What Is A Blogging Website?

What Is A Blogging Website?

Blogging Websites are about anything that you love to write and teach people about, for instance, you are into cooking and want to share recipes.  Setting up a blog that continually feeds followers recipes and grows your audience all over the world is great.

But, how does one make money from writing a blog on recipes and cooking?  Most cooks or people who bake only use certain cooking items pot, pans, slow cookers, etc.  Bakers are the same way with what they like to use in the kitchen right?

When you letting the world know about the recipes that you prepare, then you can promote the kitchen cookware and bakeware that you prefer to use.  Your recommendations of what you use when preparing the recipe are the best to use.

Writing A Blog Can Be Done Anywhere

What if you are the type of person who loves to travel?  Thinking you do not have time to be writing a blog?  Then you would be so wrong a laptop and internet connection is all you need.

More and more people are getting into blogging some do it just for the fun others do it promoting the products they always use and create a decent income for their time.  This is a passive income that will be coming in for years in the future.

Think about all the possibilities you could write about every day parents have ways of handling children that other parents could really use the advice on their methods.

Teachers have a fantastic opportunity for writing a blog and creating a side income from how they handle the children in the classroom. This will also give parents the positive insights of how to help their children advance in school studies.

Men you are not left out of this think of all the possibilities and knowledge you carry around with you that could be shared with others making their lives easier.

Technology has given us smartphones that we can record videos of things as we are doing them.  Explaining anything from doing crafts to fixing a vehicle can be turned into a video for YouTube connecting it to the content in your blog website.

Helping others makes you feel good inside and that is what blogging is all about – finding a way to help others with the talent you have.


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          Blog Niche

A blog can be done in any niche you can think of – when you have a problem and need answers where is the first place you usually look?

(A “Niche” is the audience you will be targeting with the interest you have selected to help people with.)

I know the first thing I do is Google the question for an answer – my guess is 99% of people today do the exact same thing.

What hobbies are you into?  Know a special skill that you can share with people all over the world solving ways to correct a problem in that hobby?

Blogging is all about how you can help people learn to do things they need to get done, but do not have a clue how or what to do!

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Unfortunately, blogs work the same as any other content when it comes to a website ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So you must still do research for the best possible keywords to use on your blog.

Sure this is at times a bit nerve-racking.  But after you gain experience everything with keyword research starts to fall right into place and you can have a list of keywords in no time relating to your niche blog.

I do affiliate marketing for my websites.  Finding this is the part that I like doing more than all the rest, in fact, I get a little carried away trying to find the absolute best possible keyword for ranking on the search engines.

If you are a person who likes doing research then this part of building a blog website is going to be the one that you will enjoy with all the tools you will find in the community.


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Content is next and as stated previously and will always say Content is King when it comes to a website.  The more content with keywords the higher your content will rank.

Now content writing is not simple you cannot just make stuff up as you go unless you’re writing fiction stories on your website. I do plenty of research before I write any of my content with the products, services, guarantees, warranties, return policies, refunds, etc.

This is best for you and your audience to establish trust with them and the search engines as well.  As you create trust with search engines and your audience people will come back often to visit your website leave you comments and refer family and friends to you.

As people do this it all adds up to more traffic and the search engines love to see traffic. I live by, honesty is the best policy, and offend people sometimes because of this.  But offending someone is not what I want to do, being honest is best as long as you can be diplomatic about it.


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Images and Affiliate Products and Links

Once your content has been completed then you do your visuals (photographs and images).  Using them is highly recommended it makes for a much more pleasant website.

People’s eyes have been trained with pictures since childhood and adding them to your website is what I would like to call eye-candy especially if you’re doing something along the lines of fashion, crafts, decorating, woodworking, etc.  Any visuals that will make your website welcoming to people and want them to come back for more.

Then, of course, you have the monetizing of adding the affiliate products and links so you make money from your blogging and can turn it into a very profitable business.


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In Conclusion

Blogging is something you are going to work on as I mentioned earlier continuously and training for such is just a bit more complex.  But at Wealthy Affiliate, they give you the training you need to succeed in the endeavor of your dreams.

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I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read all about setting up a blog website.  Do you have any questions?

I always look forward to hearing from my readers finding out what their thoughts are.  Especially, if they would like to add anything that I may not have touched on.

Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.  I answer these usually within 24 hours.

Thank you hope you learned something about writing a blog today.  Take the time look around my website you might find other interesting articles here at Work From Home Legitimate Business Opportunities.

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