What About Success? Business or Entrepreneur

What About Success?

Business or Entrepreneur

Curious how many successful people do you know?  I am talking people who own their own businesses and enjoy life not people like you boss at work or the owners of a business that work hard every day just to make ends meet.

Note, however, I am not talking about the Bill Gates or people like that either.  The successful people I am talking about are those that have chosen a completely different path to walk in life.

Realize this is not for everyone in life some of us are just not cut out to be successful because we lack the motivation and commitment required.

Others lack patience to learn or listen to negativity from others including themselves of not being able to do things or their own complete fear of failure then people telling them I told you so!

After you take the time to finish reading my article today then you can decide which of the above groups you might fit into.

Because the last group of people is where I come in having a dream in life, wanting it bad enough to find the means of accomplishing it, setting goals, failing, starting over, then reaching the success I want!

If you are uninterested in reading this whole article I understand just click this box below it will take you to the sign in page where you can begin if you are in the very last group of people like me.



How to Become a Success

To answer a question you first need to look for steps to reach a conclusion that will enable you to correctly assess the situation and reach a valid answer.

In our case What About Success?  We need to look at how one reaches this goal either with a business online or as an online entrepreneur.

Research shows that to become successful in any business you first require a business plan, in other words, an idea and ways to implement them into action.

For a brick and mortar business, I have already written about the costs involved in trying to start this venture and it does add up into the thousands of dollars which I am sure you are all aware of.

But what about a business online or becoming an online entrepreneur? Costs involved in working this are not even close to putting someone in debt for years before seeing some type of return on the investment.


Starting an online business takes time and money true but considering the differences the online business is pennies in comparison to the brick and mortar idea.  Failure is not an option fail you start over until you succeed!

Any brick and mortar business has advertising expenses even learning to build your own website can save a person money by doing it themselves driving more business to their own place of operations. What a savings right?

Training for Online Business or Entrepreneur

Granted I know there are a number of companies on the internet today where you can build a website for FREE and receive a nice discount for up to a year for the rest of the things you need to get that website onto the search engines.

What you are not being told is about all the SEO, keywords, hosting network, Site Speed times, Site Protection needed, SSL Certificates (so people can visit your website securely), and more I know I have forgotten things here.

Building a website is easy I will agree but to do it the correct way for the search engines to find it and actually rank you and put you on the first page of the search engines is another topic completely.

With proper training and yes it does take some time to complete the training just like going to school and graduation took 12 years now add college for another 4 years then the training for doing this is not so bad depending on how much time you devote to doing the tasks and completing them.

Some people can complete training in a matter of months when others have taken a year or more due to other obligations and life getting in the way of them being able to work with the training completing the tasks required to move on.

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Where To Get Training

Where can you get this great deal you are asking? Wealthy Affiliate is where and it is not just any training like you are used to seeing with only e-books or a silly video trying to sell you something.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you are able to join for FREE no kidding no money involved no credit card required the only thing you need is your email address to get started, oh and filling out your profile once your inside.

Skeptical bet you are, I was, there was never a time I entered my email address and was not taken to a stupid video telling me I needed to sign up right away because they could only let so many people in before they had to close the doors forever.

You know exactly the ones I am talking about and seriously these scam artists keep renaming those scams make up a new video and change the price just to keep selling the same thing over and over again.

Think about this for just a minute – suppose you did find a way to push let’s say 9 buttons on your computer and cash started to roll into your bank account overnight are you going to tell anyone about it or share the information on the internet?

I am not a greedy person but how many people would I really share this with – possibly my family members and a few close friends because I would be afraid that it would stop as fast as it started or I did something illegal!

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Why is Wealthy Affiliate Different

All that I can really tell you is sign up because no matter what I say here it does not give you the full effect of actually being on the website and seeing it for yourself.

Sure I can tell you over and over again it is FREE to join, or that you will receive the best training from experts, how about the live support 24/7 in Live Chat from all the other members who belong and have been there for years.

It is possible that you would be impressed with just that and want to join, let me add 2 free websites along with the hosting with all the bell and whistles to go with them Site Speed, SSL Certificates, Site Protection this is FREE as well.

ssl, site speed, site protection

Look I could keep writing away with all the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate, but you are not going to believe any of it unless you experience the live training and complete package for yourself.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme so you can forget that!  The training and community will help you build a successful online business or become a successful online entrepreneur but you are going to have to work for it just like we all have.

Have you noticed that the whole way through this article I have never once said anything about how much money you are going to make by joining Wealthy Affiliate?

There is a reason for that if you are not willing to work and build your own online business or become an online entrepreneur what is the sense you are the one holding yourself back from becoming successful no one else.

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In Closing

Scared to try something new? Guess what so was I!  Scared to fail and now look at me I am able to get up and enjoy my day not have to put up with a boss – I am the boss and I can do whatever I want each and every day.

When I need a vacation this is not even a problem I can either schedule work to go out on certain days from my computer or take the laptop with me as long as I have an internet connection all is good.


Even if you do not want a laptop lifestyle and are just looking for a way to supplement your income why not make it an income that is going to last you a lifetime by doing the right thing and joining Wealthy Affiliate you are on your way to making a passive income for the rest of your life.

So what is holding you back from joining?

Fear of failure, fear of what?  Yourself?

You can leave your answers below in the space provided along with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have for me here at Work from Home, I do answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for stopping by today best wishes to you in finding success,







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