Start Up Costs for Business – Online or Offline Compare

Start Up Costs for Business

Online or Offline Compare 

Did you ever consider what start-up costs for a business would be either online or offline? The comparisons are so undeniable very different shall we take a quick look to see what the possibilities of doing either of these are?

Costs of Starting Up a Business

The offline business startup is where I would like to start this is fairly interesting for until I started to check into this wow was I clueless as to how much money it actually took to start a brick and mortar business.

business planMost common startup costs business owners might need to budget for can include equipment purchases, starting fees, purchasing office space, buying inventory, advertising, building a website, purchasing office supplies, utility costs, and more.

And those business startup costs can get pretty big. You have to buy equipment, software, sign a lease, and hire staff—and those are just the obvious ones.

What about licenses and permits, website hosting, and business cards?

It’s all too easy for gung-ho new business owners to jump into planning without thinking carefully enough about the business startup costs they’ll need to pay, and whether or not those costs are feasible.

Here, we’ve put together a list of 14 different types of business startup costs you’ll need to consider when drawing up that first business plan.

Small business startup costs are costs incurred before a business is up and running.

The common startup costs business owners might need to budget for can include equipment purchases, starting fees, purchasing office space, buying inventory, advertising, building a website, purchasing office supplies, utility costs, and more.

Also, keep in mind that many of these business startup costs are recurring, so you’ll need to keep paying them over and over again, either on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis—think rent, office supplies, and payroll.

Others, like the incorporation fee or office furniture, are one-time costs.

When calculating your startup expenses, a good rule of thumb is to be able to cover six months’ worth of expenses up front.

In other words, don’t count on your business’s revenue to start easing your costs until at least after that early period is over. You’ll want a cushion while you get your feet under you and work on attracting business.

Generally, though, David Bakke at Money Crashers says that equipment costs for startups can range anywhere from $10,000 to $125,000.

Next, you need to figure in all the advertising and promotion costs for six months these can add up to a pretty penny. On top of these, you will have all the following to add in as well borrowing costs (interest due on the loans you need), employee expenses, office equipment, and supplies, insurance, licenses and permit fees.

Figuring that this would be the end wrong you still have research expenses and technological expenses, I am sure that there are probably some more that I am missing here but you are getting the idea of what you are looking at to start a brick and mortar business and the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to start this endeavor.

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Costs of Starting an Online Business

computer for businessThis cost analysis might just shock you because I am running my online business as you are reading this and can give you the exact breakdown of what I have spent in the last seven months running my online business.

Equipment required for an online business is a desktop computer or a laptop this can run you depending on what you want at the most up to about $1,200.00 – my laptop cost me less than $500.00.

Most people today have a computer or laptop already in their possession so an initial purchase for one is not even necessary at this point.

Internet connection is the next thing you will need on the list for starting an online business and most everyone today has the internet so what your monthly cost of this runs you can either be added or not because I am sure you use it for many other tasks along with your family members.

You can add to start up costs the price of possibly a couple of notebooks, file folders, and pens – but of course, most of us have some of these lying around the house that we can collect up and use.

Lastly, you are going to need the motivation and time to spend working on your online business which takes the time to write content place it on your website and wait for the search engines to find it and recognize you as a value to them.

Oh, but wait I forgot training you need someone to train you on how and what to do making your online business successful didn’t I?

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Training What Does It Cost

girl on laptop doing researchNow you can search the Internet for days, weeks, months, and even years before you find training that will work not some guru promising if you purchase his push-button system you are going to start to make money immediately.

These scams never work and if you sink your hard-earned money into buying them well seriously I cannot talk I did the exact same thing in the past and wasted money myself trying to find one that really worked.

I am going to offer you something completely different here and it is not going to cost you anything – now you are thinking sure I have heard that one before!  Right?

But I am being 100% honest and upfront with you right now and can offer you a platform where you can receive training for the first seven days for FREE!!

This is not everything the platform offers but enough that you can take the training, build a website, get yourself a business started online and it is not going to cost you one single penny!

What is the downside to all of this? Seriously, nothing that anyone I have talked to has found other than they do not believe they can really join the community for FREE for seven days with real people to talk to in Live Chat!

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What If I Want More

You finished the training which is a total of 20 lessons in two different modules and have a beautiful website but want more not wanting to give up the chance for a very successful business online.

What is your next move? You can continue to build with what you received for free for as long as you wish to remain a free member with the platform no questions asked OR . . .

Should you want to move on and receive more help with more training it is available! There is even a special offer for you join within the first seven days and receive a discount for the first month at $19.00 not bad considering what the other guy’s charge?

After that, the Premium Membership is only $49.00 a month which includes all the training this platform has to offer along with so many other benefits listing them here would be impossible.

Want to save even more money on a Premium Membership to the platform knowing this is something that can take you to the top in online business they offer other membership payment plans to save you even more see below.

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Business start up costs for an online business which normally can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year or more depends on YOU!

How motivated are you to working toward your goals of becoming successful?  How much time are you willing to commit to making this happen?  Do you have what it takes?

When I said before this is not a get-rich-quick scam I was being dead serious – running your own online business takes time and patience most quit before they even get started.

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In Closing

Helping others by spreading the word on how to begin and become successful online is a goal that I have all my own stopping them from spending money on those scams and gurus throwing away money.

Want some honest information – it has taken me seven months to see my websites start to see the traffic from the search engines that are now starting to bring in the passive income streams that will continue for a lifetime.

Another few months then I can live comfortably from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop.

So what is holding you back?  Fear of failure?, not going to happen, Money? $49.00 a month is too expensive?, with this type of thinking then you are not going to be successful at anything you try.

Excuses are what is holding you back. Get over the excuses and find yourself a wonderful to make money the easy way!  Think about where you spend money each and every month, surely there is a way to cut $1.61 a day to give yourself a life of freedom working from anywhere in the world.


Hearing from my readers is appreciated please leave all your comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below I do answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading along today hope I have convinced at least one of you that joining this community for FREE  is where you need to start putting your life and dreams together.

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