Legit Work From Home for Disabled People

Legit Work From Home for Disabled People

Knowing the world has many people who are disabled unable to hold or find jobs this article is for you.  Because this is not something that is right for every individual you should read the article completely before making a decision.

Working from home is the only option many have but finding something that is legitimate and not going to rob you of income which is limited in most cases is the hard part.

This article will take the hard part out of finding the legitimate work from home job (in reality it is not a job but gives you the opportunity to own your own online business) you are reading the proof right now!


Disabled People Need Work

I am disabled and not in the sense of a physical disability but suffering from manic depression, anxiety, and panic attacks it is impossible for me to hold any type of 9 to 5 position in the workforce.

girl depressed sadness aloneThese disabilities interfere with sleep so suffering from insomnia is another really big problem when you go without sleep for a couple of days at a time then how are you to function in any job?

People will look at you not see a physical disability and think that you should get a job when in reality this is impossible dealing with the outside world is worse with the anxiety and panic attacks but they have no idea.

If you are one of these people then, believe me, I know what it is like even my own family does not understand the type of stress that you can go through with these disabilities.

People who have physical disabilities can work better than those of us who suffer from the unseen disabilities they can overcome obstacles of working in a wheelchair much easier than anyone with manic depression ever can.

Do not get me wrong I am not asking for any sympathy here because although I am disabled from the workforce not being able to hold down a 9 to 5 job, this has given me the freedom to find what I have always wanted to do for a long time.

That was to have my own online business unfortunately with life dealing out the unfortunate circumstances and my disability this has taken some years to come around to fruition.

How I Found This Business

Many of you have heard of affiliate marketing or internet marketing and this is a real honest way to make money online provided you find the right place to get the training and knowledge required to make it happen.

There are so many “Shiny Object” scams on the television and internet today that anyone in their right mind would not have a clue if these are legit or not.

Do not get me wrong I tried many of those and lost a lot of money investing in the scams that the gurus promised would work and money would come pouring in the next day or even in hours after following their push-button schemes.

Then one day I decided to do some in-depth research and found a website called Wealthy Affiliate offering a FREE to join trial period, now here I am thinking sure as soon as I enter my email address the next thing that is going to pop us is another one of those silly videos and hurry get in before they take the offer down.

Guess what to my surprise this did not happen instead I landed on a sign in screen to create my account for the FREE trial offer to Wealthy Affiliate.

Alright then creating the FREE trial account was not difficult you enter your email again, your name, a username, and a password to create an account with Wealthy Affiliate and then are taken to the actual website for training.

Signup Page for WA

This was simply awesome and had never happened before when using any of those other places that offered FREE training or free to join offers.

Wealthy Affiliate Website

Once inside the website you have seven days on the Free (Starter) Membership to make up your mind if everything they have to offer is worth going into the Premium Membership.

Here was the bonus that you will not believe if you decide that you are not ready or do not have the finances after the seven-day trial is over you do not have to leave the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can remain a Free Member for as long as you want.

Look at what you get with the Starter Membership –

  • 20 Lessons
  • Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)
  • Level 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training
  • 2 Free Websites on the siterubix Domain
  • Free Website Hosting, including Site Speed, SSL Certification, and Site Protection
  • Live Chat 24/7 (available for the first seven days after that only with Premium Membership)
  • No up sales involved in Premium Membership – all-inclusive only exception is Domain purchase

Premium Membership has so many benefits listing them all here is just not even plausible, joining as a Free Member will let you see the whole book of benefits that are offered under the Premium Membership and let you talk to members to know that this is an excellent offer.

Free Dog Training. Click Here.

Why I Became Premium

After I signed up for the Free (Starter) Member looking around for a few minutes I decided to start with the “Getting Started” video in the first lesson and I included that here for you below to listen to.

Getting Started Screenshot

Thanks to my insomnia after going through the 3rd lesson of Level 1, I realized this was the real deal and in a couple of days, I went with the Premium Membership knowing that this was going to be where I would learn everything needed to become successful online.

The members of this community are here to help you succeed and make sure they put all they have into helping you with extra training and updating you with how to navigate Social Media to get free traffic to your website.

One of the Premium Members wrote a Wealthy Affiliate blog post that stated he has been here for four years and keeps finding training that he never knew existed in the community.

Do not get me wrong this is not for everyone people have come and found that this is not something they want to do or even can do the right Mind Set is necessary along with determination and commitment to making it work.

Many feel they cannot write content for a website but this is not true at all you communicate every day in text and talking to others and that is all you need to do when you write content to communicate with words on pages.

In Closing

Honestly, I could write you a complete book about Wealthy Affiliate and what they offer singing their praises is not going to make any difference if this is not what you are interested in.

But if you are looking for a way to work from home and not spend a fortune on starting your own business then this is the place to find everything you need all under one roof.

Passive income is the best way to look at what you are creating and for those of you who no longer want to work for someone else then starting out slow and building over a period of time for the future here is your chance.

Looking for the real way to work from home?

Want an opportunity to own an online business?

Need a way to start for FREE no strings attached?

Here is your invitation to join Wealthy Affiliate today >>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<< and sign in!

I am seriously interested in the answers to the questions above will you please leave them along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below, I answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you taking the time to read until the end you can bookmark the site and share with anyone you know willing to give themselves a chance to change their life creating their own online business.

Best wishes to you for a lifetime of success,



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  1. As far as I know, affiliate marketing is one of the best online businesses that are really successful at the moment. This article has everything I needed or anyone else needed to know about affiliate marketing, especially Wealthy Affiliate.

    I learned here about what Wealthy Affiliate is and why it is a good choice to start affiliate marketing with them.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    • Sujandar,

      Thank you for the kind words you have left to my article. People who suffer from unseen disabilities, especially depression, have a very hard time feeling useful or productive in life. A place like Wealthy Affiliate can give them back feelings that they are useful and productive, but when the depression comes around they do not have to worried about being fired because they cannot show up for a job.  Makes it a perfect solution for those who need a real work from home job they can do at their own speed and in their own time no one to rush them.

      Thank you again,


  2. Anyone who is determined to earn online should go for Wealthy affiliate, you don’t just earn but learn too. With the friendly community who are always willing to help one can’t go wrong.  The premium package is wonderfully different from others. Good for those who are disabled in any way took, and want to be successful in online business.

    • Sandra,

      Many disabled people like myself would like to go to work or have a job, but with the disabilities, this is not possible when I found Wealthy Affiliate and could join for FREE I was so happy.  I finally found something that I can work on every day and see the progress I was making, then I got the Premium Membership and finished all the training that has been months ago, now I am seeing traffic to the websites I created and making some commissions in only six months!

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article today,



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