MME “Make Money Even” – Scam MLM Company?

MME “Make Money Even” – Scam MLM Company?

This afternoon I am going to give you some information about an email that I have received from a place known as Power of-3, and they are now promoting a program called MME (Make Money Even).

Do not know about you but until today I had never heard of this company so was curious to see what they were all about, please read on and see for yourself if you think this company is a SCAM!

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So What Is MME?

MME stands for “Make Money Even” clicking on the video this is how it opens – with a very soft-spoken gentleman talking about how easy it is to join the MME program.

The best part of it all he claims is this is how to make money for FREE – really how exactly does that work because if there is really a way to make money for FREE I know that I want in on it – who wouldn’t?

This soft-spoken gentleman then goes on to explain that it is going to cost you $10.00 to get into the MME, but that is given right back to you as an instant sign up bonus in your dashboard once you are signed up.

picture of sign saying free money

Alright, so far sounds interesting I invest $10.00 to get my $10.00 back – but this is the beginning now once you start making referrals to MME you get paid $5.00 for the first referral you have signed up, they join for the $10.00 and they get the instant sign up bonus just like you did so they join for nothing. But you make $5.00 for them signing up how does that work?

picture of five dollars each referral

He sends you into the next phase of the video where we can now learn how we are going to be making $5.00 for the referrals we are signing up for the MME.

A new spoke’s person comes on in this part of the video to explain how the MME compensation plan is going to work. I must say it does sound impressive but still trying to figure out exactly what is being promoted here.

Below is a screenshot of commissions you can be paid as a started member for FREE with the MME Make Money Even way, it starts with the first ten people you refer. You get to keep every other person and then the other five people go up a slot to your sponsor the person you signed up under.

five dollar commission total picture chart

This situation keeps going to infinity for members as they sign up with the free starter membership except after the first ten then you only have to pass up to your sponsor every fifth person in other words after number ten you will get paid for the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth person, and then the fifteenth person would go to your sponsor at the $5.00.

Now, this keeps getting better once you have all your people signed up you can, of course, keep going having more people sign up but they also have to pass five of the first people that sign up under them up to you as their sponsor and keep going with the same as the above thereafter that.

All of that covers the Basic Plan with MME and they also have a VIP Marketing Plan that you can join which will earn you even higher commissions and this works in basically the same manner with the big exception being the membership will cost you $200.00 per year.

VIP Commission Chart picture of chart

Commissions on this side are paid at $50.00 per member joining with a 100% matching commission paid for them as well-meaning for each member signed up under you under the VIP Marketing Plan you can earn $100.00 per person.


legit way to mmo banner

Sounds Like MLM

This is a program commission based on multi-level marketing commissions, so if it sounds like an MLM opportunity then I would say you are correct.

Here is the problem that I am having so far with this video, they have shown me nothing other than how commissions are paid out, no product, or how this is seriously of any benefit to anyone.

They are calling it a VIP Marketing Plan but so far all they have told anyone is how they plan to pay commissions on what is taken in.

Here is the only other thing I can find about the MME membership is they are a part of Global Domains International who claims that having a membership with MME will benefit your membership with GDI.

I will see what GDI is all about in another review once I can locate more information on this company will bring you all the details here soon.

Marcus Miller was the sender of this email and considering everything I have read so far along with watching this video can only guess he is an affiliate of the MME Marketing Plan either as a Basic Free Member or who knows maybe a VIP Member.

Either way, considering the MLM involved in the commission plan it is highly unlikely that I will get involved with such a program.

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legit way to mmo banner

Research Shows

The next place I always try to find information for any of these new programs that they send me emails on to hurry and join because I am going to be missing out on making money is of course Google.

Sorry to say that I cannot find any information about this company at all on the search engines, no reviews, no promotion, no website yet at this time.

Makes me very uncomfortable if these people do not even have a website on the internet showing the company is actually legitimate of what they are offering the public or marketers.

As an internet marketer, I am always looking for programs to support and send my readers to for making money online but this one is not recommended for anyone at this time.

Could this be the next MLM scam where people join for a small $10.00 price tag thinking they are really joining for FREE only to find a year from now there really is no MME “Make Money Even”?

I will leave this for you to decide for yourself, but for now, I would not touch this with a ten-foot pole. Should I find more information on this company in the future I will be more than happy to revisit and revise my review of them.

In Closing

Final thoughts for today, Power of 3 cannot be found when I do a search for this online, GDI cannot be found when I do a search for them online, and you guessed it MME “Make Money Even” is not there either.

This to me screams SCAM and stay away which I plan on doing and recommend to anyone who finds my review to do the same.

Sure $10.00 is not very much money to invest but what they have promised for future payout I just cannot see happening in the long run – no company I know of is going to operate in the negative by paying out a commission prior to selling you something where they are going to make a profit.

What are your feelings about MME?

How comfortable do you feel about spending $10.00 to join this program?

With no information available on the Power of 3 and GDI would you be interested in these companies?

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Seriously would like to hear your opinions on these questions, you can leave them along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below.

Thank you for stopping by and please bookmark the site for future information that will be coming your way as available.

Best wishes and to your online success,



2 thoughts on “MME “Make Money Even” – Scam MLM Company?”

  1. Hello Susan ,
    I was looking for info on MME ,and I found your review ,what I did not like about MME when I was getting ready to join was that fact that it is not a secure web-site so I could not use my Credit card info . I purchased a prepaid card today to use however the site will not load . Possibly down for maint, I will try again later . As far as the programs or products you mentioned , I never heard of the Power of 3 , GDI , I have ,I use to have a domain with them they have been around for quite some time . here is their link . they charge 10 a month for the Domain they are legit .
    I will as you may look at MME a little closer as it is only $10 , additionally I have seen MME videos on youtube posted as far back as 2017 however I did not watch them yet .
    By the way I like your site I will be back to see more of the articles you have posted when time permits.

    • John,

      Thank you for taking the time to read MME review on my site. GDI really is legit I did some checking on them after I did the review on MME
      I do hope you take the time to look at the payment plan which to me looks like a Pyramid Scam. I refused to place even $10.00 out there knowing eventually it was either going to cost me more or the company would not last long. Funny that the website is down for maintenance just when you are ready to join. Makes me wonder if it will come back up?

      Please, I welcome everyone back to my site, I try to add consistently to keep my readers up-to-date with possible scams. I also report on
      how other websites are beneficial to people. But for those who are looking for a legitimate way of making money online, I only have the
      #1 Recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate to get you started it is 100% FREE to become a Starter Member.

      Thanks again,


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