5 K Formula System – Is this a SCAM?

5 K Formula System – Is It A Scam?

Here is the Claim:

New Instant Commission System, Makes Me $5,000…

On 100% Autopilot, For FREE!”

This email came from Matthew@SpeedWealthmatthew@speedwealth.net on January 4, 2019

Looking into the email this is what I have found with as much detail as I can possibly give you and then, of course, my opinion of if this is another scam or the system might be worth purchasing.

I do not believe anyone is going to give you their secret to making money online automated at the push of a button, and first of all, because no such thing seriously exists, if it did do you really think someone is going to share it with you at any price?

Opening the Email

In opening the email the first thing we find is a heading to make $5000. with a system on 100% Autopilot, For FREE! This alone has me wondering if it is free then why all the hype with a video up next?

Right below the video is a box to enter your email right away because:

ATTENTION: Price is subject to change at any time… ACT NOW!

With a BUY NOW button!!

Wait one second, did they just say in the opening of this email that this was For FREE? Hold on guess what there is cash purchase involved here that is only the beginning and what you are going to be purchasing is listed within the email.

The proof is provided in the screenshot below-showing commissions being paid out to the account, but this is just a page anyone can make with a little touch of imagination and some computer skills.

Earnings Matthew 5K system picture of income

Next Memo from Owner of 5K Formula System


DATE: Wednesday, December 26, 2018

picture of owner mathew neer

Dear future super affiliate,

Hi, my name is Matthew Neer,

A few paragraphs of blah, blah, blah and then,

It’s simple… “I have a SALES FUNNEL.”

The secret revealed, he has a SALES FUNNEL, seriously anyone who knows about working online knows about sales funnels this is nothing new.

Sales funnels are not new and they are very easy to create but he does not tell you about his own sales funnel system until we get down into the email some more and I am thinking this is more than just a simple Sales Funnel.


Now Marketing Comes Into Play

Matthew is now claiming that he is going to equip you with tools and teach you how to become a great marketer. He claims that doing regular marketing strategies do not work as his do and there will be no selling, no Facebook, no MLM, no Blogging, no SEO and no CPA.

What Matthew is suggesting here is selling you a website for his $39.99 exactly like the one you have landed on, and let you put your name on it. Claiming he will pay you 100% commissions for doing this?

He also claims that this website is going to sell the system for you automatically and close the sales all you have to do is plug in your details, he will do all the selling for you and you will get all the commissions.

This sounds just a little fishy to me, how do you feel about someone else does all the work for a little $39.99 and all of a sudden they are going to pay you thousands?

SEO description graph

Good Part Coming Up

In the next part of this email we are now going to learn about the UPSELLS involved, really this was not mentioned when Matthew was talking about his great sales funnel or his ways of marketing it.

According to him the upsell funnel coverts and you will then earn another 50% commission on every single product in the sales funnel – wonder how much these are going to cost and if we first have to pay more to get this commission?

Next Matthew claims that the marketing material is all you are going to need with banner ads (who is placing these ads for you and where) PPC Keywords (in what content and on what website) classified ads (who is placing these and paying for them they are very expensive) email swipes (who in sending the emails and to what list) and more?

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Finally, he states that you need ZERO technical experience everything is set up for you the moment you become a member all you need to do is a plugin in and profit with your own unique link that tracks your commissions for you.

Commissions are sent directly to you the minute you refer a customer and they buy a product, so how exactly are we referring customers for this system?

Also, offered in this promotional material is: No Hosting Required, No Domain Name Required, No Technical Experience Required, No Setup Required, They Do All Customer Support, Product Delivery (which is digital, of course), and keep track of Your Account for you.

Making Things So Simple

Matthew’s 5K Formula System has only the easiest of the 5 steps to making thousands of dollars daily and they are Login to Your Account – you will go to a welcome video explaining how to get started with just doing a click by click.

Second, then connect your Commission Link which the video will show you how to find and “get approved the fastest” what is meant by this?

Third, select your traffic source? I thought they provided all the traffic? No, they will show you how to get the hottest traffic sources online, and this is the best part free and PAID traffic methods.

Fourth, now you will have to point the traffic source to your commission link – this sounds to me like an affiliate link in disguise so where are you going to attach the link?

And the fifth step according to Matthew’s system is sitting back, relax, and make commissions because they are just going to start coming in once you have done these steps, that easy except there are many steps missing here.

In Closing

What I am seeing here is a person selling a 5K Formula System that is going to earn you nothing unless you know exactly what you are doing and years of experience in the marketing industry.

As a beginner coming into the online world, this is just throwing away your money and you would be much better off taking the family to McDonald’s for dinner.

By no means is it a scam but for a normal individual to start out with a system like this nothing is going to happen it is in a way an MLM funnel system that is going to require more investments prior to you actually earning any money online.

The system is on ClickBank which is a good thing meaning you are guaranteed to get your money back if you did fall for this as a beginner to the online world.

This system is best left for those with years of experience and knowing the most about sales funnels and MLM that have the ability to invest in something this expensive.

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What is your opinion of the 5K Formula System do you think it is a scam?

Interesting in hearing your opinion or thoughts please leave them in the space provided below along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have.

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