Make Money From Home For Free – It is Possible!

Make Money From Home For Free 

It is Possible!

“Make Money From Home for Free!”, this is not probable but is only possible if you are willing to put in the time and work searching the internet for months and years to find all the answers.

Want a faster easier way that you are not going to have to spend years looking for the answers?  Need a simple to follow step by step training showing you exactly how to accomplish making a passive income online?

Looking for a Free way of making money online seriously is a possibility if you know where to look but you would still need a website and hosting for your website this costs money.

What if I can offer you a solution to these problems right now here today but not only that you can start your online journey right now continue reading below the answers are there.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is where I started my journey to online wealth and it does not cost you one single penny to join, that is right nothing at all you can be signed up and working on your very own online business in a matter of minutes.

Sound interesting, I know it did for me, and believe me I was very skeptical to enter my email address because every day it takes me a good fifteen to twenty minutes to clear out all those scam emails of people sending me the newest way to make money online.

Look if you do not want to read this whole article and are in a hurry to start >>>>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<<<<< but I would appreciate it if you did finish reading.

Here is the deal and we all know that working online is not for everyone if it were we would all be doing it already and making a passive income at doing it.


It takes a person who is willing to put in the time, work, patience, and the possibility of failure so that they can learn from their mistakes and start over to become a success online and in the business world.

Many think because it says Wealthy Affiliate that all this teaches is how to do affiliate marketing and that does not even touch the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn from this program.

Yes, affiliate marketing is taught and the best part it teaches you how to do this the right way with step by step instructions and checking off tasks as you complete them one by one.

But there is so much more you can learn to do inside this platform, the wealth of information is endless, and every week there is a Live Event training class with our training coach Jay (magistudios) after which you can ask questions and he answers these live for all in attendance.

Jay (magistudios) Live Training Coach
Jay (magistudios) Live Training Coach

How to Run ECommerce

The month of November was all about ECommerce and how to set up your own online store, either with drop shipping or doing the shipping yourself of your own products.

With the Live Events training, these are all video recorded so you have access to these anytime you want to review them if you attended the live session or if you are not interested or busy that night can view them at your leisure when ready.

When Jay does these types of Live Training he goes from start to finish on exactly how things need to be researched making sure you are not going to fail when you are interested in running this type of business.

Introduction to ECommerence


He gives you places to look for products if you are going to be doing your own shipping directly or if you want to drop ship he references all the best places to become associated with for the best products and commissions.

You do not just have our live training coach to help you either there are over a million members with many years of experience that are willing to help you succeed in this business.

This was the way the owners Kyle and Carson set things up on a pay it forward type of system when someone succeeds everyone succeeds and that is how the members of the platform act on passing along information to each other.

Local SEO

Now you may have never heard this term before and that is alright because with Wealthy Affiliate you will learn a whole new language about the internet world and how people talk.

Local SEO is for the local businesses where you live, running Local SEO for shopkeepers and small businesses is a highly profitable business to get into.

Local SEO

All businesses have an advertising budget to survive the competition in the area, for some, it is just so people can find them and use the services or products they offer.

No matter how small a business they should always have a website on the internet even if it is only a page or two big this will provide them with a way for people to locate them.

Considering you can actually set up a website in 30 seconds this can make you a very nice income to build these websites but then have a passive income for years taking care of the website maintenance for a monthly charge.

As a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have the ability to set up 25 of your own domain sites (you must pay for the domain name yearly around $15.00) that Wealthy Affiliate pays hosting for you, along with 25 subdomain websites on hosted all included with your membership fee.

Freelance Writer

Complete the training and with practice, we all become better writers and learn so much along the way that you will become very good at what you are doing when it comes to writing articles (content).

freelancer writer

This will qualify you to become a Freelance Writer and pick up side jobs for writing for other people, this could be for another website or even copy for a big corporation, writers do make decent money if they are good enough.

Guest Blogging on another person’s website is always profitable because you can link your website to that person’s website directing people back to your – free advertising for your website is always great.

One other thing you can create is e-books that you can publish on Amazon for free and people will purchase these books we have a few members who are very successful with this having a number of published books.

In Closing

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is not just for affiliate marketing even if that is what the owners set out to make available to anyone who wanted to learn this and make a passive income online for life.

The training and the platform bring much more to the table for anyone interested in taking the time to learn all the parts of SEO and marketing for either online or offline business.

What are your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate?

Do you think that the training can offer someone this much for FREE?

What do you think maybe the Premium Members know something you don’t?

Would love to hear your thoughts on these questions along with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have please leave them in the space provided below.

Thank you for finishing the article if you did sending best wishes for your success in life,



6 thoughts on “Make Money From Home For Free – It is Possible!”

  1. What I love about working from home is that I am literally never at home when I work. It is so ironic I set goals for myself on how much money I would be satisfied making and I realized how much work it is! It just like a real job with dedicated hours, but the reward I feel is ten times better. I love being an affiliate and I plan on continuing.

    • Kira,

      Helping others realize this is possible considering all the gurus and scammers out there is something I am trying hard to accomplish with my website.  Yes, it takes time and work in the beginning but once you finally get things rolling then the work is not going to be as time-consuming as it is in the beginning.  The beauty of all the hard work, in the beginning, means that once you are rolling with the business you can work from any place there is an internet connection and that is my favorite thing of working from home.  I can be sitting on a beach with a WI-FI connection and place a post to a website in an hour enjoying the sun and ocean how great is this. 

      Thank you for letting others know that what we do can be done whether we are at home or away enjoying ourselves,


  2. The topic on the live training sounds really interesting. 

    I wanted to look into e-commerce but haven’t had the time yet. Thank you for sharing this opportunity. Look like this is where I can learn all I need to know to set up an online shop. 

    Personally I believe in lifelong learning. Having live training will make sure that we constantly absorb the latest information, which is especially useful if we are having online business. 

    • Grace,

      Joining this community will not only help you with e-commerce they have actual live training to walk you through setting it all up, the live training coach dedicated last November to teaching members how to set up the website and if you were interested in doing drop-shipping he even covered that.  The best part of the community is all the experienced members are available 24/7 from around the world to answer questions and help you succeed with all you need.  But the FREE Starter Membership you are going to find no place else with (2) two free websites, training of 20 free lessons, and free hosting for as long as you stay active they stay active.

      Thank you for reading and commenting return anytime,


  3. Susan, you are right that the Wealthy Affiliates platform does offer a heck of a lot of free information and training for people who are new to online marketing and a lot of it is free.  It’s a great way to dip your toe in the water and test out whether this is something you would want to pursue.  

    It can be overwhelming trying to do it on your own.  With WA, you are in the company of well-wishers and people who are working on their own dreams.  It is very inspiring.

    One reason I became a premium member was because of that initial generosity which carries through on every level of involvement.  The members help each other learn more and better ways to do everything that needs to be done to make an online business work.  It is great!

    • Netta,

      When I found Wealthy Affiliate it was a Godsend with me being over 60 years old and disabled finding a regular job you can forget employers want nothing to do with you.  Wealthy Affiliate does not discriminate against anyone and you can join for FREE can you imagine a company that really has training real training then to give you (2) FREE websites to build out a business with and they host them for free too.  I just had to get the word out so more people know that this opportunity is available and it works!

      Thank you so much for confirming what I have put forth to readers this means so much.



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