is right for each of us.

But with our experience we do have things to share that can help others so why not use that knowledge and affiliate marketing to earn yourself a passive income for years to come?

Invest sometime in yourself and get your “Free Starter Membership” there is “NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED” click the banner below and give it a try.

Work from Home Create Your Free Account Now

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