What Is A Business Review? Why Should You Be Asking For Them?

What Is A Business Review?

Why Should You Be Asking For Them?

Does your business or company need reviews? And who provides these reviews for you?

As a business owner whether you are managing a large franchise like McDonald’s or the tiniest of “Mom and Pop Shops” your customer reviews can make or break your business.

Today the first place people look is to the internet when they are trying to find everything and the first thing they look at is the reviews.

Investigating why customer reviews are essential to your business success and profitability today is vital. Many corporations, franchises, chains, and local businesses’ outsource this to SEO Experts to keep their rankings high.

My article today is going to help you stay informed of why you as a business owner large or small need to heed this advice finding a way to get these reviews from your customers.

Why You Want Reviews

A business review is a critique of a business as a whole by its customers. Customers will include elements in business reviews such as order experience, delivery, cleanliness, customer service, quality of product/service, etc.

Business reviews are written by customers as the result of their experience with that company or business, as well as with the product or service you are providing for them.

Why you want reviews

What exactly reviews can do for your business is in the snippet above.

Most people think of reviewing a business mostly for restaurants or the service-based industries. All businesses’ need to be aware that having reviews from their customers can increase their bottom line profitability by listening to their customers.

All companies or businesses’ love hearing about all the good reviews from their customers. These reviews boost their credibility making others want to visit their establishment or use their products and services.

We all know that you can never please all of the people all of the time right? What happens when you start getting bad reviews? How is this going to affect your business?

Exactly business is going to take a downslide and quickly if these reviews are found online. Ignoring just one bad review might seem like it is not a big deal, but that could be your warning there are more on the way.

Even if that one customer was just having a bad day taking it out on your business you need to respond to them getting to the core of the issue.

Taking this time to find out if the customer was just having a bad day or maybe there is an issue with your business you were unaware of.

An immediate solution can be implemented stopping any further damage to the reputation of your company or business. This will also enable you to invite that customer who provided the bad review back showing a solution has been established.

When hiring personnel for your company/business be aware that these individuals do represent you their appearance, attitudes, and mannerism will and can affect your profitability.

proper dress for work attire

Even those who work remotely away from an office representing you whether over the telephone or in person. These people need to understand that their actions will affect a businesses survival or possibly having them close their doors.

How to Get Reviews

Now that you know how important reviews are to your company/business exactly how do you go about getting them?

Businesses today that do not have a website presence online need to get one immediately. Without a website on the major search engines (especially Google), you are losing customers on a daily basis.

The most logical way is to ask your customers for a review directing them to your website if possible. But you have other options that can give them a nudge toward leaving you a review helps to boost the business profitability.

Considering the vast use of mobile smartphones today having an Opt-in on SMS works wonders to give customers the nudge to leave comments on a review.

It could be simply a few questions for them to answer about your business creating a positive review of the product or services offered.

Placing your website URL on the back of your receipt so customers can visit your website with a link to review your products and services. But also can be a reminder to leave you feedback for future analysis.

Yelp is not exactly new but people do use it to find reviews of places they are looking to visit. Placing a check-in offer on Yelp could help with having people visit then leave you a great review.

Where customers find reviews

Never be afraid to ask your customers for a review, especially, if you have employees trained in the art of asking. This will help get the positive feedback needed to increase the popularity of your products and services.

Who Should Handle Reviews

Large corporations, such as, Amazon, have a team of personnel trained in handling “Reviews” or “Customer Complaints” would be what most people call them.

Reviews for a business not only affect the foot traffic or profitability of the business, but also the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a businesses’ website.

Making sure to respond to all the reviews customers have left for you is vital. This includes the bad ones working with that particular customer can result in a new review from them changing their review to a good or even great one.

A single bad review of your business does not mean that there is a problem, but taking the time to investigate the reason for it could stifle more of the same in the future.

Would not an ounce of precaution today to prevent this from happening again be worth knowing you are not looking at a serious business flaw?

Over 64% of all consumers search Google daily for reviews, FACT. Which means 6 out of 10 people are looking at reviews on the internet.

Negative reviews will affect a customers decision too, 94% reported they have avoided a business due to the negative reviews they found online.

Building trust with active management handling reviews the good along with the negative can and will affect your business. 85% of customers will disregard reviews older than 3 months. 89% read the responses of customer reviews by the business.

Customers are reading more reviews

When you take into consideration there are more than 4 Billion consumers online today these figures begin to make more sense. Knowing what kind of impact reviews have on your business having a person trained in handling reviews is a must.

In Conclusion

You as a business owner whether large or small now have facts to base why it is important for your business to have consumers give you reviews.

In today’s technology-driven world an online presence is essential to build a well-established business; consumers can trust ensuring your profits now and into the future.

Are you a business owner without an online presence? Do you not have a means of getting consumer reviews?

Taking your business to the next level is not difficult, you can contact me directly at susan@workfromhomelegitbusiness.com

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