Jaaxy.com Review – Keyword Research Tool

Is Jaaxy a Good Keyword Research Tool?

People today turn to the internet for all their informational needs and this includes reviews for products and services today I am going to give you an honest look at Jaaxy.com the keyword research tool used by many.

What is a Keyword Research Tool

To give you the answer to this you first much know what a keyword is and you can find all the information about keywords and why they are so important in my article “What is Keyword Research/ How and Why to Use” here.

You will find many keyword research tools advertised or listed in a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo so how do you know which is the best one to pick and use?

Investing in a keyword research tool is necessary especially if you do any writing for blogs, advertising, articles, SEO, magazines, and the list goes on.

What you want is a keyword research tool that is updated regularly and can give you the best numbers for any selection of keyword/keyword phrase or long-tailed keyword you are looking at to use in a publication.

The higher ranking a keyword has the better you are to use it for getting recognition on the search engines but you need to know what rankings you are looking at and what is considered “high”.

Learning how a keyword/keyword phrase or long-tailed keyword ranks is important when selecting which words you want to use in promoting a product or anything else you are considering promoting for the ranking on the internet with search engines. This is all part of the SEO (search engine optimization) we will be looking at later in this article.

How Does A Keyword Tool Work?

Here is an example of a keyword/keyword phrase research you might do for an article on golf balls, I used three separate searches so you will see three screens here with a break down of how to select the best way to write the article about golf balls.

Golf Balls Keyword Search

In this example I did a keyword search for golf balls, Jaaxy Lite gives me the above results, Avg. is the number of clicks this would receive monthly, Traffic is the amount that you can expect to receive if your website would be on the first page of Google and in the first slot.  QSR – stands for the number of competitive websites you are competing with. KQI – lets you know how good the keyword is (in this example Normal). SEO is the rank you might get on Google with this keyword and really great content.


Callaway golf ball keyword s

With this example I used “Callaway Golf Balls” this narrows the niche down some to a specific type of golf ball and as you can see by the numbers above have returned a much better search result for this keyword.

Avg. Clicks 7787 Traffic 1324 QSR 102 KQI -Great SEO 86  I would feel much more confident trying to rank with this keyword over just “golf balls” knowing writing a review would be so much simpler and easier to rank for.

Titanium golf ball keyword

The last search I did was for “titanium golf balls” and this search has turned up a few things that we could use to write reviews on with very little competition, the “Pinnacle Titanium Golf Balls”  or even the “Wilson” ones are both great keywords to use and rank very high in the search engines with reviews on both of these.

Now you can see how important keyword research is to making a website article rank on the search engines and this does take some of your time as an online business owner knowing how to find the right keywords to use.

Having a tool like Jaaxy Lite was easy and made the job move along quickly and easily, I had these three results in less than a minute to include here for reference for you to be able to understand keyword research.


Best Keyword Research Tool

As I stated earlier you can find many keyword research tools online and look at what they offer for the price this would be a good way to make your comparison. I am not going to pay for things that I do not need or want.

SEMRush is one of the first ones at the top of the search engines and I have heard of many people using them comparing what they offer Jaaxy will give you all the same results below we will be compare pricing. They do have a 30-day free trial.

WordStream next in line on the search engines and reading over the website you will find that most of the customer base used this keyword research for PPC advertising. They do also a free 30-day trial.

Moz Keyword Research Tool is the last one I am going to pull for a comparison it is third on the search engine list, the first thing I noticed is they do not have a very high customer base according to the first page. They have a 30-day trial here too. But they did have an option to predict how much search volume a keyword will receive with a 90% accuracy.

Comparing the cost of these tools per month is the next thing that would be a consideration to most businesses small or large at least as a business owner I try to keep my own costs down as it leads to larger profits.

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In Conclusion

After looking at the other keyword research tools that you can subscribe to, I have found that Jaaxy can do a better job and is so much easier to understand especially for those newcomers to the internet marketing space.

For those who have been in the business longer then the other platforms might be worth the extra cost with all the nice bells and whistles they carry with them.

But, I myself, use Jaaxy in my online business for keyword reach and the Jaaxy Lite version comes as a free tool with my Wealthy Affiliate Membership which others have been using for years so I see no reason to purchase something that I do not need.

What do you think about the other keyword research tools costs compared to Jaaxy?

Do you think Jaaxy provides enough information or do you really need more?

How often do you think the other keyword research tools are updated?

Seriously would like to hear what your thoughts are about the keyword research tools along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have for me please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you very much for checking out my Jaaxy review hope you found it informative and helpful until next time

Best wishes and success to you,


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