Job Layoffs – What to do?

Job Layoffs

What to do?

“Job Layoffs” and What to do? you know this is possible happening every day to anyone who works for a big company or corporation.  So how can one prepare themselves to not be affected by such an occurrence?

Prepare yourself ahead of time by building your own online business so you have a passive income stream already coming in just in the event of a layoff.

HOLD ON – Before you think this sounds crazy and close the screen! – Seriously, think of the possibilities of owning your own online business that creates a passive income month after month.

THIS IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK SCAM – Sorry to disappoint you but not here to sell you anything either! But would like to invite you to join a community or read the rest of this article to find out where this is leading!

I mean seriously does this look like one of the spammy scam or guru pages?  Do you see a video button yet?  NO, there is not even one of those for you to watch 🙂

If you do get bored reading the article I have left links and boxes where the invitation to join the community can be found.

Signs are There

Things at work are slowing down and orders are not coming in as fast and it could be just a bad time of the year many companies have ups and downs for the seasons.

Signs that layoffs could be coming shortly and are you prepared to be laid off for any length of time? Do you have a backup plan or other income to replace what you are making right now?

These are things you need to consider in today’s economic times the fear of losing a job and those who do not have enough time in to collect unemployment are the ones who suffer the most.

What if there was a way for you to work at something in your spare time from home in a couple of hours each and every evening or during the day that could produce a passive income stream, one that you can even diversify to make sure this never happens to you again?

Would you be interested in doing this? Preparing yourself for the future is one of the best things that anyone can do for financial security and it does not even have to be to prepare in case of a layoff really.

Imagine if you would start this now and have a passive income start to roll in by next year take what you have learned and reapply it so the next year even more passive income comes in, diversify your interests and increase it even more.

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That all sounds really promising and you are wondering how someone can do this investing only a few hours a day right? So I am going to take the time to explain this to you.

What Is Required

To begin with, you are going to need a computer or laptop and an internet connection, but today not too many homes are without these so with that requirement out of the way what else are you going to need?

Training on how to make a passive income online after setting up your very own business would be the next thing you would require because I am sure if you knew how you would already be doing this right?

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In order to receive training most people go to seminars and pay a very high amount to learn from all those gurus who claim to be making all their money from the internet and I can see you are being skeptical already!

Guess what this training to get started is going to cost you? NOTHING, it is absolutely FREE, now I can see you shaking your head thinking there is no way anything like this can be free.

But you would be very wrong, look at the screenshot below and you will see the sign-up form that will take you directly to the training that is FREE! And if you click anywhere on the image it will automatically take you to the sign-up form. Hoping you finish reading my article first before doing this!!

WA Signup screenshot

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not like any other company you will find online, I do know there are many YouTube videos out there that promise to teach you how to build your own business online but do not have the step by step training offered here.

The FREE Starter Membership is what the above form will take you into and what all is included with the Starter Membership you might ask? And you will find all of this listed right here below for you.

After you find yourself on the website of Wealthy Affiliate the first place you should visit is the “Welcome from Kyle” he is one of the two owners of the company that started back in 2005.

Below is his video for your viewing pleasure

Welcome Video WA

Starter Membership entitles you to 20 Free Lessons – Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) and Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot camp Training. Each of these Levels consists of 10 Lessons and below you can see what each one contains.

Bootcamp Training Level 1

With these Lessons, you will have 2 Free Websites on the siterubix subdomain to build on the WordPress platform along with 12 Free Themes to choose from for building them.

Hosting is paid for on these Websites by Wealthy Affiliate and looking below you will see that included is the Site Speed, SSL Certificate, and Site Protection. Hosting is on Amazon c3.large (faster) and forget downtime that is almost unheard-of.

ssl, site speed, site protection

This is the very best thing about Wealthy Affiliate that anyone can ever imagine during the first seven days of your Free Starter Membership you have access to the Live Chat 24/7 where you can talk live to the other members of Wealthy Affiliate and ask questions or get help if you run into problems in the training.

After the initial trial period is over you are not required to upgrade to a Premium Membership unless you want to and you may keep the Free Membership for as long as you like provided you remain active working on your websites.

What Is Premium Membership

Premium Membership will give you access to the complete package at Wealthy Affiliate and the membership fees are so ridiculously low that this is a steal if you compare their membership price to the cost of hosting at another hosting company.

For all the benefits that they offer you are running your business for depending on how you pay your membership which would be either monthly, every 6 months, or yearly. And at a monthly rate, your cost is $1.83 per day.

Think about running a real business either online or offline and how much that costs, but by being a member of Wealthy Affiliate you are looking at less than a cup of coffee a day to run a business, how great is that?

Since I left a chart above of the membership fees you can break that down with the 6-month membership and yearly membership and see that those are even cheaper. But with Premium, you have the ability to build 50 websites, not just two (2).

For the 50 websites only 25 of these can be on your own purchased domains (this would be the only exception of  any extra cost over the membership and they run $13.99 to $15.99 for a year) all can be built and hosted with Wealthy Affiliate.

In Closing

Could I keep going here with the other great benefits that Wealthy Affiliate can offer you, sure I could but I am just keeping you from doing your sign up and starting your training?

There is a complete book inside the website under your profile that you can read once you are there and see all the benefits for yourself instead of reading them here on my article.

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So can I ask how are you feeling right now about starting your own company?

Do not believe the free training is available? What are you waiting for click on the Join Now and find out for yourself!

Having a passive income stream in a year from now sound exciting?

What if you find a really great niche and make even more than your regular job pays?

Please let me know what your answers are along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below, I do answer them all.

Thank you for stopping by and give this a bookmark who knows if you do not sign up today you might change your mind or if you would like share the article with friends you know might be interested.

Best wishes to your future success,


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