Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

success or failure roadToday is the day to make a choice of which road you would like your life to follow – the road leading to success that may contain many failings or the road straight to failure?

What could I possibly mean by that right? Let me explain just a little when I lost my husband I needed to replace the income that he was bringing into the house, because looking for a JOB at my age was out of the question, what to do?

Research time I turned to my old dream of finding a way to Work from Home Online and have my own business, do not get me wrong I tried many of those “Shiny Object Syndrome” get-rich-quick push-button magic systems we will not talk about it.

This time around what I found was the company called Wealthy Affiliate, owned by Carson and Kyle who are pictured on the front page along with a short description of how the company came about in 2005.

How I found Wealthy Affiliate is really a mystery to this day for me because I am not sure what website I was on when I pressed a button and the sign up page came on the screen asking me to enter my email address.

Thinking to myself sure another one of those gurus or scams that wait until you enter your email address and then they want your credit card information right away or some stupid video plays wasting 20 minutes of my time.

Imagine the shock when instead of that popping up in front of me I ended up on a screen that wanted me to “Create Your Free Account Now” surprise surprise and guess what else No Credit Card Required it was really FREE!


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What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Some you might already have heard of affiliate marketing which is a simple way of earning money online and some you may want an explanation of how this all works.

Affiliate Marketing is not the same as internet marketing but in a way, they go somewhat hand in hand and you will be learning the ins and outs of both inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

To begin with, the first thing you are going to need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection, working from a smartphone is not going to let you be able to follow through with the training and complete the tasks that Kyle is doing in the videos.

A website is the first part the beginning step of starting the affiliate marketing inside the community you will learn to use the WordPress Platform to build a professional website populating it with all that is required with Kyle’s instructions.

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This does not take much time and in reality with all the tools that you will have available on the Wealthy Affiliate website a website can be built in a few minutes once you are experienced at it.


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Products or Services

Deciding what products or services to promote on your website is at times difficult but with Kyle’s training, you will find that this becomes an easy task with the experience you will gain and with help in the community from the other members.


The products and services you will recommend to the people who visit your website is how you will be making money when a visitor clicks on the product or service that you have on the website you are paid a commission from that affiliate company.


All affiliate programs that are offered which there are millions upon millions because those companies want you to promote their products when they get you to do this it increases their chances of making more sales and they are glad to pay you a commission because you are advertising for them and it did not cost them anything.

This makes it a win-win for not only the affiliate company you have joined but for you because some commissions are recurring subscriptions.  This means you will get paid months into the future on a one time sale or subscription.

Passive income makes affiliate marketing profitable for anyone who is willing to work.  In the beginning, it will take more work until you are experienced with the process.  Once you start getting traffic to your website the process will become easier and easier in time.

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What the Gurus and Scammers Don’t Tell You

there is no secret signHere is the SECRET to all the secret systems they are trying to sell you honestly there is absolutely NO SECRET to making money online!

What I have told you above is how I began by taking the training that Wealthy Affiliate gives in a simple step by step format with videos showing you exactly how to do each step and applied that to my websites.

Building an online business takes time – what I am talking about time is the fact that when you are starting out you need to learn how to build a website the correct way or the search engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo are never going to find you.

Right the gurus did not mention that part, did they? Did they tell you anything about Keyword Research or SEO? Probably not but I will cover those later in the website I do not want to feed you an overload of computer talk or geek talk at the start.


The gurus and scammers all they talk about is how much money you are going to be making if you purchase their system and they neglect to say anything about all the up sales that are behind that initial payment.

With Wealthy Affiliates that is not the case when they say you are signing up for a 7-day FREE Trial Starter Membership that is exactly what they mean.

Pro’s of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Sign Up Is FREE – No Credit Card Required
  • 7-Day Trial Includes 20 Free Lessons (Listed Later On Website)
  • 2 Free Websites to Build and Continue to Build even after the 7-Day Trial (Maximum 6 months hosting with the Free Starter Membership)
  • Free Hosting for Both Website with Site Speed, SSL Certificate, and Site Protection
  • Live Chat 24/7 to talk to Experienced Members of the Community
  • Personal Profile with a way to post Blogs inside the Community
  • You can earn Commissions as a Starter Member (FREE member/earn while you learn)
  • Ability to create a Passive Income Working from Home or where you have an internet connection
  • Later inside the website, I will be covering the benefits of the Premium Membership and Costs

Con’s of Wealthy Affiliate

  • The time involved in seeing progress (making your first commission)
  • Patience and frustrations of being a beginner
  • Being new finding the right affiliate programs you want
  • Skeptical because of all the scams out there
  • Fear of failure starting something new

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That is how affiliate marketing is done, so as you can see it really is not complicated, a few computer skills are nice when you are starting out but not necessary. The nice thing is no experience at all is required and no age limits, all are welcome.

Anyone that is looking for a way to make money working from home.  This is the answer to your prayers the affiliate marketing industry is going to grow in this year alone to around 6.8 Billion Dollars.

Now, I am not sure about you, but then again I am already in the affiliate marketing business so I know that my cut of that will be coming in this year and for many years ahead.

Are you ready now to begin your own Affiliate Marketing online business?

Then just click on the box below and “Create Your FREE Account Now”, there is No Credit Card Required, and you are under no obligation to upgrade ever.


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Once you reach the inside, my profile is under Marley2016, you can be sure I will be there to greet you and answer all your questions and help you with anything you need around the community.

Thank you for reading my article and if you want more information because you still are not positive look around and you will find even more information about affiliate marketing and what is involved.

Hearing from my visitors is greatly appreciated so please leave all comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below I answer them all within 24 hours.


Best wishes to your success,


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  1. Great breakdown of how the affiliate marketing world works. I would have loved to have come across your article when I was still learning about how to make money online and about affiliate marketing. I would have understood the process much better.

    I am also in affiliate marketing and I must say that it is one of the best ways to make money online and from home. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to do this effectively and many people are really making full time income from it.

    • Reyhana,

      Thank you for the lovely feedback on this website; I am very pleased that you liked it.  My goal is letting people know anything is possible if they really want to make money on line with no 9 to 5 job tying them down.

      Please come back anytime; I will be posting additional information weekly on different topics within the affiliate niche.


  2. Hello, My Name is Darlene, and I am requesting more information on becoming an affiliate marketer, thank you!

    • Darlene,

      I appreciate your request and have sent more information via the email address you provided. Should you wish more
      information please do not hesitate to contact me back at once. I am always here to help anyone who would like to
      join us here in the online world of affiliate marketing.

      Thank you,


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