Free SEO Tool – How to Find One

Free SEO Tool – How to Find One

In search of a “Free SEO Tool – How to Find One” everyone needs training when it comes to SEO for their website to get ranked and visible on the search engines.  Finding the right tools and knowing how to use them can mean the difference between becoming highly successful or a complete failure online.

Thankful I was able to join a large community where experience prevails and you can receive help 24/7 from the members and even the owners of the company should it be necessary.

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SEO What is It?

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For those of you who do not know what SEO is this stands for Search Engine Optimization making your website more visible to them.

Using SEO on your website can mean either having a very successful website or a total failure if not used properly. Training on this is provided through Wealthy Affiliate showing you the proper way to use and apply SEO to all your sites.

SEO targets the keywords within your title and content on the posts of your website this enables them to rank your site and whether your content holds something of value for people searching the internet.

Finding the right SEO tool for Online Entrepreneurs has been one of the Wealthy Affiliate goals making sure all their members are able to know how to use the tool and rank with the content on their websites.

Some of the members do use Yoast SEO but remember even though this is a compatible plugin tool with WordPress it will cost you once the trial is over. With a discounted price on Black Friday for each site of $62.30 per year.

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SEO Tools for Free

Because I am a Premium Member with Wealthy Affiliate the All in One SEO tool comes with the membership and I pay no additional charges.

Therefore, I went in search of SEO Tools that could be used for free and unfortunately did not locate any other than free trial periods for up to 30 days after that only one website is covered for the monthly fees they charge.

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Some offer a yearly free like Yoast which is very reasonable the price listed above at $62.30 is a Black Friday deal they were running at 30% off the normal price for the year.

Moz offers you a 30-day trial period and then charges $179.00 per month for the SEO and Keyword Research tools, and SEMRush offers packages from $99.00 per month up to a Business Plan for $399.00 per month anything higher requires a quote through the company.

Considering All In One SEO and Jaaxy Lite is included with Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership for only $49.00 per month I am saving so much money just with these two tools alone.

Which One Is Best To Use

Members on the platform at Wealthy Affiliate have asked this but in my opinion, if we have the tools provided to us within the platform that works well why go someplace else and pay more?

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This is all a matter of personal use and what people are looking for with their business model and I am not saying that someday I will not go to another platform for my own use when selecting what or who to use for these.

Basically, it all boils down to experience and how long you have been in the online business what are your needs and requirements in building a successful website.

When people start to become more and more profitable with the online world a need for improved and better systems is required to fit their needs and I am sure some of the paid SEO tools carry more than what is offered by the All In One SEO.

SEO for Beginners

Starting out in the online business world is not exactly the easiest thing but if you know where to find the right training and community full of Online Entrepreneurs willing to guide you along the way then things get a lot easier.

Have a problem understanding SEO? I am sure you do I never even heard of it until I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate for free – that is right FREE.

During the FREE membership training, I learned about keywords and SEO and members of the community were so helpful in explaining whatever I did not completely understand in the training videos.

Search Engine Optimization is needed if you plan on building a successful business online or offline because even the business that is brick and mortar need a way for people to find them without a website they are just hanging out there.

SEO needs to be done correctly on all websites making sure you use the proper meta description for your website and the proper keywords for the search engine to locate your content and get indexed and ranked.

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In Closing

With this website, I am only trying to let everyone know what all is involved in setting up an online business with a website and it can be for any business type including the brick and mortar one that you are already running.

Want people to locate you then knowing how to find keywords and doing proper SEO will make a big difference in the profitability end of your business.

What are your thoughts about SEO? Did you know anything about SEO before reading this post? Are you willing to take the time to learn how and why you would use keywords and SEO? Interested in building your own online business?

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I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on these questions please leave them in the space provided below along with any questions, comments, suggestions you have for me.

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Thanks for reading about SEO and learning something new today, I find SEO a fascinating subject researching it is even more fun knowing when the algorithms change can and will affect online business.

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