Home Online Business Ideas

Home Online Business Ideas

Do you know how many people search the internet every day looking for a “Home Online Business Idea”?  More than you would think.

Why are they looking for ideas?  They know they want to work from home but do not have a clue where to begin or what kind of business they can even start.

You and all those others want a better way of life, just like I did when I started my own online business “Work From Home – Legitimate Business Opportunities”.

Instead of trying to sell you another one of those get-rich-quick push-button scams like the gurus and scammers out there I am going to provide you with the information to make an informed decision.

How much is this going to cost you?  Nothing!  That is correct the information that I am providing right now is costing you nothing!

Working from Home Online

With the businesses on the internet growing daily and finding a decent paying job things can be rough for a family or even a single person.

The online business market is estimated to grow to $6.8 Billion by the year 2020 for convenience to people who would rather save time and money by shopping online.

This figure only includes those in the affiliate marketing industry can you imagine if you could include everything that would be provided on the internet?

Local businesses that do not have a website are going to find it hard to compete without a website where people can find them with a few clicks on their smart phone or computers (laptops, tablets, and i pads).

Working from home is one of the easiest businesses to start and the cheapest, think about what is needed to begin. You would need internet access which almost everyone has today, a computer, and an idea!

Why training you might ask? You would need to know what and how to set your business model up on a website, learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), plus much more.

Can you believe that you can actually start all of this training for FREE?  No this is not a gimmick or some hype talk but the real deal, you can begin for free right now today!

Click Here for your free account


This is not just training for affiliate marketing but can be used to broaden into any niche necessary for making money at home and setting up your own business.

Capital required to begin is FREE, a free Starter Membership offers you 7 days of training with access to the community to ask questions and see how things work, 20 free lessons in Level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and Level 1 of Boot camp.

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What Wealthy Affiliate Offer Free

That is just the beginning of what you will receive for free when you join WA, please refer to the chart below to find everything else that is included.

Premium Membership is $49.00 a month but for what is included with this small amount look at what you are getting, please do not take my word for it – join for free ask around in Live Chat – start the training – find out for yourself.

Why am I Telling You This?

Seriously I could just keep it all to myself and keep running my online businesses making money but who am I helping?

This is not a get-rich-quick scam you are going to have to work, and then, of course, work some more, it takes time and patience to build a business online.

First of all, Google and the other search engines have no idea who you are so they see new people coming in with a brand new website their initial thoughts are what type of value are they bringing to the internet are they worth our time?

Time goes by a couple of months and they see hey this business is serious they have much to offer all of a sudden you become first page material for them. And people are now clicking on your business link.

I have struggled for years trying to find a business I could run online and work from home but until the day I found WA it was useless and wasted a ton of money, but that was back when I was earning a decent living.

Now I am on a fixed income so finding the right training and way to do business online was the key to become successful. I found WA and have not regretted it at all.

Click Here for your free account

The best part about this is I can actually help people get into the work from home making money with their own business ideas that is not going to cost them an arm and a leg.

Free membership does not go away either you join for FREE, seriously, do not have the funds and feel you can work it on your own from there on out you can remain a free member with two free websites hosted by WA.

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Are You Ready?

Look I could go on and on but you either want to work from home and make money or you have what we call inside WA as “the shiny object syndrome” where you just want a push a button get-rich-quick system that does not exist.

But you are more than welcome to keep searching and spending money trying to find one. When you are confident that there is no quick fix system on the internet make sure to bookmark my website so you can find it!

WA gives you the training and all the tools you need to become successful online, the community within WA will keep you informed of all the newest trends and what to look for guaranteeing your success online.

Click Here for your free account

Pay it forward is one of the basics that WA was built upon when one member succeeds we all succeed even the tiniest of steps accomplished are successes worth celebrating.

Want to go it alone that could take years to figure out let alone what it is going to cost with failures and frustration not knowing how to fix what needs to be done on the back end of a website. WA fixes all this for you!

How long before you can make money online? This is one of the first questions most people ask when they join WA and who can blame you, right?

An online business depending on the niche (audience you are targeting), quality of work, the quantity of work you put in will determine how soon you will make money.

Some members have seen money start to roll in at 6 weeks after joining but they put their all into their business and have plenty of time to spend doing it (most also have some prior online experience).

New members depending on the speed in which you complete all the training modules have seen money start to roll in at approximately 3 to 6-month mark, others take longer due to completion of training and take up to a year.

Commitment to your online business is part of the equation when it comes to making money online just the same as if you were going to open a brick and mortar business but without the high investment of startup.

In Closing

Still not sure no one can blame you to many gurus and scam artists on the internet and everywhere else today trying to trick you out of your hard-earned money.

However, I am not a guru or a scam artist just an everyday normal person who retired and thought that I would be fine living on Social Security – WRONG struggles are my middle name until I found WA!

Just think you can set up and run your very own business from home for only $49.00 a month that is chump change and you can save that amount by not eating out once a month to invest in your future right?

But wait, join for FREE for seven days and let me make this a little sweeter what about the first month at the end of those seven days for only $19.00. Did I mention you have access to the owners of the company as a Premium Member?

Ready to work from home starting your own online business?


WA is here and ready to help without knowing what or how to build a successful business online you will not find a better place than WA to teach you what you need knowing.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions for me please leave them in the space provided below I will get back to you usually within 24 hours.

Thank you I hope this article helps someone in their journey into the online business world with me.

Best wishes and to your success,





8 thoughts on “Home Online Business Ideas”

  1. Nice post, I like the convenience that comes with working at home, it saves one the stress of the 9-5 hassle and it requires no special skill, Very  soon according to the stats people are going to find websites for their business. WA is also such an amazing place to meet one’s dream,the platform is amazing and it can be accessed for free before going premium. 

    • Clement,

      Thank you for reading my post today, working from home is so much easier than having to travel for work.  But when people do not know how to start a business online or where to look then they end up falling prey to the people who can scam them out of their hard earned money that they do work for.  Wealthy Affiliate is the only place that I have found where they will teach you what you need to be successful online.



  2. Wow Susan! You’ve got me convinced and I am already a WA member 🙂 What you said about people not knowing what they are looking for is so true. Get-rich-quick schemes are attractive but they are totally deceptive and people need to realize that. The traditional way of building a business is no different from building an online business. Both takes time and hard work before you see results. Nice point about the 8 billion, though. It shows the potential of affiliate marketers or those willing to become involved in online business, who are serious and patient. Great post!

    • Dylan,
      It is not hard once you have seen what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer compared
      to all the scams out there. Free Membership gives you what you need to set up
      a complete website and have it indexed and ranked on the internet in the search
      engines. Premium Membership gives you all the tools and resources you need to
      become successful in any business you chose.

  3. Thank you for this encouraging article. I can tell that you really do want to help people to be able to work at home online. I think one of the hardest things about working online is deciding who your audience should be and what to do to try to serve them. You mentioned that WA can be used to go into any niche. Have you seen people in a lot of different kinds of niches be able to make money through WA?

    • Danette,
      Selecting a niche is just picking an audience that you can address and help them
      with any problems you know there is a solution by giving them the information
      they are looking for. Any niche is profitable as long as you have the proper fix
      for the problem needing solving. People at Wealthy Affiliate are making money
      with many of the niches out there that there are to choose from finding the one
      that is right for you is all it takes.

  4. Great post on home online business ideas!

    You are right when you say that most people looking for ways to work from home don’t know what they are looking for, I think that’s why so many people fall for some of the scams online and they can’t tell the difference between them and the legit opportunities.

    Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best legit online opportunities out there in my opinion and your suggestion of Wealthy Affiliate looks like a great place for newbies to start out learning the ropes.

    I hope people can seriously look into WA and give it a go rather than keep searching for that “shiny object” as you suggest, but just doesn’t exist!

    Cheers 🙂


    • John,

      You are so right there is no get rich quick system out there that I can find and believe me I searched for one, too bad so many people fall for those scams including me before I found Wealthy Affiliates.  The old saying should always apply to everything we do in life “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!” which describes all those push button systems people try to sell you.

      Thanks so much for visiting today come back anytime,



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