Legitimate Work at Home Companies

Legitimate Work at Home Companies


Obviously you landed on this article because you are looking for “Legitimate Work at Home Companies” am I correct? Then instead of working for someone else why not start your own Legitimate Work at Home Company?

Now just in case you do not want to read my complete article I will give you the link to follow right now and skip taking the time but I seriously wish you would read the article.  >>>CLICK HERE<<<

What is a Legit Work at Home Company?

I think first we should figure out what a legitimate work at home company can offer you. Any time you trade your time for a paycheck you are basically making the company that you work for more profits that is the bottom line.

legit ways moneyWhen trading your time for money making someone else rich this in my book does not make much sense.

I mean really would you not rather be keeping all the profits from the time you are trading to do something?

Working from home is the easiest way to keep all the profits working online with your own business rather than performing a number of tasks for a company and getting paid wages to do it.

You have no skills to work for yourself alright that I can understand but what if I could find a way to get you the skills required for pennies a day?

Would you be interested in starting your own company that is 100% legit and keeping all the profits for yourself? This is not only possible but probable if you are determined enough not to give up.

Owning a business is hard work regardless of what people say especially starting out, but once an online business matures then the workload is not as heavy and you can begin to enjoy a laptop lifestyle that most only dream of.

Heard it all before but with one exception notice I am not making you promises of getting rich overnight with the push of a magic button dumping money into your bank account.

Notice I am not trying to sell you some stupid system that is outdated and never was going to work in the first place. If you are serious then it is going to cost you sweat equity and in the beginning more than some want to put in.

Starting a New Business

My new business is only 7 months old and it is not yet showing a profit, Why? you might ask, it is still an infant and growing until it gets out of the infancy stage which will take at least a couple more months patience is another key ingredient to owning your own online business.

The truth of the matter is any online business takes time to mature and the more competition with the line of business you decide to go into the longer it is going to take the search engines to recognize you as an authority with the business.

Understandably this is not exactly what you want to hear right now I am sure but the truth is what needs to be known up front not telling you a bunch of lies to drag you into believing you are going to making money in a few short weeks.

Wait that is not unheard-of either it has happened I am just speaking from experience with most businesses online, there is that occasion when right out the gate a person picks the right line of business and in weeks is seeing money roll in.

Here is another way to look at things working for someone else earns you a residual income that can be shut off at any time but with your own business online you will be creating a passive income for life.

When business slows down then you can diversify into other areas making sure that you always have income rolling in and never end up with dry spells.

Another fact some programs pay recurring commissions meaning month after month you collect from them.


Training For Online Business

Yes, I was reading your mind you have no idea how to set up and run an online business right? What if I tell you that you can start training for FREE right now today with no obligation and you can keep the free membership?

Click Here for your free account

Tempting? It was tempting enough that I joined but sat there very skeptical when it said enter your email address so to be kind to you I skipped that screen and will take you right to the “Create Your Free Account Now” area.

The Free Starter Membership does limit the amount of free training and benefits offered but they are more than adequate to get your business started and give you an idea if this is going to be right for you.

What all is included with the Free Starter Membership? Below is the “Getting Started” video by one of the co-owners, Kyle the company was started in 2005 by him and Carson, so this is not a new platform.

Welcome Video WA


In addition to the training and free tools offered with the Free Starter Membership you will have access to Live Chat for the first seven days in order to ask any questions you have with training or about the community.

As I am a Premium Member of the community you can interact with me there or by getting in touch with me on my profile page Marley2016 and I encourage you to do so.

Advantages of Premium Membership

The Free Starter Membership is good for as long as you wish to remain a member of the community and stay active working on your free websites. You are under no obligation to take the Premium Membership that is completely voluntary.

This was just the community I needed to get my business set up and moving in the right direction both online and offline because with the Premium Membership you have the ability to host 50 websites all under the membership fee.

Considering the low cost of membership it is cheaper than hosting with any other hosting company due to all the other benefits you get inside the community.

Premium Members get double the commission when they have a referral into the community and though it is great to make commissions as a Free Member this can add up over time.

Earn while you learn


Training provides you with tools that give you advantages over the people using all those free website services out there on the internet.

You will learn proper SEO, how to research keywords, setting up a user-friendly website, maximize monetizing, and so much more.

With all of this you do have the opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas in a year with the company paying for everything and attending conferences with the owners of the company.


In Closing

Before you sign up for the FREE Starter Membership maybe you could do yourself a favor and go check out some competition hosting companies out there that offer you a free website see what the charges are once the trial period is over.

Remember you need to include Site Speed, SSL Certificate, Site Protection (Spam Protection), email, and do not forget that is for only (1) one website, with WA Starter Membership you get all of this FREE and (2) websites.

If you decide to go with the Premium Membership you are getting 50 Websites with all those included for the prices below:

Membership Fees WA


Did you go check out those other prices? If not, here is my review on GoDaddy >>>CLICK HERE<<<

Find that by joining the community with me it is much cheaper?

I am only here to give you the facts and try to help you make the right choice when looking for a legitimate work at home company to me the only legit one is the one you are going to be running yourself.

Click Here for your free account


Interested in hearing what your thoughts and opinions are to those questions and this article, please leave all comments, suggestions, and questions in the space provided below, I reply to them all.

Thank you for taking the time to read the whole article here today and you might want to bookmark it just in case you did not join today so you have it for in the future when you are ready,


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