What About Wealthy Affiliate? – Maybe You Should Try It!

What About Wealthy Affiliate?

Maybe You Should Try It!

Have you heard of Wealthy Affiliate? For those of you who have, I am wondering why you have not taken the opportunity to give them a try yet?

For those of you who have not heard of them then here is where I would like you to know that joining the Wealthy Affiliate community can change your life forever.

Sure many people everyday search the internet trying to find a way to make money online, but how many of them do you think find the right place to really accomplish their dreams?

Too many of these people keep spending money on those get-rich-quick push-button systems that have up sales galore and just keep wasting more and more money each and every time.

Want a way to try something that is not going to cost you a single penny? This is what I am going to be discussing in this article, if you would like to avoid reading the complete article then I am giving you a shortcut click the box below.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Since joining 9 months ago this is the one thing that I can tell you without prejudice, Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to be if you are interested in starting your own online business.

For those of you with doubts or skeptical then you can actually join without investing any money to see if possibly this is right for you. You know that not everyone is cut out for the online world and we need people to work in regular jobs.

I wanted a better way of life not working for someone else punching a time clock for the rest of my life. This is why I searched until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Letting others know about Wealthy Affiliate to help them make the right decision is now one of my goals in life. Helping others find this website and be able to change their lives for the better knowing that the training is real.

Once you see what is on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate with the FREE training offered then you are going to be able to make an informed decision if you are going to be able to move forward with what is offered.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training website where you can learn to do affiliate marketing, but that is not all you will learn should you decide that the training is what you are looking for.

The best thing is once you decide this training is what you have been searching for building your online business will finally make sense. What you are going to receive will enable you to not just build an online business but so much more.

Even better you can actually earn while you learn by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate or using your training to build websites for local companies or others. People will pay nicely for a well-built website.

Earn Commissions While You Learn

What all does Wealthy Affiliates have to offer that none of those “shiny object” systems can offer you? First thing is they will have available the real training in step by step instructions with a video showing what to do.

Maybe it would be best if I start at the beginning of how Wealthy Affiliate started and how they came to be still here 14 years later going strong and getting better every day.

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Beginning of Wealthy Affiliate

Back in their college days, two men met named Carson and Kyle, These two knew that the internet was going to provide them with income for the rest of their lives.

Carson and Kyle Owners WA
Carson and Kyle Owners WA

After figuring out between the two of them in 2002 realizing working with affiliate marketing was the best way to work they wanted to help others do the same. So in 2005 Wealthy Affiliate was brought into existence.

Carson runs the technical end of the business dealing with all the technical issues of the website building all the programs required to operate Wealthy Affiliate. He also handles all the Site Support making sure this runs smoothly 24/7/365.

Kyle has been successful with affiliate marketing since prior to 2002. With his step by step training you will not only be able to follow him easily but doing so will be able to become successful in the online world.

Jay (magistudios) Live Training Coach
Jay (magistudios) Live Training Coach

One other member of Wealthy Affiliate needs to be recognized here that would be (magistudios) Jay is the Live Training Coach. His expertise is extensive sharing of his knowledge with all the Premium Members every week.

Jay delivers his Live Training every Friday night at 5 pm Vancouver, Canadian time holding a live question and answer event immediately following the training. These are then recorded and archived for members to watch anytime convenient.

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Free Stater Membership Includes

Prior to giving you the Starter Membership of what you will be receiving when you join Wealthy Affiliate I want to stress this is no get-rich-quick scam. You will need to set time aside to really work on your online business.

With an online business, you need to realize it takes time to build just like a brick and mortar business; the difference being the cost of building these businesses.

Knowing you can profit from an online business sooner than a brick and mortar business is something else you need to consider.

It takes less time depending on how much you are willing to put into working on your business the more you dedicate to your website and learning the faster you will see results.

Just be realistic knowing that you are never going to make money overnight with any business venture on the internet. Set goals you know are achievable and if you miss then adjust them for the next week. To me, failure is not an option!

Starter Membership includes 20 Free Lessons – Level 1 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification consists of 10 Lessons and Level 1 in the Affiliate Boot Camp Training another 10 Lessons.


Needed is going to be a website to build your site on you will receive two (2) websites to build on the WordPress platform that is on the siterubix.com domain.

What good are websites once they are built if you have no hosting on the internet? This is included with your Free Starter Membership for both of the Free websites.

For the first seven days of the Starter Membership, you will have access to the Live Chat 24/7/365. This enables you to ask questions if you get stuck in the training or have other things you would like to ask the more experienced members of WA.

Access to 2 Classrooms where you can ask questions and find answers to other’s questions who may have already asked the question previously.


Premium Membership Benefits

Members under Premium have access to all that Wealthy Affiliates has to offer for one low monthly membership. This includes everything with no up sales ever! One exception is the cost of your own domain name for a yearly fee.

Membership Fees WA

Domain names can be purchased through the Wealthy Affiliate Website guaranteeing the renewal price for the next year. Another thing I would like to mention is that in 14 years WA has not had a price increase keeping it more than affordable.

Domain Name Screenshot

Personally, I consider the cost of WA membership a steal compared to what other hosting companies out there are charging for a single website.

Here is a highlighted list of what you are going to receive with the Premium Membership:

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) 5 Phase (50 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want.
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training is a 7 Phase (70 lessons) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes Each and every week we offer Live Class training from industry experts. Jay, the lead trainer in the live classes, is going to blow your mind and advance your skill sets on a weekly basis with insights into new, and bleeding edge strategies.
  • Plug Into Over 300 Hours of Expert EducationEvery live class is published as a “replay” and as a Premium member, you are going to get access to ALL of the past live classes. This includes over 300 hours of education on absolutely every topic imaginable. If you want to redefine your business and scale to entirely new levels, this is worth 100x the cost of the membership alone.
  • Incredible Catalog of Industry Training there is 1,000’s of training modules covering pretty much everything you could imagine in terms of running an online business. Every single day there are new training modules being created through our “community training” program. Subject matter experts are contributing to the education you get at WA and you get full access to this within Premium.
  • Classrooms, Evolving Daily (12 Classrooms)
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training. Want to earn some extra money simply by giving back to the community? As a Premium member (after 3 months) you have the ability to create your own video training, text tutorials as well as courses. Payments for training are sent monthly and it can be a way to subsidize your entire membership costs at WA.
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog
  • A Website Platform You Can Grow With. As your business grows, your website platform is going to need to grow with you and allow for higher traffic websites, and more websites. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can run several multi-million dollar websites from ONE platform in SiteRubix. You will not outgrow the platform here and as a Premium member you can host up to 50 websites total.
  • 3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs
  • 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”
  • SiteDomains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform
  • SiteSpeed, Amplify Your Website Speed
  • SiteProtect, Increased Spam Protection
  • SiteHealth, Website Analysis
  • Site Comments, Explode Your Website Engagement
  • SiteFeedback, A Focus Group for Your Website
  • Advanced Website Training
  • SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)
  • 24/7 Managed Monitoring
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response < 5 minutes!
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites

By no means is this list inclusive of what all is offered with WA, I just wanted to let you know some of what you are going to be receiving with the Premium Membership for that small of a cost!

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Building Your Business Website

You will need certain tools to help you along the way to building your own online business. The great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is these tools are included for free with your membership under the Premium Membership.

For the Starter Membership, you will have access to Jaaxy Lite for 30 free keyword searches. Jaaxy Lite is included for life in the Premium Membership and is discounted for the Premium Membership should they upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

Jaaxy Black Logo

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the essential parts of building a website. Kyle will teach this during the free lessons in Level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification and again in Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot Camp Training.

Without know SEO it is going to be difficult to rank your website on the search engines of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are not familiar with ranking this is something else that you will learn inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Building a website on the WordPress Platform using the pre-built themes is easy and once you become familiar with using the platform choice of themes becomes easier.

Starter Membership only comes with the selection of 12 free WordPress themes, but the Premium Membership has over 3,000 free WordPress themes to choose from.

You can also purchase any theme you want as long as it is WordPress compatible and use it inside Wealthy Affiliate. Paid themes start from around $39.00 and go up in price from there.

You just want to make sure they come with great customer service and regular updates from the company you are purchasing these from.

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Success Takes Time

Sharing success from members of Wealthy Affiliate is easy and they are numerous. What the problem with most people is they will give up or quit before they reach this level of success.

Everyone wants immediate gratification when they think about an online business (thanks) to the gurus and scammers who fill the internet with their lies and scams.

Online business takes commitment, time, dedication, patience, and work! You need to know this going into trying to build an online business that you are not going to be making money in no 24 hours!

Please take a look at some of the members who took the time to build their businesses online below:

eric at wa super affiliate
Eric (Center)
Grace (little mama)
littlemama (Grace)
Chris (Benji's Dad)
Chris (Benji’sDad)
Jerry Haung
Jerry Huang






I have attached to each of these the links you can go right into Wealthy Affiliate and read their personal blog posts. Sure some members it took longer than others.

That depends on what type of time and commitment you are willing to dedicate to working on your online business. Setting unrealistic goals will immediately set you up to fail. You also must be willing to fail in order to succeed.

Did you know an online business can be in just about any interest you have? There are millions of options for setting up an online business, anything from a hobby to a how-to website can make you a passive income for years to come.

When selecting your interest for an online business you need to keep this in mind. Why? The higher the competition you will have with the more popular topics then the longer it is going to take to become profitable with your website.

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Common Questions For Starter Members

How long before I am going to make money? This is the number one thing I find Starter Members asking every day. You cannot give a definite answer to this.

Depends on competition in the niche like I said prior higher competition takes longer. The amount of time you are willing to dedicate to working on your business, life can and will get in the way.

Patience with making sure you are following the instructions given in the training. Finding out three months in you are missing a vital part of the website build will affect your ranking and delay earning potential.

How much money can I make doing this? This is not a question that anyone can answer either. Why? The training provided enables you to use all the new skills to not just work with your own business online but offline as well.

Building websites for Local Businesses (called Local SEO) can be done from home giving you a handsome recurring monthly income. With 50 websites you can host on WA look at the possibilities.

local seo

How much money do you make? Many members will post their success stories on their personal blogs. Other members including myself will not reveal what we are making with our online businesses.

This is a personal option for members if willing to reveal the success of their business. I mean really how many of you would like to reveal to the world how much money you are making right now? Is it really anyone else’s business?

What I can tell you is this does work as long as you are willing to work. The training provides you with skills that can give you unlimited earning potential. Many members have already made over a million and are still going.

Is this training only for beginners? No, beginners and experienced internet marketers can benefit from Wealthy Affiliates not just with the training but super low cost.

Break it down of how much it really is costing you to run your online business. Monthly membership at $49.00 is only $1.61 a day. With the discount of 6-month Premium only $1.28 and with the yearly at $359.00 it breaks down to $.98 a day.

Any way you look at the cost of membership with Wealthy Affiliate for less than a cup of coffee a day you can start your own online business. With that, you can even expand to offline building websites for others making even more income monthly.

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In Closing

I am sure that I missed points that you may have questions about considering you can get your own account FREE and never lose it what are you waiting for?

The box below will take you directly to the “Create Your Free Account Now” form! Once you have reached the inside come look me up my profile name is Marley2016.


Did I mention you can get a discounted first month of Premium for only $19.00? And as a bonus, I will be personally there to help you along your way not just for the first seven days but when you become Premium as long as needed.

Finding any offer this good elsewhere is impossible I do know that for a fact I tried! Join the wonderful community of Wealthy Affiliate today you will never regret your decision if an online business is what you are wanting.

So how many of you are seriously ready to change your lives?

What has been holding you back?

You cannot get anything cheaper than FREE to try out Wealthy Affiliate seeing if it is right for you. If you have any questions that you would like answered do not hesitate to email me at susan@workfromhome.com

Hearing from my readers makes my day any comments or suggestions please leave in the space provided below. I answer them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you for taking the time to read What About Wealthy Affiliate come back soon.

Best wishes,



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