Legitimate Work at Home Careers

Legitimate Work at Home Careers

Question for you today, “What do you consider a Career?” you know like over a job that people would go to for 40 hours or more a week for a paycheck?

To me this would be a person that has a college education to become a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, pastor, etc.  How do you find a “Legitimate Work at Home Career“?


What Is A Career?

Career people do not get paid by the hour or have salary caps never being able to make more money and I would like to feel just because I do not have a college education that should not be how life works.

doctor workingDoctors have contracts with hospitals or medical organizations they work for, but unless they have no clue what they are doing these men/women make sure those contracts contain the appropriate raises they are wanting during the contact period.

Lawyers work in a similar way should they be working in a law firm knowing what can be expected from the firm under the contract for the years the contract is valid.

In the United States there is Labor Unions you can belong to that use contracts for those employees belonging to the Union so these people know when raises will be given and how much.

During the good years Labor Unions were good things to have working with the owners and operators that managed the big corporations like steel mills, loading docks, carpenters, etc.

Today it is only my opinion that many pay Union Dues to these Labor Unions which negotiated the contracts between employees and companies but are not really looking out for the workers anymore.

Small and big companies alike have done all they could to rid our country of the Labor Unions, good, bad, or indifferent to me I am no longer involved in working for someone else.

How do you feel about Labor Unions? Do they really care about workers?

When People Ask

Have you ever had people ask you how is your career going? I used to laugh and say I have a job not a career they pay me an hourly wage or salary to show up and perform given work duties that is not exactly a career.

What do you tell someone when they ask you how your career is going? Do you complain to them or are you complimentary about what a great place it is to work and you have all these benefits to help you make more money?

job training signDoes your company keep you trained with all up to date information? Do they give you free tools to make your job easier and less complicated?

Please think about all these questions carefully and consider what your life could be like a couple of years from now if you would be able to start your own business in your spare time a real career with unlimited earning potential.

Let me take this time to let you in on a secret I am not here to sell you anything, so you can continue to read this article or you can close it out and not find out how to give yourself the unlimited earning potential I am talking about here.

You will never know the career opportunity that you are passing up by leaving this article and clicking off to another website or go listening to a YouTube video!

If you are searching for a Legitimate Work at Home Career then listen up and read the rest of my article to find out how this is all possible and I am not here to sell you any get-rich-quick scam garbage.

How To Begin

In order to have a career over any senseless job you need training, tools, and an idea to create your own business when you think about this because we do not have that college education to be surgeons, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.

lawyer degree pictureOf course, you can always go back to school to learn then get a degree for any of the careers you would be interested in but either school does not interest you or that is not the type of career you were looking for in the first place.

For me schooling would never have worked even at my age now I would not have time to graduate and enjoy any of the opportunities that having one of those careers afford others.

What I was looking for was a legitimate work at home career that would give me the training and ability to work online so I did not have to deal with outside influences or the public on a daily basis.

Sure that all took time and hours of research until I came across one place that sounded promising but yet you know how it is if you ever purchased any of those push-button systems just click and do what they do and money comes flying in.

Was I skeptical to enter my email address in a window that looks just like the one below?  You bet thinking great another one of those promises to be making $1000.00 within the next 24 hours that is exactly what I was thinking.

affiliate marketing screen

Figured what the heck if it is close out and move on what is one more enter your email address for instant access going to hurt! Imagine the surprise when I did not end up with a video or another enter your credit card information screen.

I am kidding right?  Nope, another screen did come up but is was “Create Your Account” confusion set in was not ready for that to happen. Thinking to myself the video and credit card screen are hiding under this I fill it in and hit the button.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Below is a screenshot of what was under the “Create Your Account” screen:

Go ahead listen to the video you might learn something awesome from it.

Welcome Video WA

That was Kyle one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate, the other owner is Carson he works in the back end and takes care of the technical end of everything you know all the programming and coding stuff.

These two met in college and in 2005 decided to share their knowledge and help people like you and me be able to have a real legitimate online work at home career doing any business we put our minds to building.

Kyle teaches you from the ground up exactly what to do with step by step video instructions, and every week there is a Live Events Training by the Training Coach Jay (magistudios).

Ready for the real surprise? This cost me nothing, zero, zilch, nada to join the community and start learning how all this stuff worked.

I started with the Online Entrepreneur Certification which is 5 Levels all levels contain 10 Lessons, but as a FREE Starter Member you can only have access to Level 1 containing the following 10 Lessons.

OEC Training Level 1 screenshot

By the time you finish off these 10 Lessons you will have a website set up and ready to be hosted on the internet! Oops almost forgot with the FREE Starter Membership you receive (2) two free websites and the hosting on Amazon c3.large (faster) server for as long as you remain actively working on your website(s).

Wait, that is not all you get for FREE you get Affiliate Boot camp Training Level 1 another 10 Lessons, this training is really 7 Levels and each Level here has 10 Lessons, but the FREE Lessons you can read below.

Bootcamp Training Level 1

There are a few more benefits that you will receive for the first seven days as a FREE Starter Member which one of them is of the greatest importance it is Live Chat available 24/7 to ask questions of the experienced members of the community.


In Closing

I feel really great now when people ask me “how is your career going?” I can look them square in the eyes and say, “Career, mine is going great considering the money rolls in everyday and there is no limit to what I can do or earn!”

Usually, then you need to explain what it is you do but I just tell everyone that I own my business online and let it go at that. This has training has given many the financial security they were looking for they learned to stop chasing all those “Shiny Objects”.

Looking for a “Legitimate Work at Home Career?” this is your chance to get started for FREE decide it is not for you either keep the free membership websites and hosting or walk away no obligation no hard feelings.

Have you ever been given an opportunity like this before?

Would you like the freedom to work from home on your own schedule?

Does making money online interest you?

When you are ready all you have to do is click the button below and since it is FREE what excuse do you have for not clicking on it?

Click Here for your free account


Oh, I almost forgot my profile name inside the community is Marley2016 look me up once you get on the inside I will be more than happy to help and guide you upon your journey.

I love hearing feedback to all questions that I ask in my articles, please leave those along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have for me in the space provided below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article to the end, bookmark the site just in case you would like to visit again or maybe share it with someone you know who is interested in starting their own online business.

Best wishes to your future success,


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