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Can You Build A Website For FREE?

Under this section How To Build A Website we are going to look at all that is required to build a website that is not only eye appealing to your readers but will convert those readers into conversions for your business.

Most businesses hire someone to build their website for them and this can run into the thousands of dollars but with big business they have the capital to invest in employees to take care of these things for them.

What I am talking about in this section is for the small person starting out who wants to own their own business online and does not have the extra funds to have someone build the website for them.

Please take your time going through each of the articles each one points out the specifics points of building a website that will be professional and build your business earning you a passive income for life.

Should you decide that it is not worth it to finish reading this article you can go straight to the community where I have learned all of this for absolutely FREE!

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Why Build a Website

With any business, you need a website even if you are planning to build a brick and mortar business today everyone looks to the internet to find everything that is available in the area.

So if you plan to build a business even offline a website is a necessity you cannot afford to be without. Working or operating a business online a website is your business and what gets people to notice you.

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars having websites built and designed this requires schooling to learn the technical aspect of programming and coding to build a website making the demand for a quality website expensive.

Web designers are always in demand to keep up with the growing internet market. Today I would like to show you how you can build not only one but two websites for FREE.

Building a website is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 once you know what you are doing and can be built in a matter of minutes as I am going to show you.

Build a Website in 30 Seconds

Want to increase business as a brick and mortar company no matter how small you need to build a website so people can find you!

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Word Press for Building Websites

This is the platform or program whichever you prefer to call it that I use to build my websites and later will reveal to you how you can get two FREE websites to build yourself.

The first thing you will need is a URL name (otherwise known as your domain) for the free websites these will be followed by a subdomain known as

Let’s use an example for our website today of –  golfing accessories and we managed to purchase the domain name for this website with the exact same name: you always want the dot com when available it is the most known and widely used of the one’s available dot net and dot org are good however people associate those differently with organizations and non-profits.

Clicking on the image above will take you to the Word Press Dashboard where you can see what else is used to build a website below I am going to give you explanations for this.

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Building the Website

Now that you have decided upon your website title and purchased the domain name / or you can use the free websites I will be offering later in this post.

You will then be on the Word Press Dashboard which looks like this:

WordPress Dashboard Picture

Next, you will need to select a theme to build your website out on and you will do this from the Appearance Tab almost half-way down the menu on the left side – hover over the Appearance Tab and another menu will appear from it select themes.

When you join WA the selection as a Free Member will limit you to only 12 available themes to choose from, should you decide this is something that is worth going to the Premium Membership you will have over 3000 themes to choose from?

These themes are available to you for free but know that there are many places on the internet where you can purchase themes and transfer them into WA as long as they are Word Press compatible.

Alright, now that you have chosen a theme what would be next? Building or should I say adding the content to the website remember certain things are necessary to your website such as your about me page, privacy page, and home page, etc.

With your about me page, privacy page, and homepage all typed up shall we add them to the website? Alright on the Dashboard of Word Press you will need to hover over the Appearance Tab once again and select from it Menus.

A Menu building page will come up with on the left side: Pages, Posts, Custom Links, and Categories. One the right side is where you are going to build the menu. Above these, you will find a box and you will need to select “create a new menu”.

WordPress Menu Screen Picture

All menus need to have a name for the location of where the menu is going to be located on the website (mostly this is either the top menu or main menu).

See the tiny down arrow beside each of the above four headings click on Pages to begin and add the home page to the menu by checking it in the box and then clicking “Add to Menu”.

You will continue doing this with each page until all the pages have been added to the menu on the right-hand side of the page. If you have any posts that you want to add then you would do the same with this clicking on the arrow beside Posts and continuing until all of them were added to the menu.

After everything has been added to the menu on the right-hand side and you are finished scroll to the bottom of the menu that you completed and you will see Display Location (you need to check this box) then, of course, click Save Menu.

Congratulations you have just completely constructed your first website menu!

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Tell Me More

Understanding that you have not actually created a home page, privacy page, or about me page for adding to the website but I am sure you get the idea with the visuals and a look at the WordPress Dashboard.

From here you now need to build the website out creating content (written pages and posts) some people prefer to blog keeping a continual running on the website others prefer the pages keeping all the information separate.

Writing content can be very easy to some others tend to over complicate it and have a harder time being able to write pages upon pages of content in our case today this content would be about golf accessories.

What is a website without images and pictures right? Once you have all the content finished for the page or post then finding the proper images that fit with the content can take some time to research and locate and of course then they must be uploaded into the document.

At WA learning how to do all of this is not only simple but given to you in a step by step training along with a video training course that you will receive for free upon signing up.

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In Closing

I guess you think this would be the end to building a website but you would be wrong sorry 🙁 websites to be ranked in any of the search engines need to be kept current with content and publishing along with a few more things that will be covered in the section under How To Build A Website.

Now, I know what your thinking that places from hosting companies all over the internet give you a free website to build, but please read the fine print and then you only get a 30 trial period prior to having to purchase with them.

You can find other free training on YouTube and the internet but good luck with those you are not going to get all the information necessary to build a website that is going to convert and bring you subscribers or conversions.

Want the real deal then please click on one of the “Click Here” banners that are above and create your free account today and get started building your own online profitable business.

What do you have to lose it is FREE?

I appreciate hearing from all my readers so if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you for coming by and check out the rest of my articles on How to Build a Website,

Best wishes and to your success,






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