How To Use – Many ask questions here, but?

How To Use

Many Ask Questions On Quora, But?

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How Should You Use Quora?

Quora is a new social platform which has actually been around for quite a while. Seems that not too many people seriously can understand how we should be using the social network.

Any Social Network that is available should be something that you become familiar with and always use to your own advantage for free advertising to your website.

Can you seriously think of anything better than FREE? Man, please do not go there I do already know what you are thinking! Organic traffic can be directed to your website from so many of the Social Media sites when we learn how to use them.

Just to let you know what is going to happen if you want to get traffic from Quora you need to do your homework. People post questions there all day long for answers meaning that hundreds of thousands of eyes are seeing these answers.

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Problem is if you start answering questions and every time you do you are dropping a link to your website that is going to cause you to get banned for spamming!

No matter how much your content answers the question using your link over and over again is going to get you spammed right out the door.

So how can one share links back to the useful information on their website? With doing some research I found a YouTube video explaining how one person uses Quora.

After watching the video it started to make sense, and sharing it here with you today may help you to get your website more exposure on another Social Media platform meaning more organic traffic.

Using Quora or Not?

Not exactly what to take away from this video using Quora myself I have dropped my website link when I felt it was appropriate to help with answering the questions. But not every single time this means wasting time answering some questions that you are not getting any exposure with.

Time is one of our most valuable assets doing internet marketing or affiliate marketing writing content and doing promotions takes up so much of our time not to mention everything else we must fit in.

Finding that Quora is very easy to use answering some questions related to my niche website is fine. But then passing on ones that can be more complicated taking more time to answer has served to save some valuable time for me.

Some of the people’s questions on this platform do not even make much sense. This can be even more annoying to have to find the ones that pertain only to what you are looking to answer.

There is a way around this by selecting from the menu in Quora what interests you have. Keeping your interests down to a low minimum is a good way to clear out all the other nonsense saving you time as well.

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Getting Actual Traffic

Considering this is what would be referral traffic not too sure if Google even tracks visitors coming from Quora to the websites or to YouTube. Therefore, if they land on your website it could cause the bounce rate to increase if it is not what they are looking for.

Because Social Media is based strictly on questions and answers not by who or how many people you are following this is how you need to rank yourself.

When answering questions be as thorough as possible setting yourself up as an authority within any niche. The people who come to Quora can up-vote or down-vote your answers the more up-votes then the more people are going to want you to answer their questions.

Quora is not run like the other Social Media sites so what you want is to be able to work within your niche and become very highly know for giving the best answers.

This will grow the number of people trusting you and ultimately then drive the free organic traffic that you are looking for from Quora to your website.

Just remember by posting a link every time you answer a question you do run the chance of getting banned for spam. Relevant information from your website must be able to further answer the question that was asked giving you more authority with your audience.


In Closing

My recommendation for using Quora is that once you have the time to invest in answering questions within your niche along with the content on your website to back you up then, by all means, start using this.

Limit yourself to a certain amount of time using the Social Media site just like you would anything else in your day. Staying organized and on track to complete goals is the most important to becoming successful in any business.

Not tried out Quora yet? Suggest when you find an extra 15 minutes or so go and sign up for an account this really is a useful tool for anyone who owns a website in any niche.

Just remember to select wisely when you are picking the topics from the menu that Quora offers that way you are not wasting time reading questions that you have no interest in.

Do you use Quora for driving traffic to your website?

What are your thoughts about using Quora?

Have you found a way of tracking if visitors are coming from Quora to your website?

Appreciate hearing from all my readers any thoughts or answers to my questions posed. Please leave any of those along with suggestions, comments, or questions for me in the space provided below.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my article today and please stop back anytime.

Best wishes to you for a successful future,




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