How To Earn Extra Money From Home

How To Earn Extra Money From Home

Can you use some extra money?   Silly question right?  Who cannot use extra money we are lucky to make it pay check to pay check where does the extra come in?

Most of us need to earn extra money today so we are going to talk about “How to Earn Extra Money from Home”  I might just have a solution to help anyone out there with the right way to go about doing finding what you have been looking for.

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Ways to Earn Extra Money

help wanted signNow we could always get another job but do we not all put in at least 40 hours every week working at the job we have now?

Finding a way to earn extra money from home sure would help not to have to give up more of our time in exchange for another paycheck and making someone else richer than they already are.

Companies and large corporations will always need people to work for them and they make huge profits so as workers we exchange our precious time for a paycheck every week.

The companies and corporations do not seriously care about employees much to them you are a body to fill a space and perform a duty which requires time they do not have to do it all sure they pay you but in the meantime they make profits.

There are several ways to earn a little extra money from home working doing surveys online but those pay pennies if you can qualify to finish the survey and get paid you might make fifty dollars a year.

You could collect up all the stuff around your house that you are no longer using or want and have a garage or yard sale and make a couple of extra dollars but that is not going to go very far in helping with long term situations either.

Gurus and scammers are everywhere trying to talk you into buying some get-rich-quick push-button system this week that had a different name last week and they may have even lowered the price by ten dollars to sucker you in.

Is there a real solution to this dilemma? Yes, there is and that is what I am here for right now to explain a way that you can seriously earn extra money working from home creating a passive income stream for life.

This Is An Invitation

How does an invitation have to do with earning extra money from home? Please let me explain I joined a community seven months ago in the hopes of finally finding the real deal to working online and making extra money.

Believe it or not it was FREE to join and I was more than skeptical when the “enter your email” screen came up figuring that once I did it would take me to one of those hyped up videos promising me instant cash but to hurry and sign up.

I know you have seen these types of screens where they sucker you in by saying enter your email for instant access and then end up with a thirty-minute video of a guy in his fancy car or beside his in ground swimming pool talking about all the money he has made with his push-button system and you can do it too.

Well to make a long story short when I put in my email address that did not happen instead it took me to another screen that said “Create Your Free Account Now” alright the video is going to come up next is what I am figuring again right?

WA Signup screenshot

Wrong! Instead you end up on an actual website of a company called Wealthy Affiliate to set up a profile for your account and one of the owners will be teaching you step by step in the free training that is provided for Starter Members.

This was awesome and amazing all rolled into one after years of searching for a way to work and earn money online I found a real place where training was FREE!

Free Starter Membership

Some of you may have already heard about affiliate marketing or internet marketing which is basically what the training will start you out with – oh, and once again I did mention this is FREE right?

As a Free Starter Member you get 20 Lessons shown below:

Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Training

OEC Training Level 1

Level 1 of the Affiliate Boot camp Training

Bootcamp Training Level 1


Both of these levels consist of 10 Lessons each and will teach you with step by step video instructions showing exactly what to do and why to do it building your own website for an online business.

With the lessons comes two (2) Free Websites that will be done on Word Press and you will have 12 themes to pick from:

Along with all of this you receive Free Hosting for the Websites that has Site Speed, SSL Certificate, and Site Protection keeping your websites safe from hackers and for visitors to know they have a secure connection.

There is two (2) Classrooms for you to use where you can see questions that have been asked and answered or if you have questions of your own you can get answers.

During the first seven days of the Free Starter Membership you will have access to Live Chat available 24/7 meaning you can talk to community members with experience for any questions you have during this time with training or other concerns.

Seven Day Trial Is Over

When your seven day trial period is over this does not mean you lose your Free Membership on the contrary you never lose the Free Membership you can stay as long as you want a Free Member you will lose the advantage of Live Chat after this.

You can still earn commissions as a Free Member with the unique link you are issued once you set up your profile inside Wealthy Affiliate these commissions are paid at half the rate of what the Premium Members receive. (See Below)

Membership Fees WA

Decide this is not something that interests you and not what you are looking for to earn extra money from home that is all good you are under no obligation and can leave anytime you like.

But in the event you decide that it is what you can really build a business with and start to earn a passive income stream working from home then you would want to become a Premium Member and finish all the training.

With Premium Membership (which I am) the benefits are massive writing a complete book here for me to cover them all is just not feasible.

I can tell you this you will not find a better deal anywhere with any other company for what Wealthy Affiliate offers because I have done the research and comparisons to prove that they are the best deal for price of membership.

In Closing

Look I am not going to beat around the bush here I am not here to sell you anything I was looking for a way to make extra income from home when I found Wealthy Affiliate now it is up to you if you want the same opportunity or not!

Ask yourself these questions and be honest – How many get-rich-quick scams have I tried?

Did any of them work?

Could this be the one I pass up for FREE and just might be legit?

Might this possibly change my life and become something that can earn the extra money I need to quit my job?

Never know until you try is how I have looked at most things in my life because I am not a quitter and will work at something until I succeed – guess what after seven months with this I am not able to say success is here.

Like stated previously this is not a get-rich-quick scam it takes work, time, commitment, dedication, and most of all patience but the success comes when you least expect it to happen.

So what are your thoughts about this article? What are the answers to those questions above? I really love hearing from my readers please leave your answers, comments, suggestions, or questions in the space provided below.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article today if it helps one person then it was well worth the time I spent writing it, if you are that one person then congratulations find me on the inside my profile is Marley2016 – for those of you unsure please bookmark the page to find your way back when you are finished purchasing those scam systems,


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