Writing Content – For Websites This Is Not Difficult!

Writing Content For Websites

Writing content for your website must be done on a regular schedule for anyone who owns about SEO and how the search engines work your website and keeping it updated with new content is important to success.

Beginners have a difficult time dealing with writing content for their websites and this can be understandable considering most adults stopped writing once they graduated from college or high school.

Below I have given you some highlights on writing content and why it is so important in making your online business successful – in reality, this is probably why most people either give up or quit prior to finding success.

Content is King

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate members would say this all the time and still do today but now I am one of them telling new members daily that Content is King.

Why? you ask, a website without content is like a fish without enough water, you add water daily enough for the fish to swim but it evaporates over the next 24 hours and needs more.

Therefore, as you add content to a website people will continue to come back as long as you keep adding more looking for new information that you are posting so keeping up with demand is important.

Websites that have no new content usually do not get the traffic needed to keep them ranking on the search engines and this can cause the search engines to drop you down on the pages where people will not find you.

Writing content can sound like it would be something most people would have no interest in but once you get started you find that doing this is not only easy but keeps getting easier the more you write.

The first few pieces of content added to a website are very easy and simple to do they are your About Me page, where you tell people a little about yourself and why you are doing the website.

Then you have the Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure which are regular templates that everyone uses now the Affiliate Disclosure can be replaced with a Terms and Conditions page depending on the website.

Start Writing Content

Below is a video from Kyle, one of the owners, who does all the training in the lessons from Wealthy Affiliate it will give you an idea about content and what is involved.

Creating Initial Content Video

Kyle does a wonderful job in explaining how to write content making it very easy for all to understand in my opinion and when I started at Wealthy Affiliate I was afraid that my writing would never be good enough to be put on a website.

What everyone needs to remember is the more you do something the better you get at it, writing is no different the more you write content the better you get at it.

Research is one of the things that helps with your writing content being able to write around the keywords you have selected can be done easily by doing the research and reading what you find.

Coping is never permitted as this is seen by the search engines as duplicate content, but you can use what you find and put it in your own words and style of writing.

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Keyword Research for Content

Keyword research is covered under another post in the website and you can >>>>click here<<<< to read it, but this is what all the content on each page or post will be written around.

If you have read my post on keyword research then you know that this can be just a single word, a long-tailed keyword, or a keyword phrase.

Using a keyword research tool is important to find the amount of traffic that a keyword is getting every month along with what type of competition you are up against using this keyword.

In Jaaxy Lite there is a thing called Alphabet Soup which can give you words similar to the keyword you are searching that might be a nice substitution for your actual keyword and using this to rank with can be highly beneficial.

By using a similar keyword to rank with you will then get your website high on the search engines and still be able to produce the content using the original keyword (just know that you can end up ranking for it as well).

Let’s look at a couple words you could interchange such as “scam” and “fraud” these two words can be used to describe products or programs interchangeable of each other.

So you see your keyword might not be the best for competition but another word with a similar meaning could get you ranked faster and higher so always use a keyword research tool for your content.

Actual Content Writing

Google is like the worst English teacher you have ever had with grammar, knowing this prior to writing content will save you hassles of going back to correct mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Installing a program like Grammarly is advisable to anyone who has problems in this area, now I am warning you Grammarly is not always 100% correct so make sure you know when the program is making a mistake.

Another thing you will find multiple opinions on from members inside Wealthy Affiliate is the length (word count) of your content – it will range from 500 words to infinity.

Kyle recommends using a 1500 word keyword rich page or 1000 word keyword rich post for doing reviews of products and programs, myself I use the rule that once I have explained in full detail what needs to be said it is finished.

Using filler small talk or repeating things inside a post only bores the reader and they are going to find something more interesting to read.

In Closing

This is my take on writing engaging content for a website making sure what you have to say keeps people’s attention but gives them the facts required to make an informed decision whether or not to purchase a product or program.

How do you feel about writing content?

Are you afraid of writing content because you think you are not good enough?

Did you find this article useful for writing content being new?

Please leave your answers in the space provided below along with any comments, suggestions, or questions that you might have for us.

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