Real Home Based Business Opportunities

Real Home Based Business Opportunities

Wondering if there really are any “Real Home Based Business Opportunities” where one can work from home and make enough money to quit working and trading all that time for a paycheck?

Well today I am here to let you know there sure are many ways to start and have a real work from home business!

What Is A Home Based Business Opportunity?

For many this seems like just a dream where you open email after email with promises of the good life just buy into this system or that system where they promise you with all the hype they feed you to make great money in a few hours a day.

Those are not real and you are not doing anything but wasting your hard-earned money on them. When you watch YouTube videos promising you quick cash in less than 24 hours these are not real either so do not click on the links.

scam artist pictureThe only way to find out if they are trying to sell you something is when you hear one of these words or phrases in the advertising crap (excuse the term) with all the hyped up garbage they are feeding you.

Write these down for future reference: Push-Button, Cash Cow, Automated, Set It and Forget It, Done For You, Daily, PLR, Secrets, Cash Machine, Hijack, Mojo, Reseller, Zero to ?, Multiplier, Gold Mine, 10 Minutes A Day, Cheap, Fast, and Instant.

Any of the emails, videos, commercials, advertisements, or where ever you see or hear any of those words above they are only trying to sucker you in.

A real home based business opportunity is work plain and simply you are going to have to put in your time and commitment to begin with and yes work.

There are many businesses you can start from home and they can be an online business or something that you can work from home where you will spend most of your time at home and only need to deal with a client to set up your deals.

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How To Set Up A Business From Home

Do you know why most home businesses fail? The biggest mistake everyone that even begins a home business with is the misconception of earning so much money when they start. Lack of planning is second lack of training third!

business planBe realistic any business starting out is not going to make tons of money for some time probably not for the first year or two and that is why they quit, and never attempt to try anything else.

Successful Online Entrepreneurs know that the first few times they are going to fail so they pick themselves up and start over again.

This can apply to any business that you are going to start from home.

In order to succeed in business you must first be able to fail once you get through the failure you know what you did wrong the first time or even the third time learning from the mistakes correcting them then do not make them again.

Setting up a business from home you need to take into account what type of start up costs you are going to require for me I could not afford to lay out money I did not have!

Having a fixed income to begin with so the options for me were highly limited basically an online business would be the only thing I could afford to start out.

With online business you do not need to have products to sell or promote because they have affiliate marketing that is where you only need to write content to promote other companies products or services.

When a visitor to your website buys the product or services you get paid commissions some of these carry a recurring commission meaning that you will get paid every month forward until the purchaser cancels the product/service.

Another way to have an online business is if you do have your own products to sell or even drop-shipping products from the manufacturers.  So many options to online marketing it is impossible to cover them all here.

How Hard Is It To Learn

Good question, I am here to help you see online marketing or internet marketing with affiliate marketing is simple and easy to learn with proper training

Where do you get the training? This is also another easily answered question “Wealthy Affiliate

But do not let the name of this company fool you that is not all you will learn with the community inside Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short).

Training is based on affiliate marketing but you can take the training and apply it to any home business you want to set up and run.

“Why?”, because all businesses today require a website for exposure to the world for local and worldwide business.

Does this sound reasonable and make sense to you? At first when I was thinking about it I had all the same questions as you probably do right now but when you look at the world today you begin to see that everything you learn with WA is true.

WA teaches not only how to build website’s but equips you with the knowledge of how to promote everything imaginable under the sun including your own talents.

Complete the training in both the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Boot camp Training which is a total of 120 lessons for setting up and running a business from home and you have gained skills others will pay handsomely for.

Real Business Opportunities

Think of all this training and you can open your own business to build website’s for Local Businesses and take care of the website’s maintenance along with hosting for a monthly charge to the business not including the original build.

Most places charge around $1,500 to $2,000 to build a website depending on the amount of work that has to go into them and the location of where you are.

Monthly maintenance charges can run between $200.00 to $800.00 a month afterward.

To most people that might not seem like much money, however, if you get three or four accounts that you can service maybe more depends on the time you have to dedicate to running your own business then more can always be added.

Another thing that is overly profitable for a home based business is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowing how the search engines work to provide website owner’s and business owner’s knowledge to improve their SEO makes you money.


Freelance Writers are always in demand especially if you are familiar with keyword research knowing how to write content with intent is one good way to promote skills you will learn inside WA.

These are only a few of the things you will learn and be able to have a real opportunity to work from home making money not only residual income but a passive income for the rest of your life with less time working that what you are putting in now.

In Closing

Wonder what all of this is going to cost you to get started? Wonder if I am going to say hurry up time is running out and only so many people can be left in?

To your first question the answer is “Nothing it is absolutely FREE to join” and there is “No Credit Card Required” for you to sign up but even better you are under no obligation to continue!

Click Here for your free account


Once you finish with the FREE training you can remain a FREE member and keep what you receive with the Starter Membership for as long as you stay active working on your free website’s which are hosted on the internet for you!

Should you decide that you want to continue and become a Premium Member the first month will be discounted for you at only $19.00 for another full 30-days talk about reasonable!  Below are the selections for membership:

Membership Fees WA


Of course, with the Premium Membership you will receive all the benefits that WA has to offer and they are so numerous one website could never hold them all besides I would be here for years trying to cover them all.

Considering you can join for FREE what is your excuse for not signing up right now?

Want to keep searching for that magic system to make money without working?

Are you really interested in working from home on your own terms?

Or are you happy with your life the way it is now and a passive income does not interest you?

I am interested in knowing how you feel about my offer and the answers to those questions, you can leave them along with any comments, suggestions, or questions you have for me in the space provided below I do reply to them all usually within 24 hours.

Thank you if you made it to the end of my article and best wishes to your future success.

Know of anyone else interested in working from home do not hesitate to share the website with them, missing out on this opportunity really would be a shame,



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