Stay at Home Mom Jobs – Start Your Own Business

Stay At Home Mom Jobs

Start Your Own Business

Stay at home Mom Jobs – better than a job my question to you is why not start your own business working from home?

Things for myself would have been so much different if only someone would have shared this information with me years ago finding it now has been a God send so I am willing to share it with those who are willing to listen.

The company I am going to invite you to join is not Avon or Amway nothing to do with actually selling door to door or making cold sales calls.

All the work you will do will be your own business and run from online never having to talk to anyone in person bugging family or friends trying to sell them anything either.

If you have a computer or laptop and an internet connection you have all the equipment needed to run your own online business from home making a handsome living once you learn what to do.

Please do not think I am trying to sell you anything because that is not it at all – this is an invitation pure and simple once you have tried out the community I am inviting you to join for FREE then it is going to up to you if this is something that you are interested in.

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Should you wish to skip reading the whole article and want to get started right away I can understand this once I was inside the community it was hard to stop with the training.

Job or Business from Home

mom and babyDoes a business of your own interest you more than just any ordinary old job that you can do from the comfort of your home while spending time with your children sound appealing to you?

Then if you would like to do something like this please continue to read the rest of this page. No, this is no get-rich-quick scam offer or any guru trying to sell you a money making system that you can do in your sleep.

What I would like to offer you is a chance to set up your very own business that you can run from home provide training and coaching so that you cannot fail.

I know you have heard this all before but before you shut it completely out keep an open mind and just finish reading what all is being offered before you click away from the page alright?

Let’s say with offering you the training and coaching you will be able to sign up for FREE no cost to you at all for a full seven days and try everything out – check the training and all the platform has to offer and by FREE I mean FREE.

Would earning an income month after month be something you are interested in? Would building a business that you can continue to build in the future for the rest of your life interest you?

This is exactly what is being offered and you can expand or even sell your business in the future meaning that building it could bring you a very substantial profit for retirement.

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Online Business

All that is required for you to start your own online business is a computer or laptop with an internet connection plus a space that you can work with some peace and quiet.

The work is not difficult you need no experience to start out but if you have basic computer skills then you have more than what some people that have a very successful business already started with.

online trainingAre you a person that can follow a simple step by step directions and follow along with video instructions? These are not difficult directions and you can check off your progress each step of the way.

Get stuck with something and you have available in this platform a Live Chat with real people where you can enter and ask questions 24/7 365 days a year.

You are not being offered just anyone on one coaching this I offer myself as part of the FREE trial for the seven days and that is not something that comes with most platforms even when you pay up front for them coaching is extra.

Live Chat alone gives you access to so many people that have a vast amount experience with doing this business you can ask them any questions and they have the answers but the best part is they want you to succeed as much as you do.

Offered with all of this is two free websites for you to set up for your business and hosting is covered so there is no cost involved for finding a hosting platform these include Site Speed, SSL certifications, and Site Protection (Spam Blocker).

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What Type of Business

Here is the best part you can choose what type of business you would like to run online there are hundreds more like thousands of different businesses that can be very profitable in the online world.

Making up your mind on what type of business you want to run is not an easy choice as I have found out because I joined this platform myself a few months ago.

***I am not putting something here that was not included when I first published this article but feel it is something that would benefit you and might help you decided what you would rather do a job or your own business.

Robert A WA Member


Robert is a member of the community and gave me permission to share one of his personal blog posts from inside the community with you >>>CLICK HERE TO READ<<<

I really hope you enjoy this post as much as I did it is what made me write this article.


But here is one little secret making money online does not happen overnight it takes time, work, commitment, and more patience than most people want to give it.

Most people want instant gratification when they open an online business but do not realize that if they were to open a regular business brick and mortar how much money they have to invest and then wait years before seeing a profit.

If you are not serious enough to want a lifetime of freedom from working for someone else making them more money then this probably would not be something that would interest you.

Freedom from the 9 to 5 rat race and having a boss looking over your shoulder now if that is what you are looking for then, by all means, please join me and this great platform to help you build the business of your dreams.

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Costs of Membership

This is going to be the next question that everyone is asking themselves right? Sure is, the first month comes with a discount of only $19.00. And this is not payable until you have had the complete seven days to check things out FREE.

After that Premium membership is $49.00 per month but once you go Premium there are other benefits to the platform starting when you upgrade with the discount month.

Membership Fees WA

All of these are explained inside the FREE membership area and you can take all of this into consideration once you are signed up for the platform to see if this is what is right for you.

Some say well I can go build a website or business with GoDaddy or one of those places for Free as well but they include no hosting or any of the Site Speed, SSL certificates, and Site Protection that is offered here.

Plus they will give you no training to follow to set up a website with how to get indexed and ranked within all the big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But if you think they are better then go for it.  But if you would like to try joining me for free please just click on the box below.

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In Closing

For those of you Stay at Home Moms this is just one way that I can offer you a way to earn money working from home that is not going to cost you an arm and leg to learn what to do or how to do it.

It does take time but the wait is well worth the rewards in the end members who have been on this platform for years are earning in the five-figure a month bracket and that is not to bad especially if you are looking at a ten-year span.

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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below.

Want to contact me directly send an email to

Thanks for reading and best wishes,





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2 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom Jobs – Start Your Own Business”

  1. Hi Susan! I am a “Want to stay at home” dad trying to find a way to do exactly what your article is talking about. Thank you for this information!

    I am wondering what the name of the website is where I go to learn all this stuff about making money from home. Where do go to read more and sign up?

    Is this legit? I have been scammed a couple of times. Once by a guy who is in prison for scamming people and once by a guy who just disappeared. You said that you are in the program. What do you think about the program? What are its pros and cons?

    • John,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post, I was going to include stay at home dads that thought did occur to me!

      My membership is in the Wealthy Affiliate platform where they will teach you everything you need to know about starting and operating your own online business.  I apologize to you for getting scammed in the past so many of us have including myself it is known as the “shiny object syndrome” people who promise you huge amounts of cash for a small first time investment.  These are never going to work or happen they make all their money by taking from the hard working people like you and I.

      This is one place you will learn step by step how to build a business and become successful and it is really FREE to join no risk and no up sales involved you can decide to stay with the platform as a Premium member or free member as long as you like.



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